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Koda Kumi

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Watching SHAKE IT opening performance for the first time and she is literally having a sex there.

    Kingdom Era outfits and backdrops are so good, wow and Kumi on a pole (Ratchet Flash), I changed my sexuality!
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  2. More concerts to enjoy.

  3. This 3 hour concert dedicated to her 10th anniversary was such a moment. Peak excellence.
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  4. This woman has unlimited charisma on the stage, wow.
    Cringe CGIs give me life!

    Okay Dejavu tour is the best so far, that concept is so dope, why she doesn't do such creative things anymore? That fan interaction. Kumi giving fans away her amniotic fluid, sign me up!
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  5. Even more live goodness that I forgot to post yesterday and a YouTube link for "Be One".

    Oh wait, there is also a music video.
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  6. I see the Japanese are getting on the meme as well. Kumi as Suntory drinks:

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  7. Watched a couple of songs from the Eternity Billboard Live and wow! What a show! I really need to watch it in its entirety. I only put it on to check out the Break It Down performance and she looked amazing, the band were great and what a stage presence! Everything just came together so well! When I was forwarding through it, I couldn't see 1000 Words though but maybe I missed it.

    Currently watching bits of Fantasia along with Ayu's A Best Live and Do As Infinity's 14 Anniversary. Just seen there's loads more of Kuu's concerts to premiere too!
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  8. She didn't perform it at the Billboard concert though? And yeah, this was a welcome change of pace, going from the massive arena shows to this intimate setup.
  9. Oh my god just reread the tracklist and realised where I made my mistake haha. In which case, can she not perform Real Emotion and 1000 Words more often please (and not as part of a medley)? Look forward to checking out Premium Night when it premieres

    I watched the Kingdom tour too and loved the videos. They were a little cheesy but kinda cute!

    EDIT: Phew, that Be My Baby/Megumi no Hito /Universe combo!
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  10. Lol at these comments:
    Back on topic.

    Queen of how-to dance videos. She posted a new one for Wicked Girls (incorrectly captioned as wiked):
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  11. She is a gem!
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  12. She's doing it from home, live her alone.
  13. More live goodness. The Premium Night one still holds up as one of the best.

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  14. Ice queen look during Bon Voyage concert is pure art.

    I'm dying that transition from Taboo breakdown to Lady GO s like going from 100 to 0 Real quick.

    Touchdown performance is such a mess, why... That camerawork is ridiculous...
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  15. Walk of my life was my first Kumi concert and will probably remain my favorite forever. Damn, she looked like goddess here! That opening Mercedes act, when will your faves? Lippy dance routine, slay! Expensive ass CGI! Kumi playing Walk of My Life had me crying like a bitch! Live arrangement of Gimme U is actually great and doesn't want you to cringe while listening! Iconic symbolic wet Kumi spinning from the ceiling to the Dance in the rain. Kumi looking like BDSM Xena in piece in the puzzle. Illest the curve!!!! Summoning Satan to the beat of a drum and rock guitar, multitalented legend! Like IT choreo yum. A proper Taboo performance, finally. And that final act, wow, stunning and sexy!
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  16. Two more.

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  17. Watching these concerts kinda made me love more of her songs like Show me your holla is brilliant live, to think that I have given it 5 in a rate... I feel ashamed! Also Hashire and Black Candy are pretty catchy too, wow!
    I GAVE PHYSICAL THING 7.5 WHAT THE????????????
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  18. Suffer like you made me suffer by seeing your scores.
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  20. Keeping us fed in these dire times.

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