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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Oh! It would’ve made more sense to say that she was just covering her songs since that’s what she’d be doing but maybe she was referencing the “re(cord)” era and meant it as “re(cover)”.

    I was just never a fan of re-recordings but if it’s a brand new arrangement than I’m in. I just hope she doesn’t touch rarities like “SO FEVER”.

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    Okay I feel even more secure with my purchase now. Thanks for the update @evilsin !!
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  3. I'm dead at her beauty and that she's using this awesome throwback concept for the artwork yet again.

    We'll be getting 3 new songs in the coming weeks: new version of "Cutie Honey", "4 MORE" and "100 no KODOKU Tachi he". Some more artwork can be seen via the link in the tweet.

    Apparently these two songs aren't on the best album.
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  4. I love that she did this!

    I am excited to learn about the final tracklist.
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    That photo is iconic! I've always thought the Best~Second Session/Third Universe covers were some of her best, and love to see it recreated again!
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  6. I remember she said about the transition from ~second session~ to ~third universe~ that she wanted to covey growth, so they changed milk to coffee. Guess that juice/sparkling wine/cocktail/alcohol is the next step of growth, dddd.
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  7. Island

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    She looks gorgeous!
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  8. Can't wait for the tracklist and to preorder my copy!

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Um....so regarding these re-recordings......I hope the rest stick to a similar arrangement as the original, because I did NOT live for this.
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  10. I actually really love that the song was totally rearranged and not just present day Kuu doing karaoke versions (unlike a certain retired Queen in her final album). I just hope the FANCLUB edition at least has the original single versions and then puts the re-recordings onto a separate disc.
  11. I appreciate how different it is. And she did use similar arrangement for the live performances a couple of times so it's nice to have it in a recorded form now.
    Why? Wouldn't it just be a waste of space that could be used for other songs? Some of her songs has already been released in their original forms several times.
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  12. Kumi and her management keep teasing the release on the Instagram and I hear that there are going to be her wedding photos in the booklet of the fanclub edition!
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  13. In my opinion, BEST OFs should have the original single versions or else it should just be marketed as a new album (as much as I give Finally shit for the re-recorded versions, it at least gave us a 13-track album within that tracklist with half being previously unreleased and then their videos). I also doubt she’s going to fill all 8 CDs to the brim with content anyways.

    In the end, though, she’s including “SO FEVER” so I’m in anyways. ddddd.
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  14. I don’t mind and generally welcome re-recorded or reworked/remixed versions for best albums, but this particular take on Cutie Honey does not make me go honey flash dd.

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    This is INSANITY but I'm so excited!! And the 5 re-records too!! It's a nice selection, and I'm really excited to hear her new version of D.D.D <3
  17. I'm going to pre-order the 3 disc version. I wish there was less of the more recent albums and more from Bon Voyage included as well as some of her covers. Disc 1 looks like such a nostalgia trip though!
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  18. The way disc 3 is basically the 12 single project dd.

    This tracklist is insane, and it’s nice to see the way the different eras are segmented.

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  19. Jesus, the 3CD version's tracklist is so awkward. I understand that they had to cherry pick it, but still seeing some albums being represented by only 1 song, if any, is so weird.

    Some odd choices overall as well, like the inclusion of "Boys♥Girls" and "For you", and it's kinda wild to see "re(CORD)" having 7 songs in just because they all were digital singles. I do love seeing "Hashire!" getting its dues after being excluded from all the releases after its initial single release though. Too bad that "Run For Your Life" is now in the ditch. Obviously happy to see "SO FEVER" and "NEVER GIVE IT UP" and moreover those 3 Blu-rays look delicious.

    As for the new versions the selection is again kinda odd. Guess they wanted to take songs from different eras for the re-recording as well, but I would've liked to see more of the earlier songs being done over, especially the "affection" era singles. Very surprised she didn't go for "TAKE BACK" in this regard at least.
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