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Korean movies/ dramas

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Mikl C, Jun 22, 2012.

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  2. ^YESSSSsssssssssssSSsSs
  3. Not sure if this thread is still active, but I loved all the Answer Me dramas, although the husband hunting got old really quickly. The emphasis on family in the series was really heartwarming and is definitely the best part of the dramas.

    Marriage, Not Dating is another great one. The main leads are incredible actors and Jinwoon from 2AM and Secret's Sunhwa are pretty decent in it too.
  4. Never been one to watch dramas or films but I watched Sunny the other day after seeing the SNL parody - such a brilliant film.
  5. Korean movies are often really good but the dramas... The only ones I've been able to sit through are Jungle Fish 2 and Reply 1997 (which is brilliant.)
  6. Jungle Fish 2 was great. I do really like dramas about school, as long as they aren't the Boys over flower type (which can be enjoyable, just more in a crack way...).

    I always want to watch more Korean movies, but unfortunately they're a bit harder to find outside of Korea.
  7. I just finished "Please Come Back, Mister" and am currently watching "Cheese In The Trap". I hadn't been watching dramas in awhile but I'm getting back into them.
  8. The Lover is hilarious. One of the main guys is a member of Cross Gene.

    Addicted ruined a lot of lives.
  9. Where's the best place to find Korean films with English subs?

    I've watched a lot of Japanese, Chinese & Thai cinema so I should really switch it up for a slice of Korean.
  10. I watch on Viki, but I don't want a lot since I'm kinda busy most of the time.
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  11. Viki is really good. Just make sure you use a browser with all the shitty flash plug-in updated, because they still use all of them...
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  12. I can't answer this boo because I always take trains when watching Korean films. Kii.

    As for K-dramas, I also watch through trains but only because Dramafever and Viki aren't available in my country. Third world problems, who's got 'em?
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  14. Okay, but I seriously hate y'all right now.

    I'm rewatching Addicted and I'm just not ready for this.

    Next thing you know I'm gonna be rewatching Life is Beautiful and sobbing.
  15. Addicted messed up my life so much. Counterattack was cute too.

    I'd totally watch a The Lover spin-off of simply Jae Joon and Takuya. Come through, South Korea. You can deliver this real good.
  16. Incarnation of Jealousy is REALLY good.

    Just, don't be like me and watch it right now. It's currently airing and I'm on life support between episodes.
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  17. Has anyone watched Age of Youth? I *love* Korean movies but the only drama I've been able to get into or even finish before was Reply 1997, but this one was genuinely incredible. Possibly my favorite ensemble cast ever, I'm so pressed that Korean shows don't have a million seasons like American shows because I wanna watch them forever.
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  18. YASSSSS!!! Age of Youth is low-key my favourite drama of 2016. Kang sunbae (Hwayoung) is iconic in her role. I hope we get a second season. The girls said that they are willing to do a second season as well.

    And watch the other Reply series too. Reply 1988 is quite possibly the most heartbreaking of the three installments. It made me cry like every episode. Mess.
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  19. Yessss, Hwayoung was my favorite! I hope so, I would sell my kidney for a second season.

    Oh really? I didn't check them out because they didn't have the allure of a gay Hoya, but I will definitely try them if they're as good as the first!
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  20. One of the girls (I forgot which one) said in an interview that the girls agreed that if ever a second season will push through, they would drop everything and commit to the show. The only problem is the director/writer has not mentioned anything about a second season.

    Yaasss watch them all unnie. Reply 1994 is more about friendship while Reply 1988 is family-centered.
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