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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Let's talk about them here.

    I just watched A Moment to Remember (내 머리 속의 지우개 literally Eraser in My Head) and BAWLED MY EYES OUT.

    Also good movies I've watched recently are "I saw the devil" "My sassy girl" "The good the bad the weird" "Breathless" and "Musa"
  2. For those who like romantic kinda dramas and get all teary at the end and emotional, I recommend to you:

    -The Moon Embracing The Sun
    -Boys Over Flowers
    -City Hunter

    All LOVELY dramas (especially the first one who has got around 40%+ viewership and is classified as a national drama). Going to watch Love Rain and Fashion King soon as it stars 2 Girls' Generation members.
  3. Just warning you that Fashion King is pretty awful. It starts off good but gets worse, Yul did well though. Love Rain is beautiful, it deserved higher ratings.
  4. Fashion King is awful? Oh dear, maybe I shant watch it then but Love Rain has Jang Geun Suk and Yoona (wub wub) in it. Shame I saw the ratings and it's not....too good there.
  5. I watched A Moment to Remember 3 or 4 times and cried so hard every fucking time. I love Korean melodramas.
    I Saw the Devil is just incredible. I recently watched Harmony (about a music teacher who is sentenced to death for murder and starts a choir in prison.) It was reaaaaaally sad and depressing, but I liked it. I saw The Housemaid and Secret Sunshine, both starring the amazing Jeon Do-yeon, not too long ago. Very different movies but I'd recommend them both. Secret Sunshine is better but, again, really depressing at times.

    I really don't like dramas though, the only one I watched was Jungle Fish 2 (thanks again Pen Expers, haha), it was really good but everytime I start another drama, I lose interest very quickly.
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  6. Nameless Gangster sounds amazing. Choi Min-Silk (Oldboy, I Saw The Devil) playing a gangster king who may be a hardcore gangster or just a lucky fool. Korean gangster movies are usually quite good, A Bittersweet Life in particular have stayed with me.
  7. Everyone should watch Antique Bakery. Also, Lie To Me is pretty good, the ending just could have been better. Coffee Shop, with Eunjung from T-ara is also good.
  8. Everyone should start with My Sassy Girlfriend!

    I stopped watching Fashion King halfway, but Yoo Ah In is soooooo HOT !

    My favourite Kdrama of 2012 : When The Moon Embraces The Sun

    Favourite Kdrama Of ALL Time :
    -Dong Yi
    -Jewel In The Palace
    - 49 Days
    -Prosecutor Princess
  9. Yes! Prosecutor Princess! My friend made me watch it and I fell in love. It's pretty cheesy, but so damn addicting.
  10. "my sassy girl" is my all time fav! did you watch the "unofficial" prequel, "windstruck"? keep those tissues close by.
  11. Boh


    Just recently getting into the drama/film side of things. I saw the film 'Sunny' recently..and I thought it was awesome, despite not being target demographic lol.
  12. [​IMG]

    Gorgeous movie. The two leads don't say a word through the whole film.
  13. Can we please talk about the Rough Play trailer?

    Lee Joon's sex gifs all over tumblr and I'm about to die.
  14. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Just going to leave this here.

  15. Thanks for posting Antique Bakery. I was enthralled. I found a anime series that I'll have to watch.
  16. Just finished a marathon run of Heirs. I was surprised it was on Hulu. Loved the lead actress. Not your typical cutesy lead and she made me tear up all the time she cried. Someone was crying or being chewed out/bitch slapped in each episode.
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  17. I just finished God's Gift - 14 Days. It's one of the better dramas I've seen and it keeps you guessing until the very last episode. Very good watch in my opinion.
  18. Emergency couple and Cunning Single Lady!

    I was in love with both.
  19. ^ I loved Emergency Couple too!!!

    I tried to find 'Gap Dong' on both Dramafever and Viki but I unfortunately can't find it anywhere. 'Doctor Stranger' or 'Triangle' both sound interesting but they both just started ... so in the mean time, 'Angel Eyes' is what was recommended haha
  20. Caught up with Hotel King. I can't believe it's going to be 32 episodes? It started out great. Dragged a bit (and got icky) in the middle and it's a little better now. It's only at episode 17, i'm not sure how much more story they can tell. I'm surprised that there is so many KPOP stars on it: ALEX, N and Seulong (2Am). They are probably more that I don't recognize.
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