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Koda Kumi

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. That ratchet W FACE opener is such a nostalgic trip, my favorite!
    I totally forgot she didn't perform cupcake there and that's a sin!
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  2. I believe this is the last one.
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  3. I guess they won't upload that drum logos AND tour, sad!
  4. It was a fan exclusive when it was originally held, so maybe that why.
  5. The Haircut performance snatched!
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  7. Were were you when they needed your support in the rate?
  8. I watched Premium Night and started The Artist!

    I love the aesthetic of Premium Night, so elegant. Also the ballads! I always have this thought in my head that the majority of Kumi's ballads are just sorta...there bar her old ones so it was great to see Hands, You, Rain and Pearl Moon performed. What.A.Run! (Still gutted they cut 1000 Words). I never understand why Ai No Uta seems to be the Kumi Ballad when You is right there.

    I really need to go back and listen to Feel My Mind. Despite having loads of songs I love as an album I don't rate it that highly. I feel the same about Namie's Genius 2000.
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  9. Premium Night is really unique, since the fans voted for what songs make the setlist. You can imagine that's why there are so many ballads. And despite "Ai no Uta"'s everpresence, "you" is performed quite a lot as well.
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  10. Look at this amazing 10s!

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  11. Ooh, missed one - another dance tutorial.

    Also, they started removing the concert videos, so y'all better watch them, while you can.
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  12. Yeah, I watched it yesterday! She's really funny. I think/hope this will do wonders for her public image.
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  13. Will I ever learn at least one of these dances?

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  14. In recent news we have Kumi previewing a new song on Instagram.

    Also she is apparently announcing something on May 29th, something that was supposed to be announce at the last re(LIVE) date, but wasn't since the concert was cancelled. I believe it's going to be another compilation, as there was this one picture on her Instastories that suggested it. I don't mind it, especially if it's going to come with some new material. Now if only I could get on with the rate before she releases something new...
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  15. Wow that preview sounds ratchet, I'm waiting! and for the rate too!
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  16. By the way am I the only one who thinks that lower register fits Kumi much better
  17. She does sound good in it, although she sounded great in a higher one, especially on Kingdom. It all went downhill ever since she got that vocal training before the recording of "WALK OF MY LIFE".
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  18. It's really a shame that what was supposed to help her voice actually made it worse. I wanna know who "trained" her.
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  19. What changed exactly? I don't think I've noticed.
  20. Yesss! Give me more, Kumi!!!

    I hope it’s a 4th Best just because I’m curious what that would look like at this point dddd (although I’d rather a comprehensive collection).
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