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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Mikl C, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Wait?! Did he break the "second lead" curse, but in real life?!

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    I will never get over this.
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    That damn "I love you scene" with them still makes me so mad!
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    That scene when Chilbong confessed his love to Najeong and kissed her for the first time though --- WIG.
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  5. I watched two episodes of Reply 1988 so I know the characters and I hate that guy (his character actually) who is dating Queen Hyeri now.

    I'm team that nice guy who lives with his mother and little sister.

  6. Watch further, beast.

    Ddddddddddd seriously watch the whole thing and prepare to be shocked.
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  7. The episodes are soooooooooo long that I actually have to watch an episode in two or three parts which takes nearly a week (I'm that lazy). But okay I will try to watch faster, kekeke.
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  8. So, I'm about to start rewatching Jealousy Incarnate and I know this scene gonna hurt me....

  9. Lookout is addictive but it makes me sooooo damn mad, I don't know how I'm five episodes in when there are so many characters that annoy me.
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  11. Is it sequel of the first season or a different story with different characters? If it's the later, I might watch with you guys.
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  12. It's a sequel. Did you not watch the first season? It's actually really amazing. Get ready to stan Ryu Hwayoung aka The Snake.
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  13. How is she still getting roles? Wasn't she removed from a TV series last year after she got exposed?
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  14. Honestly??? I have no idea. She actually just got another starring role. Go figure.

    I'll be honest and say that she's actually a really competent actress. Like, really, really good. My one hope is that she admits to her wrong actions towards T-ara and then forge a career in acting. She's talented, yes, but I can't openly support her knowing full well what she did to T-ara.
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  15. I'm not sure, I think I heard it from someone here at the time, but it's probably wrong now that I read that article and checked her Wikipedia page (she got 4!! roles this year according to the site).
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  16. So, a week later, no one's subbing Age of Youth 2 yet.


    But there's an Indonesian sub.


    But no English sub.


    Fix it @God.

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  18. I'll do it this weekend!

    I need finish rewatching Jealousy Incarnate first.
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  19. My gay ass: "I need to watch all these new dramas!"
    Also my gay ass: *Starts rewatching Coffee Shop for the 38th time*

    @D is for Danger! it has Eunjung! watch it!

    Also, finish Reply 1997 you little punk. You too @Squashua !
  20. I watched D.O.'s movie Hyung a few weeks ago and I was actually genuinely impressed with his acting. I hope when he inevitably gets exhausted of the idol life he continues his acting career.
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