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Koda Kumi

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Under & Amai Wana <3
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  2. I'm waiting ages for that EX TAPE music video in full HD!
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  3. Coming this July!
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  4. It's so simply, but the color palette was everything and she looked snatched AF. I'll be really disappointed if y'all tank it in the rate.
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  5. Tell them!!!! That was the best music video she has ever done since 2015 along with Lit!
  6. You're one of the tanking ones though, hun.
  7. Still so efforetlessly sexy, sweet baby Jesus.
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  8. I will tank this part so much!
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  9. Hey, everyone, so I have the very first exclusive of Part IV... @Yeziirl's ballot has been pre-shredded. What a start for a rate!
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  10. Part IV may not have as many #ICONIC songs as the other 3 parts, but each album is still very good. I have so many favorites from these recent years and I’m so excited to rate them all.
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  11. Top6 smasha and even a #1 at one point.
  12. I remember when certain fans disliked it for being too noisy... And then the fanclub or mu-mo version was released with a pair of earmuffs dddd.
    Queen of both noise and silence!
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  13. The song still slaps hard but the video hasn’t aged as well. Dddd
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  14. It’s Universe time!

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  15. @evilsin not posting this...I see you.

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  16. First of all, I stan this song, unlike you churls, and second of all, I've being dying at work for 2 months now, so let me breathe.
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  18. Yaaaaaaaasssss the album version of Hands~, Selfish, and Trust You!! Hopefully we'll get SHAKE IT and 24 today as well.

  19. Three iconic tracks.
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  20. 'Trust you' and its iconic pussy poppin' dance routine!
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