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Means they aren’t going next then.
I thought Lucy would have faired better here if they had this song, but it's Luna not Lucy.

Finally I get to post the pink version of the graphics ffff


"By your side, na-na-na
Someone who wants to make you laugh, na-na-na
It feels good, na-na-na
I wonder about everything

Team Sweet · From KPJ Charts


Highest Scores:
(@RUNAWAY, @Sanctuary)
9.25 (@Macsun ) / 9 (@leedlelee...)

Lowest Scores:
(@Wills, @MmmDani, @Attis)
3 (@nikkysan)

My Score: 6

Leaderboard Evolution:

42 ⇨ 42 ⬂ 44 ⇨ 44

First of all, you really gotta give props to GOT7 for managing to defy all expectations and continuing group activity after their messy exit from JYP Entertainment. Even with all the members in different agencies, many with solo careers going full throttle, they still found a way to make it work, and they didn’t even take a lot of time either! Unfortunately, NANANA as a song does not match the quasi-miraculous nature of this comeback. As someone who honestly doesn’t care for or know that much about the group, this is not a bad song by any means… it’s just perfectly pleasant but in a background music kinda way. I can’t see myself actively listening to this, there’s not much to sink my teeth into, but I can definitely hum along to it when it comes on.

I wanted to apologize once more to @nikkysan for coming for him a little yesterday, and he actually kind of immediately proves his voter integrity by giving this song a (3) even standing as probably the biggest Ahgase of the subforum! This is what he had to say: “Sigh… I’ve been in the trenches defending this group with my life since 2018 but this is just so fucking lazy… their first proper comeback since leaving JYP, this was the perfect opportunity to re-invent themselves and really show everyone what they were capable without JYP holding them back and they come back with one of their most uninspired title tracks, and the album had much better songs too. #JusticeForDriveMeToTheMoon” While that is very fair, now that I think about it, was it really reasonable to expect anything other than “safe” considering how difficult this comeback must have been to coordinate, and how much of a guaranteed success anything they released would have been? Thinking from a business perspective here, I don’t know!

But speaking of Drive Me to the Moon, I’ve been thinking of a way to remedy these “title track kinda sucks but it’s so hard to convince a significant enough number of people to vote for b-sides in the monthly charts” situations (besides the Boy Boosts, that is). Something more specific where actual fans of an act could replace their representative song in the rate, perhaps, getting rid of sure-flops like NANANA while also saving Boy Boost spots for more obscure acts and releases? I’ll have plenty of time to think until next year, hehe. @Wills's (4) commentary touches on this as well: “Noah fence but did the fans even like this one?” You know what’s funny, Genius tells me JayB said it is… you guessed it: “a song for the fans”. Now why is it that every time an idol/group says something of the sort it’s almost guaranteed that the song isn't that great? Has there ever been a case of a "song for the fans" slapping?? dddddddd

@MmmDani (4) says: “It’s just a bit annoying, nothing to boil my blood but it’s aggressively vapid.” and @Attis (4) makes an apt comparison: “This is like a worse version of Ribbon wtf” Indeed, something about NANANA feels veeery BamBam coded (no shade to him, I liked his solo career so far). @enjoy (7) calls it “Quite enjoyable” but says it “lacks the GOT7 polish and perfection that i'm used to.” Similarly disappointed is @chrisjche (7): “A bit underwhelming for the comeback but appreciate how chill it is.”

Making another comparison to a soloist we have @boom bazooka joe (7.5): “I enjoy this a lot while also acknowledging that it's a pretty underwhelming long awaited comeback. It has the same DNA as a song like Peaches (which I love) but is a lot more basic.” Oh yeah, Kai (or his team, I don’t know) would definitely have found a way to make this sleeker, cooler and quirkier. @Slice of Life (7.5) bops lightly: “i don’t hate it now hehe but still far from their usual level of quality” while @Macsun (9.25) bops severely: “The more you spend time with song the more it opens up. Top notch production!” If you say so, bestiffer! I just realized I forgot to talk about the MV: It's pretty! GOT7 has very pretty men! Also, was Jackson singing the chorus something normal for GOT7 songs or did this only start after he went solo? Kii.


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It's actually happened quite a lot!

It's most common on Jay B-penned songs, like Thursday, as he really likes writing chorus parts for Jackson.

It's actually happened quite a lot!

It's most common on Jay B-penned songs, like Thursday, as he really likes writing chorus parts for Jackson

It's actually happened quite a lot!

It's most common on Jay B-penned songs, like Thursday, as he really likes writing chorus parts for Jackson

It really did happen quite a lot!

And the last part of the tie is... my own 25 pointer :T

(3/3 Tie)


Hwang Minhyun · 황민현

27 years old
5'11" (181 cm)
from South Korea

pts (@Glitterizer) [P]

Surprise, it's not even a member of TXT, kii. My actual hottest idol would have been Taehyung (V) from BTS, but y'all don't deserve him!!

I have become kind of obsessed with Minhyun and his soothing voice since loving the INSIDE OUT music video (from his now-disbanded group NU'EST) when it competed in KPB21. He was also a part of temporary group Wanna One, and now promotes as a soloist (and actor). His recent debut was a slay! I love idols with a "fox face"... sharp lively eyes, pointy nose, with an underlying cuteness. Even my favorite female idol (Seulgi) has that kinda face ddd Anyway, I just really love his clean, prince-like vibes, he's lowkey a style inspiration (and the body is A+ too, though he's not one to show it off too often).


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Two song eliminations on the same page?
I've suffered worse!


"It's time, go go
Don’t you know, know
Firе my gasoline
In the end, I always dеliver

Gasoline ♡ Key
Team Flame · From KPJ Charts


Highest Scores:
.5 (@ohdenny) / 9.25 (@TéléDex) / 9 (@soratami, @chrisjche) / 8.75 (@Macsun)
8.5 (@Slice of Life, @Christopher, @ohnostalgia, @eccentricsimply)

Lowest Scores:
.5 (@Sanctuary) / 5 (@Salami, @nikkysan)
3 (@drod93) / 2.25 (@askew) / 2 (@Attis)

My Score: 8

Leaderboard Evolution:

40 ⬂ 41 ⬂ 42 ⬂ 43

Oh, you girls are nasty for kicking this out in the Bottom 10, especially considering some of the stuff still left. Yes, Gasoline is not as good as Key’s previous title track (or even some of the b-sides on this album), but it’s still very catchy and sounds expensive and polished, with plenty of energy and bombast. To me the weak point are definitely the, uh, rap verses, I can never really remember them even though I sing along to the rest. To me this kinda feels like what would come out of a Madonna x Beyoncé collaboration… I think it’s the ceremonial horns, and also the aesthetics in the MV. Oh, you just know Key loves playing and dressing up as a big pop diva!

Starting commentary we have @Attis (2) making me have to open google: “I told you long ago, on the road” Oh, OK, that's what that is. @enjoy (7.5) also brings that song up: “Objectively nothing is wrong with this one and i do enjoy it (hence my score) but why would anyone listen to this when Industry Baby is right there dd?” I had never heard that Lil Nas’ song before just now, but I highkey think Gasoline sounds better. I prefer the chorus and it just sounds “fuller” overall. Sorry!

@drod93 (3) also makes a comparison, this time to Key’s own material: “Such a disappointment, especially coming after BAD LOVE” That’s fair enough! At least we got Another Life… I wonder if that one was meant to be the title at one point? Maybe @Wills (6.5) is onto something here: “See what happens when you complain about him doing the same thing over and over?” Wait, didn’t those complaints only start after he released Killer? I don’t know any of his pre-BAD LOVE material yet, hehe.

@Salami (5) makes an apt observation: “Shouldn't have been the single. I feel like GOT the beat would've done this a bit more convincingly.” Oh, this would have been MUCH better than what they ended up serving, but that’s not exactly a high bar to clear, is it x @nikkysan (5) blames the company: “Why is SM so bad at picking title tracks? I promise them that not going with the bombastic trap-lite song isn’t going to affect Key’s album sales.” Do we really think it was them, though? I could see Key wanting this to be some sort of statement… but maybe you’re right!

@boom bazooka joe (6) comments on the fashion-focused MV: “It actually pains me to only give this a 6, but I really think it's bottom of the barrel for Key. The Janet Jackson-esque second chorus switch up is HEAVENLY but it's truly the only saving grace for this. Gorgeous video, however.” The amount of looks he served on it, yup, yup! @eccentricsimply (8.5) had a change of heart: “A few months ago my score would've been lower but now? Now I get it a bit more than I used to.” I’m sure @Macsun's (8.75) commentary won’t rile anybody up: “Out of his recent singles I think this is his weakest. But it’s Key so he gets a pass.” One of the highest scorers, @chrisjche (9) simply calls Gasoline “A slay in every way.”


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And while we are on the subject...

KPB22 Readers' Poll



1. Gasoline - Key​

23 points / 5 votes

2. MAGIC MAN - Jackson Wang​

21 points / 5 votes

3. Glitch Mode / Beatbox - NCT DREAM​

16 points / 4 votes

I guess this was a pretty obvious one! From the fun, colorful, retro concept photos to the physical album packaging which included both a VHS and floppy disc version, Key continued to slay the visual side of things with Gasoline. I believe a lot of people, me included, also had the packaging for BAD LOVE on the back of their minds when they thought of this category. I just found it kinda funny how the title track sound and music video didn't really reflect the album concept, like, at all? A missed opportunity if you ask me.


Coming in second place we have MAGIC MAN, by Jackson Wang. Now, I think people voted for this based more on the music videos and overall presentation of the entire era than the album photoshoot and packaging itself (though I do find the album cover brilliant), but that's fine! It's rare that K-Pop acts release more than one MV per album anyway, but Jackson is barely even K-Pop at this point so dddd He also gets extra points for being very hands on in the making and directing of everything, it all looks very good.


For third place I decided to combine votes for NCT DREAM's Glitch Mode and its repackaged edition, Beatbox, since both were the only other album(s) to receive any considerable amount of votes. Both are very cute, very NCT DREAM, I particularly like the jewel case individual member version of Beatbox with the different personal doodles as stickers, on the CD and on the cover. I was surprised Candy didn't get any votes, with the cereal box look and little tin cans.


The only other album to receive more than one vote was NCT 127's 2 Baddies, which got... 2 votes!


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Mess at Gasoline going this early. I definitely get the impression some people are a bit harsh when it comes to artists where there's this notion they can do better (Birthday in the KSOTY bottom 5 is another good example). I mean, even if that's true, it doesn't mean their not top tier material is automatically terrible.