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While we are on the subject...

KING #20


Park Jongseong · 박종성

20 years old
5'11" (180 cm)
from Seattle, USA

pts (@RUNAWAY) [K]
5 pts (@eatyourself) [K]

Jay is one of my faves but I just couldn't make space for him in my ballot so I'm glad he still got some votes... and for the king category nonetheless! I agree completely, there's something about him that gives off an older energy, especially when I watch ENHYPEN's YouTube content. He's a bit grumpy and has a dry sense of humor, but is always cooking for and taking care of the younger members. He's also the fashionista of the group, and recently started taking an interest in weightlifting, so he's definitely one to watch~


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Watch SKZ be the next out ddddddddddd
The way you lowkey deserve it for what I know you must have given the other Wonho songs
Stray Kids... I never thought I'd say this but they deserve at least top 10 this time around.


(1/3 Tie)


Felix Stray Kids
Felix Lee · 이필릭스

22 years old
5'7" (171 cm)
from Sydney, Australia

pts (@MmmDani) [P]

A perfect representative for the Prince category, in my opinion! I mean, the lips, the freckles, the hair... Felix is the definition of a pretty boy. I just know everyone is shocked when they hear his ultra deep voice in SKZ songs, the contrast is crazy! He is the lead rapper and lead dancer of the group, and seems to always get the most out there styling, which definitely fits him. Since he was born in Australia and his parents were already second generation, he struggled a bit with the language after moving to South Korea, but nowadays can speak very well.


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Second part of the tie before we get to the next page!

(2/3 Tie)


Cha Junho · 차준호

20 years old
5'10" (178 cm)
from South Korea

pts (@Attis) [P]

fff Sorry bestie, I know I said in the thread that I would vote for him but ended up having too many others... but still, he is such a cutie! That combination pouty lips and aegyo sal (skin fold underneath the eyes) should be illegal! Junho first became known when he competed in the hit survival show Produce X 101 where he finished 9th place, allowing him a spot in the project group X1. We all know how that ended, so I'm glad he got to debut again, and this time in a permanent group!


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