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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. I don't think that's the case. If anything, SM and avex closely work together (most of SM's Japanese releases are under avex), so that would seem to facilitate the exchange.

    As for "Mirotic" (and other similar cases) - it was exclusive to Asia, while "Under My Skin" was intended for Europe. Remember, that was back in the day when K-Pop wasn't nearly as popular as it is now. Nothig greedy here to me - the writers simply secured themselves more exposure for the song instead of wasting it. The more people hear such a bop, the better.
  2. So CDJapan has the mini-albums for € 20 each or € 48 for both with a dvd.

    Koda Kumi throwing away her considerations of our financial situation and selling us 'angeL' and 'monsteR' for full album price.
  3. Isn't CDJapan just expensive in general?
  4. I know people say this but... not really. I mean YesAsia has them for $26 and $60 though they do offer free (but a slower) shipping.

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    My 11!!

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    Getting closer to completion!


  8. Not really feeling “killer monsteR” from the clip though it’s video looks great but “Run” seems gorgeous both in sound and video!
  9. Killer monster looks so lazy, what the...
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  10. I've listened to the previews. I'm perchedt.
    Not her singing "FliCky" as "freaky", dddd.
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  11. She gave us "I'm Lovin'" for her birthday while she herself spent it... playing Fortnite of all things...
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  12. Lets pray for Kumi gaming streams and amniotic fluid comments next year!

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    It's coming gals!

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  14. Look at her doing YouTube premiers and stuff. 20th anniversary is no joke.
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  15. "Killer monsteR" is here! The PV is fine, the dance is fine, the song... I like it. Thought that the verses and the pre-chorus were a lot better than the chorus, but it won me over in the end.
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  16. Cute little bop. Ain’t got shit on “XXKK” though.
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  17. Supa dupa gay! She did it for us!
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  18. I like it. I prefer it when she raps (and sings) in her lower register.

    Less than 9000 views though...
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  19. It was released mere 4 hours ago...
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  20. A. Bop. I loved the sound and attitude of this from the moment I heard the preview and agree that the parts sung in her lower register are the best (the "It’s a thrill” bit, which sounds kinda screechy, is my main complaint). Otherwise the full track doesn’t disappoint and reminds of her earlier urban tracks but with a completely new sound. Curious who produced this.

    I like the video. Plus points for the outfits and the dark/green hair. She looks great. The various zooms and rotations flow well with the song, and I love the overall theme and colour choices. Not much goes on outside of that, wish there was a little more going on. That being said, I’m really glad she’s promoting this kind of sound.
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