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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)

    I'm kinda scared to listen to her new album.. most likely there will only be like 4 good songs including the singles..*crying*
  2. Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)

    That's been the way with Kumi for a while now. Sad but true.
  3. Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)

    I only care for the singles so I'm not that bothered about the album as a whole sounding good.

    Agreed about keeping avril away from the number 1 spot, I don't want to be seeing that.
  4. Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)

    The album leaked...

    The first half of the album is rather good (till the interlude) but then it gets really bad... Bambi is cheesy but Melting and ちょい足しLife are just awful! She keeps recycling the same shit and dated songs each and every time... I'm sick of it! Those crappy songs ruin the flow of what could have been a very listenable album.
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    Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)

    They just HAD to go and fuck with Hey Baby, didn't they? God dammit. I saw this coming from a mile away.
  6. Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)

    Where can I listen to the album?
  7. 3Xs


    Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)

    Passing By is boring in my opinion....And Bambi, yeah, we already knew that was shit. I don't get what's "gay" about the video though?
  8. Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)

    The video is about her stopping to chase guys and sticking with her best gay friend, isn't it? hahaha

    Passing By is a really beautiful song and I think it suits her voice well. And she doesn't go overdramatic on it, which is always a plus!
  9. 3Xs


    Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)

    Oh. I didn't even think of it like that! hahaha
  10. Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)

    The pv for Bambi is embarrassing, so awkward to watch when even alone haha.

    She stuck with the gay friend? I thought he ended up liking her then she just liked him? OR they were the same person i really can't tell what was going on there. Them walking at the end was sooo bad, and then they turn to face the camera and it's just cringe worthy.

    The albums okay, some songs drag on a bit though. I was expecting a lot worse so it's a kind of a relief.
  11. Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)

    Listening to the album now and upto AT THE WEEKEND. I like it so far, but honest to God, who the fuck is that shit Akon wannabe (which is saying something because the real Akon is already pretty crap) on Passing By? Ruins the song for me, I can't stand his voice whoever he is.
  12. Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)

    Just finished listening to the album and.....its my favourite Kumi album so far (coincidentally my copy of Universe arrived today)^_^ I admit, I haven't heard all her albums but from what I have heard this is my favourite, the songs are all great and everything fits in^_^
  13. 3Xs


    Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)

    This album is horrible. Lollipop aside (which is amazing and one of her best), the rest is average to downright shit. What a mess, but then again her albums almost always are. The closest she came to a cohesive album was Kingdom, the rest are a mixed bag, and this is probably the worst of them all.

    The only songs I'll end up listening to are Lollipop, Anata Dake ga, Like A G6 Pop Deeba and maybe At The Weekend.
  14. Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)

    The first daily sales & rankings are in...

    47,723 幸田来未 / Dejavu
    2 31,935 Avril Lavigne / Goodbye Lullaby
    3 10,826 桑田佳佑 / MUSICMAN
    4 - aiko / Matome Ⅰ
    5 - CHEMISTRY / CHEMISTRY 2001-2011
    6 - aiko / Matome II
    7 - RIP SLYME / STAR
    8 - moumoon / 15 Doors
    9 - DISSIDIA 012【duodecim】/ FINAL FANTASY Original Soundtrack
    11 - alan / JAPAN PREMIUM BEST & MORE

    OUCH! The sales are so low!
    But at least Avril is below her... (for now) I'm glad alan didn't flop too hard considering the release wasn't promoted at all!
  15. Rmx


    Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)

    Listening to the full album for the first time. I like the Prologue, should be sick if ever made into a full song (which will happen eventually, we all know it).

    POP DIVA is alright, Lollipop is very good I still love it. Okay sounds nice and mellow but I don't really like it. It sounds a lot like No Way, and I like the latter a whole lot better. Aitakute sounds quite dated, R&B ballad from 2001 or something. She probably has something similar on Best ~first things~ herself.

    I do like Passing By. The piano melody is nice. AT THE WEEK END, despite having one of the worst title ever, is actually quite good as well. The chorus lacks melody, though. Melting is another Birthday Eve (but worse). I really like Hey Baby! This is probably my favorite along with Lollipop. I don't like Choi Tashi life. Then the two single ballads, of course. I've always quite liked those. Then there's Bambi, which isn't very good. And I Don't Love You?!!, which is quite nice but I Don't Love It (?!!).

    Overall, quite a disappointing album for me. It literally sounds like a Dejavu, all of the songs sound like stuff she's done before. I've heard some No Way, some Freaky, a bit of TABOO and some Birthday Eve. But she didn't improve them. In the end, the only song I'll come back for is Lollipop.
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  17. Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)

    She should have ditched the cover album idea and put both songs on Dejavu instead of Melting and that other awful song...
  18. Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)

    Dejavu is officially #1 with 138k:

    Things were close and Kuu was only 500 copies ahead of Avril in the end (when you add up the daily sales). Still, those sales are low (for her) and I hope this turns into a wake up call for her. No more recycled cute shit, please!
  19. Re: Koda Kumi - Dejavu (9th studio album)


    Kuu will appear on the Japanese edition of FAR EAST MOVEMENT's new album “Free Wired” with the bonustrack “Make It Bump feat. Koda Kumi”, while FAR EAST MOVEMENT will appear on Driving Hits 3 with “POP DIVA DJ VIRMAN Remix-FAR EAST MOVEMENT”.
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