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Koda Kumi

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. So some reason I felt kinda shy talking about this before, but she really is so freaking beautiful, oh my god.
  2. She is stunning in those photos!
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  3. KUMI PERFORMED LIVE TODAY IN PARIS!!! She was at Japan Expo today with her husband under the alias "Blank paper".

    They performed multiple tracks including some blank paper tracks (rehearsal digest here) and ended with real Emotion!

    She’s headed to London next and then Montreal!

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  4. - Hey, boo, let's do this side project where we pretend to be someone else?
    - Sure, let's do it!
    - Should I sing my most recognized song among international fans at this event?
    - Go for it!
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  5. Good for them, but she must come back and perform on her own!
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  6. Looks like Kumi went to Lollapalooza. Great to see her enjoy her time and live her best life in Paris!

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  7. If Kumi ever performed at Coachella, I would go in a heartbeat.
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  9. And now Montreal tonight! There’s a signing session afterwards also from what I understand so a chance to meet Kumi. (!!)

    Here is footage from their London performance:

    It's interesting to wonder how much weight they will give to international activities going forward.

    They’re signed with JPU Records which operates from London, while under avex back in Japan.

    These shows so far seem to have gone great and they seemed to have a had a great time from the Insta posts. Would be great to see them or even Kumi again for a solo show!
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  10. What are they signing?
  11. Probably "blank paper" cards if it’s the same as in Paris though I’d be curious if she’d also sign Kumi related items (though we’re not supposed to know their identity ddd).

    They were also taking photos with fans so it was kind of like a cute meet and greet moment. Just imagine standing literally across from Kumi and having an opportunity to speak to her directly!!!

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  12. Come to Russ... actually don't.
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  13. Thinking about how people say Kumi was inspired by Beyoncé with W Face’s concept and dual release… can Kumi release a gay AF album like RENAISSANCE too?
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  14. This is a surprise! She's also performing this today on Music Fair. It's out digitally on August 31st. Love the artwork.
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  15. Oh yeah, they also announced that Kumi will collaborate with Shonannokaze in September on a song for Kamen Rider, which is very popular so good for her.
  16. We got the TV size version released for some reason like it's the early 2000s once again. Sounds like Hi-yunk got his hands on this one as well.
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  17. I heard it a few days ago! I liked it, didn’t expect it to end so quickly.

    It feels like she’s taking a break though as none of these releases have really been up
    to her usual roll out.
  18. It's Kumi's 40th birthday and she announced a released of a "music & live package". Looks like a mini-album of 5 songs ("WINGS" and "It's K magic" are on it) with a DVD of her latest symphonic live. The second cover is gorgeous.

    She's also doing another song for Kamen Rider movie, which is out in December.
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