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@Glitterizer took the bait and let himself become target for KOMD defenders kii


No hard feelings bestie, just me being pressed at the lack of taste in this rate!
The audacity to compare that DRIPPIN travesty to early TVXQ. They literally do not have the vocal range.

Oh please, you know when I said it reminds me of early TVXQ I'm talking about the production bestie. I mean :

Hodge podge pop elements with strong grunge rock tone ? Check.
Edgy attitude ? Check.
High-note screamo ? Check.
Cringy Engrish ? Check.

Now we hope that in the future DRIPPIN can be good vocalists like their seniors but without the side-effect of transforming into a sexual offender kii




"Put a nail in the coffin over the word forever
You completely changed me when I was fragile
Spent hours in front of the mirror wanting to be you
Scratching my face, swallowing my heart


Good Boy Gone Bad ♡ TXT
Team Tears · From KPJ Charts


Highest Scores:
(@RUNAWAY, @Glitterizer, @boom bazooka joe) / 9.25 (@Untouchable Ace)
9 (@MmmDani, @ohdenny, @KimLippington) / 8.75 (@TéléDex)

Lowest Scores:
.5 (@Macsun) / 5 (@leedlelee...)
4 (@Sanctuary) / 2 (@drod93, @nikkysan)

My Score: 10

Leaderboard Evolution:

41 ⬀ 39 ⬂ 40 ⇨ 40

TXT join their company mates ENHYPEN with a very poor showing for their title track in this rate compared to previous editions. I expected that, but I still think there’s a gooood handful of songs that should be out before this... oh well! Good Boy Gone Bad was, surprisingly for a group that had been very prolific until then, their only comeback for the entirety of 2022, due to it also being their first time doing a world (citation needed) tour, which is understandable. Following the love/relationship focused Chaos Chapter releases, this time they tackled the break-up concept, so of course it had to be #dark and #angsty. We all know how I feel about that, but I honestly still enjoyed their styling during the era, the album, which had their first sub-unit tracks, and the song itself. I actually love this song, my only criticism being that they spoiled the entire chorus with the preview clips (and they did it again with Sugar Rush Ride fff I’m quitting TXT teasers for good), and that it’s a bit repetitive. But still, the verses are dynamic, the pre-chorus is slayful, and I loooove the dramatic ass bridge and Yeonjun’s rap on it. Except the “hehe, I like being bad” part nn

Lowest scorer @nikkysan (2) says: “Sugar Rush Ride might not be the complete return to the glory days of Crown to Blue Hour but at least it’s not… whatever this was.” while @drod93 (2) also celebrates their new sound: “Thank god they dropped this [insert generic boy group] cosplay for their new comeback” Hmm, if they had to try their hand at a more typical 4th gen style, this went about as well as it could, come on! I wouldn’t call it generic… it still has some TXT fruitiness to it and very strong hooks… but at least you guys like them again~ @Macsun (5.5) also puts this in the bottom of his TXT ranking: “Ummn this has to be the Mini where I hated the lead single. This is TXT?!?!” Yes it is! Versatile kings!

Not embracing cringe, @chrisjche (6) says: “Definitely one of my least favorite TXT lead singles - hard to take it seriously with this title/lyrics.” Shout out to the “my tail wagged at you, that’s my past” line, a reference to the iconic Cat & Dog! @Wills (6) is not very enthused either: “Cool percussion, but the chorus is (Glitzy bb close your eyes) kinda embarrassing” I pretend I do not hear read it! Also apologizing to me we have @Slice of Life (8.5): “sorry gurl!! i’ll give sugar rush ride a better score than this next year, i promise!! ♡” It’s OK bestie, you were in the upper half of scorers anyway ff @Salami's (8) commentary kinda doesn’t match his high-ish score, but I’ll take it! “This song is so forgettable, I can't remember how it goes. 2022 I feel like I can't tell TXT and Enhpen apart at all. But when I listen to this it's great.”

@enjoy (8) was pleasantly surprised: “Ok this one is the gag of the rate cause i didn't expect to like this yet it is a bit of a fresh air. And from all the groups that dabble in the rock soundscape, i feel like TXT is the one that pulls it off best.” Their set at Lollapalooza last year really showcased that, it was their first full performance with a live band and it worked very well. But I still prefer them doing synth-based poppier tunes, hehe. My newfound MOA buddy @MmmDani (9) echoes some of my thoughts: “I’m inexplicably immune to the cringey chorus lyrics. Beomgyu’s pre-chorus whisper gives me chills every single time. “I like being bad”, is the only imperfection.” and @boom bazooka joe gives it a (10) saying: “The comeback that truly made be a TXT stan.”





Taehyun ♡ TXT
Kang Taehyun · 강태현

21 years old
5'10" (177 cm)
from South Korea

pts (@MmmDani) [P]
14 pts (@Untouchable Ace) [P]

Yasss, my underrated king prince!! Taehyun is one of two unofficial main vocalists of TXT, carrying most of the group's choruses and high notes. He was involved in entertainment from a young age, doing some modeling gigs for kids toys and educational videos for English language classes. He was the first in the group to take interest in working out, but he's also a nerd, always going on about scientific facts and trivia (or something about Pokémon fff) on their socials. Recently he's been leaning into his sexy side on tour, but to me his best feature are his ridiculously big (and sparkly) eyes ♡


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Wow, I feel like I should’ve seen this coming but I expected it to hang around until the top 20. The attitude in the line delivery and the dynamic verses, it’s aggressively catchy throughout. And yet, it doesn’t surprise me at all the people find the chorus cringe-inducing. I think it is their weakest title-track (which just speaks to the quality of their whole discography). Still, I think this slaps way too hard to be skipped.

I’ve watched this almost as many times as the full video, it serves vocals and Beomgyu and it’s bite size.

Glad Taehyun made the list, the Tinnitus (next year’s rate winner) performance was a nice distraction from his premature elimination.


"Why do I keep getting attracted?
Only you are on my mind (Oh)
I cannot explain this emotion
One-four-three, I love you"


CASE 143 ♡ Stray Kids
Team Sweet · From KPJ Charts


Highest Scores:
(@eccentricsimply, @Macsun) / 9 (@boom bazooka joe, @soratami, @Salami)
8.75 (@Untouchable Ace) / 8.5 (@drod93) / 8.25 (@junglefish)

Lowest Scores:
(@KimLippington, @TéléDex, @leedlelee..., @Sanctuary, @nikkysan)
4.5 (@FunkyButChic) / 4 (@Slice of Life) / 3 (@Attis)

My Score: 8

Leaderboard Evolution:

10 ⬂ 34 ⬂ 41 ⬀ 39

If Good Boy Gone Bad was TXT trying their hand at the noisy 4th gen boy group thing, CASE 143 almost feels like Stray Kids’ version of a cute concept dddd And… it works surprisingly well for me, and definitely should have lasted a little longer! Apparently the 143 in the title is code for “I love you”, a relic from the days when pagers were a thing, so this is indeed a love song! @eccentricsimply (10) gives us fandom intel: “I don't know if this is a widely known fact among non fans, but this song is pretty disliked by stays simply for being a song about love ddddd not me though!!! I love when SKZ are silly and do unserious stuff. I love love love the chorus and the bridge.”

Lowest scorer @Attis (3) comes for Felix: “Still using that ‘I'm 14 and I'm cool’ lower voice, I see.” I actually have no idea if that’s what his natural voice sounds like, so I won’t comment on this fff @FunkyButChic (4.5) compliments the group but not this track: “Their songs are usually smarter than most people give them credit for, but this song is just one laughable idea after another.” Let me put @MmmDani's (10) commentary right here for contrast fff: “This just feels effortless. The sheer quantity of hooks that fit in here without losing cohesion is astounding.” Well! @nikkysan (5) says: “The camp-factor of the chorus kinda saves this song.” The transition during the chorus "oh!" in the MV is even campier, I love it.

Rate newcomer @Christopher (8) comments: “A lot to like, but I'm not a fan of the weird cutesy beginning of verse 2. Still, I love a good chromatic descent and this chorus has one (two, even, if you count the octave jump in the second half!)” and @boom bazooka joe (9) confesses his feelings: “Never thought I'd turn into a Stray Kids stan but ‘I cannot explain this emotion, 1! 4! 3! I love them!’” Another Stay, @Salami (9) is bound to be disappointed by this result: “I'm interested in where this song places here because it's their least noisy single they've done I think. I hope it goes high, I really like it, especially the pre-chorus.”

@chrisjche (8) gives the group high praise: “Their sound has matured a lot - I appreciate how melodic it is and the raps are dynamic. The song is unique to them which is rare in K-Pop.” Absolutely, they do their own thing. It certainly helps that they are mostly self-produced, so they aren’t subjected to the highs and lows and changes of sound/concept other groups sometimes get caught in. @enjoy (10) is eating it up: “Ok work! I just love what they are serving here. The chaos, the crazy switches, the drama and the maximalism... It feels fresh and life affirming.” as is @Macsun (10): “Singles for the past few comebacks have been perfect. This included.”


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JunJi ♡ OnlyOneOf
Kim Junhyung · 김준형

24 years old
5'11" (181 cm)
from South Korea

pts (@askew) [K]
19 pts (@soratami) [P]
12 pts (@Untouchable Ace) [P]

Some of you might remember him better from his experimental hair days, but JunJi's visage certainly isn't one that needs hiding! This kind of strong, masculine face (with a masterpiece of a nose) is kinda rare in K-Pop these days, which only makes him stand out even more. Guys... he is so fucking hot fffff And while I do love his luscious locks, I'm still curious to see him with short-short hair... Also very disappointed @eatyourself didn't even give him a single point. I thought this was your man, sis??


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