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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Re: Koda Kumi - New single "Pop Diva" (2011.02.02) & album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

    I want to be Kumi's manager. You know I'll steer her in the right direction. All I need to do is go to Japan, kidnap her actual manager and take his place. Then I'd give her detention and make her write 'I WILL be a better popstar' 100 times before taping her eyes open to watch Namie's past three tours, saying 'THIS is what you should strive to be, you silly sausage!' Then, I'd let her take a little break to recharge her batteries before getting her in the studio to record a short but sweet, cohesive, sexy Urban flavoured album with a couple of nice (but not sugary) ballads.
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    Re: Koda Kumi - New single "Pop Diva" (2011.02.02) & album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

    ^Hahaha. I swear I want to do the same thing.

    The problem with Kumi isn't her tours though, because the Universe tour was actually really fun, it just had a shitty set-list. The real problem with Kuu is the music. She tries to do everything all at once but it just comes across as messy. She has amazing singles here and there but her albums are so inconsistent. What she needs to do is hone in on one style instead of trying to do sexy and cute and ballads and everything else all at the same time.

    Some time off and a little focus would do her well.
  3. Re: Koda Kumi - New single "Pop Diva" (2011.02.02) & album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

    Only the kind with explosions and lasers it would seem. She's probably looking for a copy of 'How To Produce An Amazing Album That Is Consistent And Has More Than Three Good Songs'... She doesn't realise Namie has had it checked out for quite a few years.
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    Re: Koda Kumi - New album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

    I love her personality so much. If only I knew what she was saying! D:
  5. Re: Koda Kumi - New album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

    She's giving advices about relationships and men at the beginning. There's a "Teach me Professor Kuu" skit with different questions and how to behave and what to say in some cases like during a break up speech: smile even during a sad situation, don't show too much emotions, cut him in the middle of his break up speech and say you're going home...

    Didn't understand everything... Sorry!
  6. Re: Koda Kumi - New album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

    "Men, impregnate before the amniotic fluids rot."
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    Re: Koda Kumi - New album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

    *crying laughing*
  8. Re: Koda Kumi - New album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

    I will resent that "controversy" and how it ended the Kingdom campaign, especially since it was her return after the HIDEOUS Black Cherry album.
  9. Re: Koda Kumi - New album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

    I edited my post after rewatching the making of.

    Kuu should have her special show on relationship advices how to screw guys up.
  10. Re: Koda Kumi - New album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

    Oh Kuu I'm so mad at you! You need better songs. Video is perfect representation of song. It's messy, have some good bits but overall quite disappointing. "Black Candy" is boring.
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    Re: Koda Kumi - New album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

    Is Black Candy out in full? I was liking the super LQ preview that leaked the other day.

    Thank you! I wish more J-Pop videos would have subtitles.

    I feel the same. Kingdom is her best, most cohesive album in my opinion. Such a shame it was cut short.
  12. Re: Koda Kumi - New album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

  13. Re: Koda Kumi - New album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

    That Black Candy song sounds great to my ears. I hope it's real! And I love her poking fun at her big 'scandal.' Nice to see she has a sense of humour.
  14. Re: Koda Kumi - New album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

    Black Candy is out in HQ on the new POP DIVA single which leaked already.
  15. Re: Koda Kumi - New album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

    Well, upon listening to the whole single Pop Diva has grown on my slightly. The instrumental is better than the actual song, haha! And sadly I don't think Black Candy is as good as the preview seemed. There's a slightly rock-ish edge to it which I don't think is necessary, but it's not bad.
  16. Re: Koda Kumi - New album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

    She performed POP DIVA on MelodiX this weekend:
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    Re: Koda Kumi - New album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

    Kuu is trending!


    Apparently the POP DIVA pv was played on some Brazilian TV program and that's how she started trending.
  18. Re: Koda Kumi - New album "Dejavu" (2011.03.02)

    She looks amazing and the dancing was awesome, but why was she performing in a nightgown?
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