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New album out April 17. This Google translation isn’t the best but basically:
Kumi Koda celebrated her 23rd anniversary since her debut on December 6, 2023.
Her girlfriend Kumi Koda has released her 19th full-length album ``UNICORN'', which is her first in about two years since her 2022 album ``Heart''.
In addition to "Silence," which was the theme song for the movie "Gold Boy," which will be released on March 8th, original songs such as "Let's fight for love!" and "Vroom" released last year, as well as his own songs. Contains a variety of songs, including cover songs by artists who have been influenced by Kamen Rider Geetz, and a solo version of Kamen Rider Geetz's theme song "Trust・Last."
Also included are music videos for "Silence", "Vroom", and "Somewhere in a Distant City...".
In addition, the deluxe edition, exclusive to mu-mo shop and FC, will include a making-of video and a photo booklet. Click here to make a reservation

I may have to get the exclusive deluxe edition because it’s got the best cover (at the top). The regular ones for us plebs are so ugly.


The cover for the “live venue edition” (???) is also cute but I guess you can only get it at her concert (and doesn’t seem to come with a bonus disc).

Okay... so the title is so random, dddd. Like what? But then again, we did get the logo of the Best Tour Knight not so long ago and it had a unicorn on it, so the story checks out. The covers are actually really great even with the random ass hair unicorn on two of them. The pastel pink color scheme is beautiful and Kuu looks glorious. I do like the songs we have so far and some of them a lot, here hoping for the album tracks to be on par.
And another Kamen Rider song is out. It's cool that they keep asking her to contribute and that she found some more success with them.
The full tracklist:
  1. UNICORN [Introduction]
  2. Heaven’s Kitchen
  3. Vroom
  4. TOKIO
  5. Silence
  6. UFO
  7. We are FIGHTERS
  8. Trust Last ~ TYPE K
  10. Tooi Machi no Dokoka de...
  11. Let's fight for love
This is turning out to be such a weird release. Considering that half of the album is covers, it feels like she wanted to do another covers album, but she can't do a full out release of it in today's environment, so they settled with this hodge podge. Also, why is "Dangerously" not on the album? The previews sound fine so far, with "UNICORN" being the most interesting track and it's a fucking introduction. Ugh.
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I've also listened to the previews. It's not new territory, but it sounds solid. Her vocals on 'Silence' are gorgeous. Too bad 'Jump To The Breeze' didn't make the tracklist.
Is Jump to the Breeze available to purchase or stream anywhere or is it now basically lost media?!

Sadly no! I think ripping it from the BiliBili upload to Youtube is the only chance we have of listening to it. It will prob appear on some fan club exclusive mega boxset in years to come.

@SpaceDog I second Japonesque and also recommend Best ~ Second Session ~ I think they're both good examples of showing the different types of music she does at her best!
What is the absolute best Koda Kumi album for me to listen?
It actually depends on your preferences. My absolute favorite is "Kingdom", because it was her peak of diversity with heaps of quality. People adore "grow into one" for it's cohesiveness, even if you can speak about it, when it comes to Kumi. Honestly, if you want to have a good old JPop time, just hit up her ~first things~ and ~second session~ best albums, with ~third universe~ coming in close.
I'll be alone on this one, but re(CORD).
I screamed out.

It's really weird to have one of the most famous Japanese composers make her a song again and not to release it properly.
Will start with BEST ~first things~ and then the other Best albums and then move to albums in relation to what I like best
That's a pretty safe bet to find something you like. Her singles are pretty diverse, mind you, and they don't necessarily reflect on their parent album's sound. It was kind of her schtick that she had different genres tacked onto her albums, hence why "cohesiveness" isn't really one of her things.