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I’m not even a Pentagon fan (and I have zero feelings about their song in this rate) but judging any artist based off a handful of songs that have been cherry picked for rates over the course of 5 years seems pretty unfair?

I mean, I'm just saying I haven't liked any of their songs I've listened to. I'd imagine their discography isn't all bad, but these rate entries certainly haven't made me want to explore it.
I liked Do or Not a lot, but besides that, my only knowledge of Pentagon has been watching Hui unceremoniously fail to connect with the voting public of Boys Planet despite being mega talented. For a group who’s been as successful as they, Feeling’ Like just feels a bit basic. Not offensive by any means, but doesn’t make any waves whatsoever.
Try Call My Name, it’s their best one.

Oh. Ok, now that is a bop


(also I screamed at the mango lyric at the start ff)
Oh. Ok, now that is a bop twink



Seungkwan ♡ SEVENTEEN
Boo Seungkwan · 부승관

25 years old
5'9" (174 cm)
from Jeju Island, SK

pts (@Glitterizer) [P]
13 pts (@eatyourself) [P]

OK let me not embarrass myself too much now with my parasocial feelings on this guy fffff I don't know what it is but as soon as SEVENTEEN started being more in my radar, I was drawn to Seungkwan. Of course, he's a great main vocalist, but also so pretty, funny and fruity as hell... Some of my votes are more of an aesthetic appreciation, but this guy is more of a crush, totally my type. I just wanna put him in my pocket and snuggle forever ♡♡♡ And yes he does look scarily similar to Key ddd


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A lot of people will be mad about all of it ddddd

Including me ffffffff

I will never forgive you guys for this!
Yes it went far but it had much farther to go!!!



"I said, 'I just love you'
Forgetting all the words
I had prepared
Before this moment

Team Sweet · From KPJ Charts


Highest Scores:
(@leedlelee..., @Slice of Life, @junglefish, @Sanctuary, @Glitterizer, @Attis)
9.5 (@ohnostalgia, @TéléDex, @askew) / 9 (@ysev, @drod93, @boom bazooka joe, @soratami)

Lowest Scores:
.5 (@Christopher) / 5 (@Salami, @FunkyButChic, @Macsun)
4 (@eccentricsimply) / 3.5 (@nikkysan) / 3 (@MmmDani, @enjoy)

My Score: 10

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45 ⬀ 43 ⬀ 36 ⬀ 33

Leaving the rate today we have Candy, a special holiday single by NCT DREAM. It is, as you all probably know, a cover of the 1996 H.O.T. song, who were arguably the first ever K-Pop group. I linked the original at the end of the post!

This has been covered by a bunch of other acts before, but it really was a perfect song for NCT DREAM in particular, since I believe they are supposed to be the “cute” sub-unit of the group (though they have been more "fun" than "cute" lately). Speaking of cute groups, I first became familiar with Candy after TXT covered part of it in some year-end award show, and I loved it! The centerpiece chorus melody is just sooo sweet and immediately memorable. While they never released it officially like I was actually wishing for, this version came out almost exactly one year later and it was a major slay for me! I was shocked to find out in KSOTY that it was actually kinda hated here (especially since it was the third highest charting song by a male act in the 2022 KPJ charts).

Well, then what’s up? What’s so bad about it? For @MmmDani (3) it’s a Running Down That Hill experience: “The first 10 seconds are actually quite good. I lower my score every time I listen to it.” Stop the count!! Their fellow lowest scorer @enjoy (3) says: “This is diabolic for me, i'm sorry. I was legitimately irritated by everything on this song: The sugary, sappy vocals, the raps and the "quirky" instrumental flourishes... Suddenly i'm diabetic, i don't know.” Well, I absolutely love all of those things! Me and @Attis (10) fully support “CUTE CONCEPT SUPREMACY”

Another hater, @Christopher (5.5) says: “Too aegyo for my taste.” You should listen to CSR x @nikkysan (3.5) comes for the entire time period “Most 1st Gen covers just don't work for me because most 1st Gen k-pop just... isn't that good.” and @Macsun (5) just screams “NO!!” Geez, OK! @chrisjche (7) says: “A great reinvention - I have no ties to the original but they did a great job!” Then what’s up with that score?? Anyway, I have no idea what @Untouchable Ace (7.75) is talking about: “this makes me believe The Backstreet Boys did the theme song for 'Last Action Hero'.” At least my bestie @boom bazooka joe (9) got his wish: “Hope this does better than it did in KSOTY.”


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I just hate how polished their version is ff part of the charm of H.O.T's version is that it sounds like it was done on a $5 budget! Some songs really just belong to their time period and should never be remade unless it's to the point of being completely different to the original.

If they wanted a cute hit from the back catalogue to remake this was sitting right there!

The original version is annoying because I just hate these old men xoxo. So sad cute-phobia is still alive and well in the year of 2023.

Let's mention their other excellent 90s song cover tho, still one of my favorite from them. Aah so 90s, so nostalgic, so bittersweet.

I just hate how polished their version is ff part of the charm of H.O.T's version is that it sounds like it was done on a $5 budget! Some songs really just belong to their time period and should never be remade unless it's to the point of being completely different to the original.
This is exactly it for me, the original is so rough that it’s sort of interesting and ever so slightly charming to listen to. But I don’t think the song or instrumental is dynamic at all (which was a big factor for me for all my high scorers), which isn’t exactly NCT Dream’s fault, but they did choose to cover a pretty flat song and polish the charm out of it. I imagine that this is a better song to cover live because that can imitate the rough vocals.

I‘m actually surprised to be joint-lowest scorer I’m also shocked by how many 10s this has. I suppose the divide here comes down to the violent cuteness on display. I gave 2 Baddies a 10, so my cringe-tolerance is obviously quite high. But aegyo is a a coin-flip for me and it’s usually off-putting. This is just a song that I don’t connect with at all.

Take the shamefully prematurely eliminated Glitch Mode as an example. The melody is constantly switching up, the drums are varied and it’s accented throughout with interesting (more or less) sound effects. This cover suffers from well, being a cover I think. If this was an interpolation situation my opinion would probably be quite different. The opening, to me, promises a much more interesting production that we get and it always disappoints me.
I just listened to the OG for the first time and why does that spoken word part at the beginning sound like Shaggy ddddd.

Anyway, I should have bumped this up to an 11 just to give props to whoever listened to that and thought "yes, I can make this a great song in 2022" and did!
Not only did they make it great, they made it SM’s most successful song by a male act in the streaming era…
Supposedly Chenle had been campaigning for a NCT Dream Candy cover since 2020…
Between this and Taeyeon insisting INVU be her album title track, I hope SM sees the value in listening to their artists…