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I kind of love that we as a community have no consistency on whether good vocals are important or not ddd. Some artists will get absolutely bulldozed for their alleged bad vocals and then we have groups with anywhere from 4-13 members and not a vocalist to be found where it’s not a problem ddd. But at least we are consistent with our inconsistency!
My thing with Minho is that not only he cannot sing dddd but also his tone is just not pleasant to my ears? So he was always going to be the one SHINee member whose solo I wouldn't care about unless it was something really, really extraordinary i.e. I don't care about Kai's voice either but Mmmh and Rover are excellent!

Anyway. I still love him, though. More as an actor than a singer, that's all.
That song would be dull dookie no matter who sang it sawrry


OK, this was the song that spent the most time fighting for last place with 2 Baddies!


"Peel off one layer after another
On that pure surface
It's rotting away, pureness
It looks even clearer now"


skinz ♡ OnlyOneOf
Team Tears · From KPJ Charts


Highest Scores:
(@soratami, @askew, @boom bazooka joe, @leedlelee...
@Sanctuary, @Ana Raquel, @ysev, @Untouchable Ace)

Lowest Scores:
.75 (@FunkyButChic) / 4.5 (@KimLippington) / 3 (@Slice of Life)
2.5 (@Glitterizer) / 2 (@Salami) / 0 (@ohnostalgia)

My Score: 2.5

Leaderboard Evolution:
43 ⬂ 49 ⬀ 45 ⬂ 46

NOT that army of 10s... Spoiler alert: we won’t see another song with this many until the second half of the rate fffffff You girls really tried hard! Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to save skinz from the Bottom 5. Hey, at least OnlyOneOf lasted much longer in KSOTY… who would have thought! I’m not gonna lie, I just don’t like this song at all. The production has interesting sounds but to me the elements don’t amount to a compelling song… sometimes if I’m just in the right mood I get a bit more into it and I thought it was growing on me, but still most of the time I’m just reaching for the skip button. Sorry! I do like the OOO boys though (especially Nine ♡), they seem to really be passionate about what they do and also the sound of their own music. Did you know they are involved with production and writing side of things as well? Always nice to see! And if anyone's wondering what's with the parasite thing in the thread title... it's from the fucking lyrics, ask them!!

@Salami (2) also has no time for it: “Didn't we do this one a year ago? Except this time it's unlistenable. Genuinely this is not nice to hear. If I was confident a 0 wouldn't take me under the 6 average rule I'd give this one.” I just checked, and it wouldn’t have! Use a spreadsheet formula while scoring next time to make sure the full depth and breadth of your taste is conveyed, hehe. @Wills (5) is impressed: “How is it even possible for something this ugly to also be this boring”. Brutal! @Slice of Life (3) makes a comparison: "girl…….. zurui onna outsold!!" Oh, there's that name again!

@drod93 (5) comments on the visuals: “Nice video, beautiful video. I just think they forgot to make a good song” see, even the video is a bit too disjointed for me. The performance parts are really striking, though, I like how the glitch effects mimic the instrumental. And that hip thrust move? OK, work! I only realized on this last re-watch that it’s a Y/N video too fffffff libidO but make it even more voyeuristic! I didn’t expect @eccentricsimply (8) to be here for the video, but: “I'm like.. not entirely sure if I like this but I'm giving them points and props for standing out... and also for the gay.” Twink appreciator @Untouchable Ace (10) noticed "the skinz of those abs”

A lot of voters had similar opinions: @chrisjche (6) says “I don't really understand what is happening in this song overall but I like moments of it?”. Fellow rate host @enjoy (6) echoes the sentiment: “This is a bit of a racket hmm i do enjoy some of it but i don't think i would search for this regularly.” Disappointed boy group supporter @nikkysan (6) also comments “This score is solely just for the soundscape, this really needed a stronger hook and melody to really tie it all together.”, as does @Attis (5): “Great production, beautiful production”

@MmmDani (8.5) calls it “a real gem” and ballad bashing Brazilian @Ana Raquel (10) says: “take my 10 it will need it (tooaheadofthetimeforcertainpeople.gif)” Well, it helped a little bit! Surprisingly, this didn’t receive an 11 from @boom bazooka joe (10), who was probably smart enough to use it on something that has a chance to win (I don’t actually remember what it was as I’m writing this). Here’s his commentary: “skinz is for the girls who like K-Pop but also listened to Tool and Nine Inch Nails.” See? Eclectic king! Anyway, the choreography video below is very watchable if you fancy the OOO boys, I was surprised by that one editing choice, kii. Saving the best commentary for last, here's @askew (10): "The inherent eroticism of antigen-on-antibody action. Not everyone's lymph nodes are snatched and that's okay."


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This is the first disappointing elimination for me, it was just outside of the top 10 in my ranking (it may have made it into the top 10 if I’d seen that choreography video earlier). I gave 2 Baddies a 10 knowing perfectly well it had no shot at winning, and there’s something quite beautiful about it being the first to go, couldn’t have been more dramatic if it tried. But 45th for Skinz is a disservice.

I can’t believe we allowed Candy and NANANA to beat this one.