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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Yup, Japonesque day has started!

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  2. And they’ve uploaded No Regret as well!

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  3. Justice for Can We Go Back.
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  4. Love that song!

    But where are So Nice, V.I.P., Lay Down & Love Me Back?!
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  5. So Nice, Lay Down, No Man’s Land, and Everyday I expected today, but they didn’t get uploaded. VIP and Love Me Back will most likely upload on their single release dates, so...August 17th for 4 Times, and November 30th. Ai Wo Tomenaide should come September 21st possibly with You are not alone, since it was the b-side.
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  6. Well, the good sis decided to bless us with some more after all!

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  7. I fucking love this. Way to start off the 20th anniversary.
    Kinda pissed I had to download all of those in decent quality for the artwork of the Part III.
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  8. Yes, can't wait to watch all these PVs!! Especially the Japonesque ones! I do hope they keep the PVs on YouTube and it isn't just a 20th anniversary thing. Although Ayu's are all on there so...
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  9. Well, paging @Osiris - VIP was uploaded after all!

    And that’s almost everything from the album. The only things missing now I believe are IN THE AIR, Poppin’ Love Cocktail, and KO-SO-KO-SO.
  10. The album ver. though! I wonder if that means the original version will be uploaded with the rest of 4 Times?
  11. I...honestly didn’t remember there were two versions of VIP’s video, so yay!
  12. Yeah, VIP and Love Me Back both had two different video edits: one for the single and one for the album.

    VIP (Album Ver.) was mostly the same just they used a few different shots for T-Pain’s rap and Love Me Back (Album Ver.) focused more on the storyline than on the dancing.
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  13. It's TRICK time.

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  14. YAAAAAAAAAS. I honestly wasn’t sure if That Ain’t Cool would go up today or not, so this is such a pleasant surprise! Also her other visual album, Kingdom should also come this week. What a time to be a little Kuuter.
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  15. The rate was and still is an amazing opportunity to reminisce, but these videos make me all teary-eyed.
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  16. Same here. I cannot wait for part 4. It’s going to be a MESS. Piggybacking off of that, is there a way you can finally make an HD version of that iconic show girl gif?
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  17. Dddd, I'll try not to postpone for too long. How HD would you like it to be? I thought the one I made was pretty nice already.
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  18. It’s time for Kingdom.

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  19. The other girls amniotic fluid discography found ROTTING!
  20. The best album of my life getting its dues, yas.
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