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Korean movies/ dramas

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Mikl C, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. My gay ass: "I need to watch all these new dramas!"
    Also my gay ass: *Starts rewatching Coffee Shop for the 38th time*

    @D is for Danger! it has Eunjung! watch it!

    Also, finish Reply 1997 you little punk. You too @Squashua !
  2. I watched D.O.'s movie Hyung a few weeks ago and I was actually genuinely impressed with his acting. I hope when he inevitably gets exhausted of the idol life he continues his acting career.
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  3. DO is actually amazing, sweaty. Watch his drama with Jo In Sung and Gong Hyojin next. It's called "It's Okay, It's Love." It made me stan DO.
  4. I like him, sis! I just wasn't expecting that level of acting, okay??????

    I'll put it in my list of things to watch, promise.
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  5. Just making sure, babe. I remember you coming for his underrated lqqks once ddddd. I NEVER FORGET.
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  6. I also came for Namjoon's looks once remember and look at where I am now nñn
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  7. I watched Cart yesterday and holy shit I hate capitalism.
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  9. Not me only posting in this thread to talk about Kyungsoo's movies I've watched nñn

    But anyway just watched Room Nº 7. After the amount of good reviews it got I was expecting more, but it was still surprisingly funny at times and the plot was pretty surprising. Kyungsoo keeps proving the life of an actor is much better suited for him than the one of an idol, and I'm looking forward to watching Along With The Gods as well.
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  10. I watched Strong Woman Do Bong-soon. It was cute.
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  11. Any good, recent Korean movie to recommend? Maybe a comedy (not in mood for sappy romance or catastropic thriller..).
  12. Just shut up and watch the Thai drama I keep posting about on Tumblr!

    Did you ever watch Hyung/My Annoying Brother? It was cute!
  13. I feel like all Thai dramas are gay, which is why they're so good.

    I am not watching a movie with D.O from EXO (he doesn't even die in it!).
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  14. Recently I watched a drama called Method about a young idol getting involved with a much older actor (Call Me By Your Name whomst?) and it was alright.


    Also a short thriller about an idol (Jisoo of Tahiti "fame") being stalked called Popstars/Trainee, which was basically a Perfect Blue ripoff, but it gets brownie points for playing the mega bop that is Hasta Luego like 6 separate times. You just know there was some gay in production getting his entire life.

  15. This sounds right up my alley, Perfect Blue is one of my favorite movies. Would you happen to know its Korean name? I can't find any information online. I've found a movie called Black Idols, but the synopsis doesn't seem to fit.
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  16. The Korean name is 연습생 (Trainee), you can watch it here!

    It's not near as good as Perfect Blue sadly, but it's only like 25 mins so not a bad watch either.
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  17. Thank you!
  18. I've just watched 'Strong Woman Do Bong-soo' on Netflix. It was cute. The criminal/thriller-light sub-plot made it far more interesting than I thought it would be initially.

    Started watching 'Voice' now because I heard it was great.
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  19. ddddd I swear I didn't even see this post befored posting mine. They are almost identical.
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  20. I watched 'Oh My Ghostess' on Netflix, and I loved it so much.

    Really need to get into more K-dramas. Any suggestions?
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