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Crazy (Wonho)
Bad News (Tempest)
You can’t be real right now.

Let's start with this poll reveal before we get to the songs that are actually in the rate...



1. Cyberpunk - ATEEZ​

13 points / 3 votes

2. because - Rie (OnlyOneOf)​

11 points / 3 votes

3. Bound - Key​

10 points / 2 votes

I predicted this category would be a bit messy with people voting for tons of different songs, but I didn't know it would be this much fffff #1 and #2 above got three votes each, and #3 got two. In total, 34 songs received votes! I hadn't heard Cyberpunk before it popped up during the voting period but it SLAPS so hard? The production on this thing?? The drama and the vocals??? I'm sure it would have easily nabbed a Top 10 position (unless Mingi's rap voice made too many people dock points from it). This is a b-side that was promoted alongside Halazia, the lead single... and talk about promotion. The outfits and choreography, I-... And this song didn't get a single chart point here? I'm so disappointed in you people!

I'm not a big fan of OnlyOneOf's music to say the least, but all the solos in the undergrOund idOl series showcase a completely different sound compared to their usual singles. because has a soft anthemic quality that is very much up my alley and, while the two are similar, I think I prefer this to the other OOO solo that got submitted. I'm not gonna talk about the BL music video because it's embarrassing how depressed and h**** it makes me feel (it doesn't help that it features Junji as the boyfriend).

Then there's Bound, a sexy b-side on Key's excellent album. I am very biased to this kind of ooky-spooky-carnival production! At the risk of sounding like an ignorant cig with limited references, it reminds me of Bloody Mary and Kim Petras' TURN OFF THE LIGHT album. This one was also promoted alongside the title track, here's a video of him looking impossibly cute rehearsing the choreo:

Honorable mention to the other songs to get more than one vote and 5+ points: TEMPEST's Can't Stop Shining, which was almost submitted by @boom bazooka joe. Mango by SuperJunior also shows up and... I mean, she's cute, but not enough to overcome the forum's hatred for the group, so should it really have been in the rate? Do you guys enjoy seeing songs you like getting dragged? I don't! GHOST9's X-Ray also got two votes. Been a while since I heard of this group! Last but not least we have another solo from a established group with MONSTA X Kihyun's Youth. I had also never heard this one, but it's very nice, doesn't sound at all like MONSTA X, though I feel like they have become very eclectic these days, especially with the english releases.

Here's a playlist with every song that got at least 2 points:


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I forgot to vote for Polaroid Love even though my only thought when listening to the one Enhypen track that made it was how much better it would perform if it was Polaroid Love. Whoops!
I don't particularly care for the song, but it feels like something is missing with it not being here since it was a big hit for them and also by 4th gen boy group standards! The sound was used more than 600k times on TikTok.
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I was the only one who gave it any points FFFFFFF I'm so real for that!!

Also completely missed that we could submit up to 3 picks per category, ATBO – Graffiti and Golden Child – Knocking On My Door would've been my others!
Oh oops, I dont add Bubbling Under / Slice of Flops to the KPB longlist so I didn’t see that when I checked my files, sorry!

If you wanna send any extra votes for the other categories you still can x
Feel like 2 Baddies will be the first one out.​

It’s too divisive to be one of the first, I think it’s average will be pretty middle and end up in the top 40. Although I wouldn’t be overly surprised if it dropped out immediately if it got a couple of 1s.​

I highly doubt 2 Baddies is going first because those of us with taste stan it. You need to look at a song that likely has no stans as it won’t get a lot of high scores to balance out the bad ones. It’s not an actual prediction, but something like Vernon’s Black Eye is a more likely candidate.​

Is that so?



"Zero to hundred on the highest speed
Nothing can stand in the way
My life is a highway made for myself, ayy"


2 Baddies ♡ NCT 127
Team Flame · From KPJ Charts


Highest Scores:
(@boom bazooka joe, @MmmDani, @ohnostalgia, @askew)
9 (@eccentricsimply) / 8.5 (@Wills) / 8.25 (@TéléDex)

Lowest Scores:
(@Salami, @Ana Raquel, @Sanctuary)
2 (@Attis) / 0 (@nikkysan, @ysev)

My Score: 8

Leaderboard Evolution:

48 ⬂ 50 ⇨ 50 ⇨ 50

Well… sometimes the obvious answer is the correct one! Though it wasn’t that obvious: the leaderboard evolution is in chunks of seven voters and it makes it seem like this was in the bottom all the time, but from ballot to ballot it actually kept wrestling with another song until the final stretch where it stayed on the bottom position consistently. Does it sound like I’m describing a fun night!? This is 2 Baddies, the latest offering in the series of NCT 127 noise-pop title tracks after they took a wee break from that sound with 2021’s Favorite (Vampire). And honestly? I really like this now ffffff I think my dumb artist brain is being swayed a little by the frankly gorgeous MV, but who cares… TWO BADDIES TWO BADDIES ONE PORSCHE!!

The pre-chorus is lowkey heavenly as fuck?? The production sounds expensive and the rubbery, bouncy beat combined with the slightly high-pitched demonic vocals behind the chorus are almost giving PC Music… I know Charli would live for this automotive anthem which is certainly only about vehicles and not at all about anything else! No there’s nothing lewd about Taeyong saying "now you wanna ride these wheeeels" while reclining and holding a cane between his legs, get your mind out of the gutter.

Let’s get the more negative comments out of the way first: @Christopher (7.5) is not impressed: “I enjoy everyone’s flow in the verses quite a bit, but while I usually enjoy a unison-chant chorus, something about this one just feels pretty standard.” I guess you can say their sound has become a little predictable, but if it ain’t broke… Dancing talent @chrisjche (6.5) sees a saving grace: “The performances save this song - that chorus is annoying as hell.” The choreography does look really impressive.

@enjoy (4) sides with the proletariat: “I don't know, i don't have a Porsche, i can't relate xx”, and I can just feel the frustrated NCTzen rage coming from @RUNAWAY's (4) comment: “this is really bad ^____^” The passive aggressive kaomoji?? @Macsun (4.5) doesn’t hold back and calls it “Trash. That’s right, TRASH!”, while @Ana Raquel (3) wants nothing to do with this: “can we leave cars to eurobeat”. He isn’t afraid to stan a noisy mess, but even @Salami's (3) ears need rest sometimes: “I have tried to like this, but I probably feel about this the way everyone else felt about Gimme Gimme. It's noise but not in the good way. I can never make it all the way through.”

@Attis (2) simply says “Ay-yo is better”, while lowest scorer @nikkysan (0) would probably rather be listening to actual exhaust pipes: “It's like someone made an AI to make the most obnoxious-sounding NCT song in existence. Even on their more divisive title tracks in the past, there were elements I liked, but nothing in this song is salvagable in my eyes. Heinous.”

OK, but what do the song’s stans have to say? Plenty! @boom bazooka joe gives it a 10 and explains: “2 Baddies is definitely a ‘if you get it you get it, if you don't, you don't’ type of song. Thankfully for me, I get it. And it's an absolutely SMASH. Shoutout to the Music Shows version with lyrics ‘2 baddies 2 baddies 1 squad,’ which makes the song sound like it's about a gangbang. Honestly my favorite NCT 127 title track not named Sticker.” NCT and gangbang in the same paragraph? Girl I'm trying to rebrand after that Hottest Idols mod intervention but you're making it hard!!

@MmmDani (10) makes up their mind about this song and takes the high road: “I thought this was atrocious when I first heard it, but I’ve seen the light. It’s all adrenaline. It’s painfully vapid but the production has no weaknesses. A lower score would just feel like a lie.” Live your truth, king! Also complimenting the production we have @Wills (8.5): “One of their best-ever beats, all it needed was a completely reworked chorus to match” Hmm I honestly can’t see any other type of chorus working with this? Is there a good mash-up out there, perhaps? @eccentricsimply (9) says: “Unbelievable that 127 members insist this is better than Sticker.” Well, the two songs are cut from similar cloths, but I prefer the electronic colors of this one!


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