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Konmari-ing your music collection

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mvnl, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Okay, don't shoot me, I fell for the hype and despite (or because of?) being a huge collector who hardly ever gets rid of anything I quite like the idea of having less stuff, less CDs I bought 'just because they were cheap' while I never played the entire album since and the peak moment of joy was 'buying it'.

    I'll be fine with clothes, books and other stuff that I won't miss for a moment, but I'm not quite sure how I'll approach my music collection (both the physical 8000+ items, and the 2tb itunes library). Favourite albums: keepers. Albums with only 1 or 2 songs I like, but those are only on those albums? Hmmm. Singles that I love but are also on albums or compilations I own? Hmmm.

    Curious if anyone else decluttered their collection at some point and how you decided what to keep/get rid of? I like the idea of grabbing an album from my shelf blindly and thinking 'yes, let's play this one again!' instead of, right now, having to grab 3 more times to get an album I'm even remotely interested in playing...
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  2. Everything else: Whatever is on Spotify.
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  3. I did this with my CDs a while ago and just got rid of everything that I wasn’t invested in/collecting.
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  4. I did this in the early 2000s....and spent the next 15 years regretting some of my decisions, but then you can never really know what music you are going to (want to) rediscover and prefer to listen to. In 2002, I'd have been hammering my Dido, David Gray and other 90s faves and was happy to offload all my Tanita Tikaram, Richard Marx and Wet Wet Wet CDs. Now it's almost the reverse.

    Of course, there is still (just about) the option of rebuying some of these, often quite cheaply (or in the case of Tin Machine II, not!), so in the end no real damage was done. But if I were to attempt something similar now (and I actually need to, quite badly), in the future the music I would possibly want to re-engage with won't be available on CD (the used market still exists, but for how much longer) and everyone knows my situation with streaming etc.

    It's tricky.
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  5. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah, what's stopping me is how I bought a lot of them on the cheap and I know in the long run if I'd buy them again I'd probably pay more and just be throwing away money. But I do like the idea of a few shelves less, and only having albums on there I really like. Perhaps I can store the ones I get rid of at my parents and see how I feel about them later (although Marie would frown upon that 'not quite getting rid of anything'-method)
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  6. I do this quite regularly with my CDs and iTunes Library. Sometimes things just don't have the longevity you hoped they would despite being a huge fan at the time or you find in time it's not something you actually enjoy as your tastes change. Get rid!
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  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I must say there's truly very little music I once liked and don't care for anymore (even if it's just for the nostalgia of it), but going through my first 150 discogs entries when I selected albums I really love as a whole I could scrap pretty much 2 out of each 3 (I did end up with about 46 albums that are of the kind 'when I see them in a store I feel like buying another copy of them because just seeing the cover brings me joy')
    In iTunes I like the diversity of songs I love and 'others'. When I just put my mostplayed on shuffle it's basically 'no surprises/songs I overplayed'.

    Singles probably are gonna be much harder cause they're more about 'a celebration of a song I love' than having any function anymore. Still at one point I got past 'I love this song, let's buy the single' and it basically became 'I know this song, it was a hit, so I'll buy it'
    Though the 3000 single collection of the bar I used to DJ at can use some serious decluttering.
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  8. I'm doing this right now. I need the space, a local charity needs the money, and I'm happy with a digital copy on a server of whatever's not available on streaming (which is quite a bit, still).
  9. It's no longer a choice between having the music and not having it: an external CD reader costs like $30 and storage costs around $15/TB. I ripped everything to a lossless format, back up to a few different hard drives regularly, and have sent the CDs to charity. I very occasionally miss looking at the liner notes every now and then, but scans of those are easy enough to find.

    I kept the physicals of things I knew were deleted from streaming (Sky Ferreira's As If! EP etc.) though. And I'm sure that sooner or later, I'll need to digitally declutter. But for now, digitizing everything and taking advantage of what feels like limitless storage space is a good enough solution.
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  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Well technically if you get rid of the cd you have to get rid of the mp3s as well, though my mind's not made up on that. And well, I still like the physical product, but slimming down the collection wouldn't hurt.

    Currently struggling about singles 'that are also on the album' but then the album as a whole isn't all that.
    Practically keeping the album saves more space but yeah...
  11. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I got through vinyl yesterday which was quite easy cause I never play them anyway. Kept about 1 4th I think.

    Today I started on cd singles and that's proving a lot harder. In cases where I own both maxi & mini singles of the same song (mini's being in cardboard sleeves) do I keep the one with the most content or the one in cardboard cause it takes up less space?
    Do I go by 'do I still like this song?' (well with that question 90% of the singles stay) or focus on whether I own the song and its b-sides in some other form, or if I like the package?
    There's little singles I hate, but I have started to hate how there's boxes of them everywhere throughout my house. 4000 of them is just too damn much.
  12. Regular clearouts are quite good for me, otherwise the volume of music can get unmanageable. I group albums by year, rank them from favourite to least favourite, then work my way up from the bottom until I find the albums I can't get rid of. Everything that didn't make the cut gets one last "yes or no" look before getting popped on eBay.
  13. Where do y’all donate CDs? I feel like the local indie record store isn’t going to appreciate how pop my collection is.
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  14. I want to do this one day. Currently my CDs don't take up that much space, but as I've been buying more and more k-pop CDs and useless memorabilia like tour programs, I'm having to stash everything in one and the same cupboard. I don't think I'd have much trouble getting rid of CDs that aren't by my absolute faves - it's just that I don't have any time to get through them.
  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Having been an avid collector for years this is almost giving me existential issues.
    Like, with albums I feel it's reasonable to go with 'keep ones you like to ocassionally play in full'.. with singles I'm getting to a point of 'why would I keep any of these?' (well, Girls Aloud and Steps ones aside, because of fandom... maybe I should really be thus harsh and only keep ones that fall into the 'I wouldn't wanna imagine not owning this' category?)
    There's quite a lot artists where I pretty much collected their full singles discography, and getting rid of the ones I don't care about just makes the collection feel... messy?
  16. I'm slowly but surely decluttering and gutting parts of my childhood home as my mother prepares to move, and that means all my posessions. Music is the last bit to be touched. And I don't even have that much of it
    This seems easy to me. I'm not an avid collector, but if I see a cute Madonna single or whatever I buy it. I would never give those away. But my All Saints singles? My LIL BOW WOW singles? Yeah. They mean nothing to me. You just said GA and Steps are your special ones... you must have loads of random you don't have any attachment to?
  17. I’ve been doing this gradually over the past few years. A big part of my collection is still at my parents’ house, while my faves / purchases from the last 7 or 8 years live with me - but I’m running out of space and it stresses me out!

    I still love buying / collecting CDs and vinyl, but now that I use Spotify regularly, I don’t really have a need for albums that only have a handful of good songs on them. I have my own version of Marie Kondo’s ‘does it spark joy?’ mantra for this purpose:

    1. Would I ever look at it / play it?

    2. Would I buy another one of their albums or go and see them live?

    3. Is it worth anything on Music Magpie? (If they’ll only give me 1p for it, I sometimes keep things out of principle! I tend to find that the bigger the flop, the more money you’ll be offered)

    4. Have I got another version of it? (I almost always get rid of the original album if it gets reissued with bonus tracks etc)

    5. Does my boyfriend have it? (We always used to buy our own copies because we each have our own collections - but all of his are at his parents’ house!)

    6. Is it a special edition / signed or hold some other sentimental value?

    7. Is it on Spotify?

    I’m broadly happy to get rid of any items which don’t tick enough boxes, and it always makes me feel better when I have more space. The decision isn’t always clear-cut, though, and I always worry that I’ll get rid of an album, only for it to be removed from Spotify at a later date.

    I’m a bit torn as to what to do with my singles. They’re mostly worth nothing and they take up a lot of space, but I hate the thought of just binning them.
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  18. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Oh I do, but then there's so many of those (I started collecting singles I loved, then 'whichever had new content on it' then 'whatever song I knew and didn't own as a single yet) that it feels quite drastical to get rid of all of those. I cut about 600 already though.

    It was interesting how there's certain acts (Kylie, Madonna, Britney amongst a select few.. but also Liberty X, Honeyz, basically any 00s british pop group) where it was really clear nothing was going. (Although Madge tempted me with some of the shoddy old artwork)
  19. I got rid of about a third of my collection and regretted it. The cuts were too brutal and I've ended up buying some of them again. Though there were plenty of examples of "why did I buy this, I will never listen to it again". Some random singer-songwriter from 2004 I kind of liked the one single, why did I buy the album for god's sake sort of thing. Or the third Fast Food Rockers single. If the CD has absolutely no sentimental value whatsoever it can go, but I wouldn't cut just for the sake of cutting. If it's an act you really like and you have their whole singles collection, leave it as it is. Even if you think you can just keep a few of your favourites, the gaps will annoy you.

    If you're finding it too painful, unless you're literally falling over CDs or you move every 5 minutes, having a smaller collection probably won't make you happy anyway. You're probably best off buying some more shelves. And then more CDs to fill them.

    Also I don't see the point in getting rid of the MP3s too. Rip them and put them on a hard drive somewhere if you don't think you want them in your library. In 20 years time you might want them again and good luck finding them on Spotify. I sometimes randomly remember some nice remix or B-side I used to like, look for the CD thinking I have it, and then remember that damn I got rid of it, and damn it's £5 on Discogs do I really want to buy it again.
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  20. But don't listen to me. I just spent £80 on a CD single.
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