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Koda Kumi - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Oh no! I was so overwhelmed with the tracklist that seeing stuff like “Boys♥Girls”, “For You”, and “Lady Go!” made me miss “Run For Your Life” didn’t make it. Aww, that’s sad considering it’s a bop, but I guess that settles it that “Freaky” was the only A-side on Freaky.
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  2. Queen K has been interacting with fans in Europe and the US on her Insta stories and teasing the 4 MORE video. I stan.

    Also, how good does she look in these stills from her recent special live:

  3. I’m such a flop fan. I just listened to Kuu’s solo version of The Meaning of Peace and I never new it was so different from the single version ddd
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  4. Yeah, the higher BPM and the added choir surely change the mood of the song. Her singing it live during the "first things" tour with backing vocalists was a highlight.
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  5. Absolutely GORGEOUS and the song sounds good too.
  6. I wonder what the new songs not for the Best album are for
  7. I assume a new album? Doesn’t seem she’s taking a break anytime soon.
  8. Okay, this is a bit unexpected. I'm really digging the downtempo R'n'B vibe. It's definitely the best song she released this year. The music video is premiering tomorrow.
    Also, her cover of SPEED's "I Remember" is great as well.

  9. I just had a MOMENT with Hotel whilst laying awake in bed. Such a good bop.
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  10. It is so bad it's kinda good, which was definitely reflected in the rate, dddd.

    God, she looks so good in the purple dress.
  11. The single covers for “HOTEL” are what redeemed it for me.

    The “4 MORE” video is what was expected but the song is easily the best of the recent set of singles.
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  12. I just can't hate a song that makes me feel like the birds are singing and sexy money 1 2 3.
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  13. I just watched the music video with sound and it's perfect. That song would've definitely been my 11 if we had a Part V of the rate with the songs released so far. Even the noticeable hair extensions for the purple outfit don't ruin this one bit. Y'all already know that, but I adore this woman.
  14. Really enjoying "4 MORE", I think it may be one of my favourite mid tempos of hers. I love the art direction in the video, and wow she looks stunning. Loving this scene - *snaps fingers* *yas queen!*


    Love from me on this release overall!
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  15. I still haven't watched the video, but just from the bits you guys are sharing, it must be the best she's ever looked. Wow.
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  16. 4 More is great, and she loooks absolutely amazing! I wouldn't mind if she went in this kind of direction in her inevitable future album.
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  17. By the way, the next song, "100 KODOKU-tachi he", was described as one of her saddest, so hold on to you knickers, girls.
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  18. I can’t speak a lick of Japanese so I’m gonna need a translation but I’m perched!
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  19. She always looks stunning in purple! Think 4 More is my favourite of the recent batch of songs.
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  20. And just like that that BACK-ON / Koda Kumi project we learned a couple of months ago is out. A rock anime affair with some violins.
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