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I heard Koda Kumi sing randomly the other day, now I'm intrigued to understand her music. Taboo is her best song? I mean what does it sound like?
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Shots from the photoshoot for Kuu's next single have been leaked. The single is out this summer and word from Kuu herself is that it won't have 1 or 2 A-sides, meaning it will probably be another triple or quadruple A-side release.



I like! Reminds me of the Cherry Girl covers. Hopefully that means we're getting some pussy poppin music on there!
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Prays to J-Pop Gods that it will be a sexy ho anthem that Japan desperately needs in this hard times! Photoshoot looks promising.
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^Yeah that's what you say now but wait until the single comes out. I thought Lick Me was going to be a full on slut jam until I heard it...

And boy, the comments on Arama are nearly unreadable these days. Hater central 'tbh'!
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That tracklist is most likely fake...

But she already collaborated with two South Korean acts (BoA & Tohoshinki) so who knows?


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She's in desperate need of another BUT/TABOO/ECSTACY. Dejavu was such a non event (bar Lollipop).
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Knew the 2NE1 rumor was too good to be true!

And oh my GAWSHHH all of the new songs titles have me so wet. Can't wait for this.
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So I was too excited to read word "rumour" in that article. Titles sounds promising. I just really hope for another TABOO/BUT.
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The single has been renamed "4 Times" and will be released on August 10th in 4 editions:

1. CD (4 songs)
2. CD+DVD (4 songs & 4 videos)
3. CD (1 song: Poppin'love Cocktail feat. TEEDA + collaboration Qlix digital camera)
4. CD (1 song: Poppin'love Cocktail feat. TEEDA + postcards set)

I only have one word to say:

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Queen Kuu is flawless.

Though she better damn well bring it with this single.
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"4 Times"???

So it's basically 4 Hot Wave all over again. I see she keeps recycling these titles, though this one doesn't even sound cool. Shoulda stuck with V.I.P.

That top photo of her looks stunning though. I love the red streak.
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1. Poppin’love cocktail feat.TEEDA:
Refreshing pop rock number with a summer feeling

2. V.I.P.:
Aggressive electro song. The dance performance in the video is a must see! A female army led by Koda Kumi invites you in the forbidden VIP room.

Shocking and scandalous song with heavy breathing (sex noises)

4. In The Air:
Feel good love song