Koda Kumi

the video is completely crap
i LOVE the song
that whore can do some good songs! D.D.D is one of my favs from 2005

next video she will use a dildo
Finally a reaction! I can't stop listening to BUT(T).

She actually uses a bottle (as a dildo...kinda) in Juicy! haha

Get Up & Move has a PV now. The focus is mainly on the dance routine since it's for her new compilation. Very catchy.
I don't think it sounds like Want Me Want Me (and it's one of my fave Namie song...). BUT is a very original song for Koda and her best single since Juicy.
Although I don't rate "BUT" quite as highly as "Chery Girl" it's still a very nice pop song. However, fun and games at the top of the singles chart ...

Although we won't get the audited figures for another 24 hours, it looks very much as if Utada Hikaru's "Flavor of Life" has held on to the top spot for a third week and Kumi will have to settle for second place. It seems that even Kumi's magic can't put this style of pop at the top of the japanese chart.
It's not about Kuuchan's song. It's just the Flavor Of Life factor... the best selling Hikki's single since 2002!

For once, Koda deserved the 1st place compared to all the shit singles she released before (especially her ballads...)
Yuna Ito's "I'm Here" is doing 'moderately well' (just as Like "Losin'" did before it) but it's not selling truckloads the way her grindingly awful ballads have done. It seems to be difficult to shift copies of urban/R&B influenced singles in Japan. I thought Kumi's first week sales would be a match for Hikki's third week sales. Shows how much I know. Have you seen what's going on in the album chart - Kumi battling it out with Mika Nakashima for second place (Kuu will just make it) and Mr. Children outselling the pair of them three to one.
what annoys me about her is that she releases a single after every fart of her body
songs that could be classics becomes just "another song", it really loses their value, i hated that about Ayumi Hamasaki but i think now shes taking her time on each single.
and her record label is milking on her sucess so hard that any crap recorded is a single

that what makes Utada more special, she really takes her time to make amazing releases
Atomix said:
... her record label is milking on her sucess so hard ...
It's true that Avex have been overdoing it with Kumi of late and that is probably the reason for the relatively 'quiet' sales we are seeing for the current single and album. But Avex produces a huge amount of good music. The revenue stream Ayu and Kuu generate isn't being used to line shareholders pockets, it's keeping a lot of other music careers afloat. Max Matsuura has managed to bring dedication to musical excellence nicely into balance with the ugly necessity of making a profit and I suggest Avex Trax is a model for other independent record companies to emulate.

By no means all the artists signed to Avex are 'big sellers'. Hitomi Shimatani is one of my favourites. The 2005 "Heart & Symphony" album sold about 50,000 copies and "Prima Rosa", on current showing, is going to do about 10k less. Beni Arashiro's "How are U" single missed the Top 200 completely. A 'big four' record lable would have dropped her immediately but that's not the way Avex works - Beni has a new albume coming out at the end of April. I like Koda Kumi and even though I can't quite say the same for Ayu, I'll carry on cheering the pair of them from the sidelines because their sales keeps a whole raft of my favourite artists in business.

As for Hikki taking her time - yes, that's true. But now her divorce is finalised maybe she will have fewer 'distractions' than before and we will get more music? I hope so.
BUT entered at #2 in Japan, behind Hikki.

I love the song but she deserves the 2nd spot for releasing a single every week? Well that's more her label's fault but she has her part of responsability.
I don't know a lot about Kuu (I much prefer Namie Amuro and Utada Hikaru from the J-pop scene) but her new single Taboo is out next month and my god, it's a fabulous slice of buzzing dance-pop. The production is what Kylie should be aiming for, and it's a bit Britney too. You can here the song on youtube.

She also happens to be one of those fabulous spazzy popstars who doesn't know when to shut her mouth. During release week of her last studio album, the label halted all future promotion for it when Koda went on a TV show and said that she read all women's amniotic fluids go rotten by 35. Needless to say her sales dropped off sharpish!
People are too busy wetting themselves over the new Girls Aloud single to listen to anything else!

I'm quite liking this song. Much better than her last single, MOON. Apparently, the video is gay/lesbian themed.
Koda Kumi's voice suit this style so well, I'm glad she stuck to the "But" type of song.
Will definitely play this song at the next party; people always go crazy at the guitar art in But, now with the synths on this one: more power to J-pop.


MarkThePerson said:
Ooh I like the track she worked with Fergie on. I might check this one out too.

That song is so bloody ridiculous that it actually became amazing after a few listens. It's the first brilliant song Fergie has been involved with as a solo artist. The "Taboo" song is taken down from YouTube so I can't hear it. Sounds promising, though! I like Koda.
The video should premiere soon. Here is the single's artwork: