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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Osiris, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. So far the info on the Internet says it was produced by Kxhris and Nellz, whoever both of those are.

    And yeah, I'm happy with this soundscape for Kuu as well, since I would live for her to go more R'n'B (and I'll be getting some of it on "angeL" apparently), so I guess I can take trap as well for now.
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  2. There is going to be a stream in an hour, where apparently we get to hear the new songs from the minis.
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    This was uploaded yesterday finally, and we're so close to having EVERYTHING!!

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  4. What's left? Strip & Get Naked?
  5. Also "SHUTOUT". And from the older ones - "SWITCH", "Just Go", "24", "SHAKE IT", "NEVER GIVE IT UP", "FEVER" and "Kimi Omoi".
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  6. I think the full "W FACE" video is also missing.
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  7. You're right. Wonder if they consider it to be just a tour interlude video rather than a full fledged music video though.
  8. A longer preview of "WORK IT!" for the "loveil" contact lenses ad.
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  9. WORK IT! is definitely the best song out of both minis, followed by Lucky Star they both deserved to be proper singles tbh.

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    And just like that, 24 is here too!!

    *Prays for SHAKE IT*
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    She's doing it!! Next has got to be SHAKE IT.

  12. Dddd, I never noticed what she does at the very end of the choreography. Maybe it was ahead of it's time for certain people.
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  13. Epic!!! Even to this day (though I could do without the lightning bolt effects in this version). Where do I begin... the song, the dark, fancy mansion setting, the duct taped titties, the dancing, the whip licking, that last scene. Fingers crossed SHAKE IT is next.
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  14. That Paradox Live collaboration is out and it's a bit of a bop.

  15. That was stunning, Kuu making me emotional.
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  16. The new PV looks nice but I'm not a fan of her ballads...

    I'm loving Killer MonsteR, though.
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  17. Also on Spotify.
  18. The art direction is on point!
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  19. Love!
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