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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Came across some of the early Koda dance stuff on YouTube (released in the US). Surprised at how much I enjoy the sound of TAKE BACK in English. C’mon lyrics!

    Close my eyes. Trust your love. And follow me.
    Pure sexuality.
    Lead me on. Turn me on. Take all of me.
    Pure sexuality.

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  2. It's still crazy to me that "Trust Your Love" was #1 on the dance charts in 2001.
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  3. Yes - I find it hard to imagine a time when she was probably charting higher on US charts than JP ones! (I don’t think she was charting very high then?)

    I’m wondering what strategy her label were pursuing by having her remixed by pretty big names back then (Hex Hector, etc) and getting her stuff released in the US. She was a new artist. Was it a way to give her some exposure and give her credibility back in Japan? (“Look! Here’s this new artist who had some success in the US!”). Or were they genuinely intending for her to pursue a serious career there?

    Either way, I wouldn’t be mad at a return of KODA. Get her to collaborate with a popular DJ, put her on a tech house track, have her sing in sultry vocals, imperfect but understandable English, and lyrics infused with sexual overtones. The perfect bathhouse anthem.
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  4. I honestly think the US strategy was just to get SOME success. Every single from 'affection' was a flop in Japan, (Trust Your Love hit #18 somehow, but that was a fluke) and she was on the brink of being dropped from the label. The first 2 singles from grow into one also flopped, and then Trust Your Love went number 1 in the US. I'm guessing that if she got dropped in Japan, they were going to promote her in the US more, but then Real emotion came along, so I guess we may never know what their plan was.
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  5. One of my favorite MVs from this era, WIND is here:

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  6. Speaking of doing a song dirty in a rate.
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  7. Sorry guys but I really HATE this song/video.
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  8. No one asked.
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  9. So while I'm at it let me just say that I hate her cute songs except Koi no tsubomi & Love Technique.

    That's all.
  10. ktnxbye
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  11. (Breaking) WIND isn’t my favourite either, but I enjoyed it for what it was as part of the 12 single project. Though I’d rather have had the budget go to a video for Get It On for example.
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  12. Get It On was robbed!
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  13. Now that's a statement I can get behind.
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  14. This almost cured my fever. Almost, I'm still dying actually.
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  15. It's Bon Voyage day, y'all. The music video for "SHOW ME YOUR HOLLA" is still so good.

    Also, we have the artwork for the remix album and I really dig it.
    01. k, (shadw Remix)
    02. Eh Yo (KATFYR Remix)
    03. STRIP (KAZBONGO Remix)
    04. GOLDFINGER 2019 (Adolfo De La Torre Casmartino Remix)
    05. プチョヘンザッ!!! (iamSHUM Remix)
    06. Merry Go Round (Toki Remix)
    07. GET NAKED (Kiyoshi Sugo Remix)
    08. again (MATZ Remix)
    09. Summer Time (iamSHUM Remix)
    10. SHUTOUT (BUNNY Remix)
    11. DO ME (KATFYR Remix)
    12. OMG (Kiyoshi Sugo Remix)
    13. GOLDFINGER 2019 (DJ Shimamura Remix)
    14. k, (KAZBONGO Remix)
  16. I love it that, in this day and age, she's still able to release remix albums on physical format.
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  17. And basically after every single album. Gotta love the Japanese.
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  18. Oh, look, they didn't forget about "Color The Cover".

  19. I totally forgot about the AND album so here's LIT and PARTY:

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