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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. I am on the fence about getting Eternity ~Love & Songs~ too especially since I already bought the two “singles” digitally, maybe I’ll give it a listen first.

    Also, a request but does anyone have a list of her singles that have a single remix/are different to the version on the album and/or another list of non-album tracks/b-sides that have gotten videos for Kumi?
  2. I’ve actually adjusted the 3 disc version of Best 2000-2020 to remove some of the re(cord) songs and make sure that every album is represented. If anyone is curious of my listing, I can post it on here.

    Color the Cover is…interesting. It’s highs are amazingly high (looking at you Shake Hip) but outside of that I…really don’t like it. It’s probably her only album I genuinely don’t enjoy listening to. Eternity ~Love & Songs~ however is absolutely amazing.
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  3. Yes! Shake Hip is my favourite from Colour the Cover too! Yeah, I'd be interested in your disc 3 tracklisting!
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  4. It’s all about “Pink Spider” for me but “Shake Hip!” is very close behind!
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  5. Well, hello everybody! It's been a minute.

    She has very few songs that differ when it comes to single/album versions. I'll try to make the lists for you soon-ish. Please remind me, if I forget.

    Also, if any of you enjoyed Kumi's rate, then please consider joining @RUNAWAY's and mine JR'n'B Divas Rate starting April 11th.
  6. Ugh, the nostalgia!

  7. Lemme see a video of her trying to put that PS2 disc into that PSVITA.
  8. In some news we'll be getting a new "blank paper" song pretty soon. This one or maybe another one was co-created wuth fans via Twitter where they had a chance to vote for musical pieces to use for certain parts of the song. Moreover, Kumi goes by Teresa for this project

    We also got a songlist for the upcoming symphonic concert.
  9. Here is the new blank paper song. I like it.

  10. My copy of Eternity Love & Songs arrived! What an enjoyable album - it just sounds like classic Kuu even if it's a cover album. Hope we can get another album like this from her someday.
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  11. I was hoping we’d get a third covers album when “Livin’ La Vida Loca” came out but that just ended up on the album.
  12. Keep Livin La Vida Loca away from any future covers album! Or just any album generally!
  13. Gorl, did you forget (re)CORD happened?
  14. I try to! Did we really need it on there twice?
  15. My idea of her covering the English hit songs of the 90s was so bomb, I should work for avex.
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  16. It looks like we're getting a new song titled "Wings" tomorrow.
  17. Yes! What great news to wake up to, looking forward to hearing the song!
  18. Here is the short version of "Wings". I really like it. Apparently the full version is coming out sometime this summer.
  19. I really like it (and it’s better than most of the singles from heart). Is this a new single or just a soundtrack tie-in?
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  20. Haven't seen anything being said about it being a proper single yet. Wouldn't be surprised if it was a b-aide later on or just remain a digital. Though they did say that it will be released later in summer, but the format wasn't specified.
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