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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. I'm in love with 4 MORE. Is already one of my favorite songs released by her in the last few years. ♥
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  3. Love it, and dang that Wicked girls dance video (her first one) slaps. Werk them moves queen.
  4. The dance version of the music video is out. Kii at her still getting close-ups.
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  5. Here is a radio rip of "100 no KODOKU-tachi he" that is going to be release on the 6th alongside the best.

    From the rip alone it's a nice ballad.
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  6. Happy 21th anniversary, queen, and a happy release day to us, fellow Kuuters.

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    The new version of D.D.D. WOWWWWWWWW <333333
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  8. I just realized that they put the standard edition of the best on Spotify, which means we don't get "NEVER GIVE IT UP" and "SO FEVER" on streaming, dddd.

    The new versions of the older songs are fine, nothing to write home about, with "D.D.D." probably being the best. Who was chasing "LIT", that they sped it up so much? She sounds great on all of them as well as on "100 no KODOKU-tachi he". As I said, it's fine, but I expected more. Not to mention that that guitar sounds very weird, like it's barely there. What was even the point?
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  9. WOW that first picture. She's so beautiful. Apparently she performed different songs this past date, the ones she rarely got to perform.
  10. Oh wow, she didn't lie. "COLOR OF SOUL", "TURN AROUND", "Through the sky", "Your song", "for...", "To be one"!!!
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  11. And to finish off me spamming this thread, here is the music video for "100 no KODOKU-tachi he".
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    Just received my 8 disc edition and it is IMMENSE. The effort put into this was incredible, and it's such a lovely package. All the cds are different colors with different colored sleeves, the 3 blu-ray discs literally contain her entire videography (almost), and it's such a wonderful treat for fans. I'll see if I can post pictures here sometime today.
  13. It’s honestly the perfect set, I just can’t complain about it. The box did confuse me at first, I almost ripped it apart! Not even mad at it missing two (also doesn’t hurt that they’re my least liked) singles. Though still tickled the videos for “STRIP” and “GET NAKED” weren’t included, how much does she hate those videos?
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    GET NAKED is on my copy with the 3 Blu-ray discs. Also I know that LAST ANGEL is missing (did we ever find out why?? I mean I assume it's something to do with JYJ...) but I don't notice the other omission. What's the second single?
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  15. Oh, just double checked and you’re right about “GET NAKED”. So it’s just “STRIP” that hasn’t gotten any physical release, dddd.

    As for the second part…

    Not that I mind, I always hated this song. It’s just funny how 3/4 of that single made it onto the set but this didn’t nor did it’s video. Dddd

    I did also forget “WON’T BE LONG” but that was more of an EXILE single wasn’t it?
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    OH. Yeah I didn't even think of that song since Moon Crying was the main "single", and she just loves including Lady Go! on everything, and I must have glossed over the fact that Once Again was included oops. It must be an issue with the featured artists then. Also, I saw that this unfortunately debuted at #19 on Oricon....with only 2756 copies sold. I literally feel so bad for her right now.
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  17. Yeah, can see the negotiations for the missing three featured probably being too much (especially Fergie). Aside from “Won’t Be Long” (and even then, it’s just a cute singalong song rather than one I listen to on the regular and I prefer her solo version anyways), I don’t really care for the missing singles.

    OUCH! That peak is not good. She probably would’ve been better off just releasing the Fanclub Edition because the standard one just isn’t that appealing.

    But from a Western Stan’s point of view, this (the Fanclub Edition) is one of the Greatest (no pun intended) Greatest Hits package. In fact, because of the mostly comprehensive video collection, it might actually be the best for me!
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  18. It was actually weird, because the album charted before the actual release, since the fanclub edition shipped earlier? And it was at like #6 or #7 in the midweek charts.
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  19. Usually, CD store (in Japan) is selling a CD day before actual release date.*arrival day
    If arrival day is holiday like Sunday or Saturday, moved up to Friday to sell.
    This time, They sold these weirdly on Thursday.

    Anyway, Regular edition and Fanclub edition are now sold over 5000 copies each.
    Combined sales is 10,526 copies.
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