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Korean movies/ dramas

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Mikl C, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Has anyone seen the movie A Girl At My Door? I found it rather slow, but it's subject matter is really bold considering it's a Korean movie.

    When it comes to dramas, I tend to stick with short Japanese ones.
  2. Korean dramas are pretty short too. few go over 20 episodes. Are Jdarams shorter than that?

    I tried to give W a try. It was fun and interesting in the beginning and then turned into a big mess. Signal was good too but a bit overrated imo the ending was a bit of a letdown.

    I still need to finish "Heard it through the grapevine", "Another Miss Oh" and "Jealousy Incarnate. I don't know how i managed to have 3 unfished dramas lol.
  3. It's not Korean, but I thought I'd give Ice Fantasy a try since Victoria is in it. It's not bad so far and Victoria's a kick ass royal guard.
  4. So excited
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  5. OH MY GOD YOU'RE A FAN OF THIS TOO? Yath, I'm so excited!!! ♡
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  7. Yeah it sucks because the original actress really made the role her own and she is the central character. But if I can make peace with Senior Kang's absence, I can get past this so long as the writing continues at the same level of quality.
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    But I'll be watching still. I *need* Song sunbae to snag a boyfriend dddddd. Also, I must stan for Onew.
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  9. Onew is the only reason I'm still interested to be honest.
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  10. I'm rewatching Reply 1997 and trying not to cry when Yoon-Jae confesses to Si-won.

    I've watched this series like 4 times tho...
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  11. Dddd CHILBONGIE! Knowing that he was done so dirty in the last episodes is the reason why I can't rewatch Reply 1994.
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  12. This has probably been asked before but where could I watch some of these with subs? I have no intention of leaving my room today & I'd be down to binge watch some of these shows you guys like.
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  13. Drama Fever and Viki are really good. They're free (but have ads).

    Also, unless you pay, the currently airing dramas won't appear with subs for like 5 or 6 days after being released in Korea.

    Please watch Reply 1997 and Jealousy Incarnate.
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  14. I'll be honest, unnie. I watch illegally dddddddd. I download the raw files and then the subs separately. I should probably say this in a PM dddddddddddd.
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  15. Thank you - I think i'm going to start with Reply 1997 and head over to Jealousy Incarnate afterwards. I'll let you know how it goes

    This secret life in the digital underworld though - Shaman Unnie would be so proud sis
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  17. OH. MY. GOD.
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  18. I don't who watched Reply 1988 here. (I'm guessing maybe @Ceir unnie?)

    But here's the news that really made my YEAR.

    The second lead (should've been the first lead but I digress) Junghwan (Ryu Junyeol) is revealed to be dating Dukseon (Girl's Day's Hyeri)!!!

    And Korea is in love with them as well. [Asian Junkie] [Netizenbuzz]

    I'M SO HAPPY~~~

    I never finished the drama. I stopped at episode 16 because I didn't like the ending. Kii. But now I wanna watch the ending.
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