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Not only did they make it great, they made it SM’s most successful song by a male act in the streaming era…
Supposedly Chenle had been campaigning for a NCT Dream Candy cover since 2020…
Between this and Taeyeon insisting INVU be her album title track, I hope SM sees the value in listening to their artists…
What else would Taeyeon had if not that? It’s by far the strongest on there.
Some of you had too many cavities as a kid and it shows…
I never had a cavity until I was a full grown adult and it was from listening to music like Candy….

Time to find out which song tied with Candy...


"Yeah, make some mad beats together (Yeah, yeah)
Make a beatbox-box, pop it (Yeah, yeah)
More and more makes perfect
Everywhere I go, bring the beatbox

Beatbox ♡ NCT DREAM
Team Sweet · From KPJ Charts


Highest Scores:
(@leedlelee..., @Slice of Life, @Attis, @ohnostalgia, @Salami)
9.5 (@ohdenny) / 9 (@boom bazooka joe, @chrisjche, @drod93)

Lowest Scores:
.5 (@RUNAWAY, @FunkyButChic, @Macsun, @eccentricsimply, @enjoy)
5.25 (@Untouchable Ace) / 5 (@Sanctuary) / 4.5 (@nikkysan)/ 4 (@Ana Raquel)

My Score: 7.5

Leaderboard Evolution:
11 ⬂ 16 ⬂ 30 ⬂ 32

And with this elimination, NCT DREAM is out of the running. This is crazy considering how popular they are, but I guess this forum is often a bit… insular! Beatbox was the title track from their homonymous repackaged album (AKA K-Pop’s even more cashgrabby version of the Deluxe Edition), adding onto the previously released Glitch Mode.

This is fun! I guess there’s no other way to describe it… an infectious and bombastic sing-along chorus is the centerpiece here, but it’s surrounded by bits of rap that are kinda annoying and too loud. Luckily it is also surrounded by plenty of mellifluous vocal moments, which are often the thing keeping NCT (all sub-units) songs from collapsing into themselves. I think the visual side of the era makes it seem like the song is more 90s and retro than it actually is, but that’s not necessarily a negative, you can still tell the inspiration is there. As for the tie, if we really want to split hairs, Beatbox's lowest score wasn't as low as Candy's lowest score, so one could technically say Beatbox won if we were to use that as a tiebreaker, but I felt like that would be a bit extra fff

@Untouchable Ace (5.25) claims that “Timberlake or Beddingfield did it better.” We have some conflicted voters: @RUNAWAY (5.5) says “the singing is great....but the rapping is NOT” and @enjoy (5.5) is also taking some parts and dumping the rest: “It is not as bad as 2 Baddies but it still sucks a bit sadly. There are some parts i can enjoy (mainly the chorus) but the overall package is so.. annoying. The post chorus... LSM are you alright?” Aw, it’s earwormy… but as I often say, earworms are too taxonomically close to brainworms.

@FunkyButChic (5.5) jokes: “Even K-pop isn't immune to making music for Old Navy commercials.” Hang on I gotta google something real quick… … … … … OK this is funny. @Macsun (5.5) laughs with us: “hahaha” Why is this the shadiest commentary ever omfg. @MmmDani (6.5) is also conflicted: “Is it shit or does it bop? It’s an eternal struggle to answer this question.” K-Pop has many of these… it’s what keeps us coming back.

@boom bazooka joe (9) feels the joy in his heart: “The actual beatboxing in this song is so basic but this is the definition of "if you don't like this you just hate fun" because this is so joyful!” Tell them! @chrisjche (9) smells success: “Could be a global hit. NCT DREAM I think has the most potential of the NCT units for global appeal - will be interesting to see if they capitalize on the potential.” Well… an English version was recorded and released. Let us ask the audience!

@Salami (10) stans wholeheartedly: “Best NCT song since Gimme Gimme (no I won't shut up about how great that song is). It's cheesy in a good way.” Gimme Gimme actually grew on me A BIT. @Attis (10) is maybe being hit in the nostalgia organs: “Oh this Disney Kids serve, Zac Efron hyung will be proud.” Why did I suddenly envision them covering Sneakernight instead?


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And while we're on the subject...

KING #15


Lee Jeno · 이제노

22 years old
5'10" (178 cm)
from South Korea

pts (@askew) [K]
15 pts (@chrisjche) [K]

Oh, now that's a man! I think Jeno is the member of NCT DREAM most often talked about when it comes to thirst content, partly because yes, he is very hot, but also because it seems like him (and the stylists) are not afraid to... provide the material. He got very buff and all of a sudden sleeves were no longer part of the conversation! Veiny king.

I'm trying to lessen my workload since I just announced a second KPB Rate for this year, so King/Prince eliminations will no longer have a separate header, just the pic collage. Sorry!


The English version is actually a great translatio, I didn’t see anything clunky at all and there’s usually an awkward line in there. I’m truly shocked that this drew with Candy. The NCT Dream songs have been a shock all-around. I was expecting Glitch Mode to go the furthest!

Ugh, Beatbox is stuck in my head now, watch me make a full 180 and end up stanning Candy.

How about I check THREE boxes off my spreadsheet with ONE song?



"No night, just day,
The sky scorched red
Like the world's in monochrome
Like it's become one tone"


Team Flame · From KPJ Charts


Highest Scores:
10 (@Attis, @ohdenny, @boom bazooka joe, @Glitterizer)
9 (@leedlelee...) / 8.75 (@Wills) / 8.5 (@enjoy)

Lowest Scores:
(@soratami, @ysev, @FunkyButChic) / 4.25 (@askew)
4 (@eccentricsimply) / 2 (@nikkysan)

My Score: 10

KSOTY Score:
MisandryJustice Tax:

Leaderboard Evolution:
19 ⬂ 27 ⬂ 33 ⬀ 31

Another group loses their last song, this time it’s SEVENTEEN and we are saying goodbye to HOT, the title track from their 2022 full album, Face the Sun. This was the song and comeback that got me way more invested in the group and individual members. I blame the Mingyu sideboob fancams, but most of all the MV. That and the entire comeback package with the stages, the looks, the choreography... it all captured my attention!

@chrisjche (8) highlights those aspects: “Made for performance - as a song, not my favorite, but super catchy and some great elements in it.” You know, I used to second-guess if I actually liked the song that much or if I was just distracted by everything else, but it actually got a massive amount of plays by itself over here. I really love the production, the spaghetti western guitar, the electronic mosquito sound, all the switch ups are very dynamic and catchy. @MmmDani (7) is also streaming: “It rides dangerously along the mediocre and bops border, but I’d be lying if I said I’d ever skip it.”

@boom bazooka joe (10) obviously stans: “Juicy juicy. Juicy juicy.” Meanwhile @nikkysan (2) is only here for the juicy juicy: “Thank god the rap line is pretty (and for Mingyu’s chest).” I think you meant the entire group, bestie x @enjoy (8.5) is once again flying the DK solo stan flag: “Quite fine, could be better though. When is the main vocalist leaving the band dd?” Don’t say that!! Speaking of vocals, I just know some older fans must be fuming at the auto-tune here and blaming HYBE, but it’s really obviously a stylistic choice and used in key parts of the song, it’s not like they’re bathing the whole thing in it like they used to do with TXT and ENHYPEN fff

@Attis (10) sums the whole thing: “It's giving fun, it's giving latina no mas tuve suerte, it's giving Bree Runway realness”


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And while we are on the subject...

KPB22 Readers' Poll




19 points / 5 votes

2. MANIAC ♡ Stray Kids​

14 points / 4 votes

3. DICE ♡ Onew​

13 points / 3 votes

A very satisfactory and correct podium for this category, in my opinion! The HOT music video is just... flawless. The transitions are dizzying and creative. The vibrant, warm color palette based on reds and oranges but with splashes of electric blue. The mixing of old western aesthetics with dystopian/post-apocalyptic elements. The setpieces and CGI (I love that burning red sun looming in the sky near the end). And everything edited with surgical precision to match the energetic pace of the song. What was the budget for this thing?? The team behind the video has a very impressive résumé.

Getting the silver medal we have MANIAC, by Stray Kids. This is another one with fun transitions (the upside down flip at 2:00 with the drill sound and choreo... that's cinema!). I don't know what's up with the birds (or much of what's happening at all) but I like it! Seems to be... inside a brain, like, the two hemispheres? Inside a mirror world? There's lot of mirrored and upside down scenery. Overall an entertaining video with replay value!

In third place we have another favorite of mine, DICE by Onew. I just absolutely love that the video is as cute and bubbly as the song, but with the slightest touch of edge. His hair color, make-up and clothes are a toot, and the overall concept of him trying to save the girl from this trippy nightmare hotel (and the twist in the end) is refreshing. And he absolutely killed the choreography part... loved seeing this fun side of him instead of just "the serious vocalist" this era.

Another notable video in the voting was Jackson Wang's Blow, with 5 voters, but none gave him top points. Gasoline by Key, Maniac by Max Changmin and NCT 127's 2 Baddies also got more than one vote.




KPB22 Readers' Poll




18 points / 4 votes

2. Gasoline ♡ Key​

11 points / 3 votes

3. 2 Baddies ♡ NCT 127​

9 points / 3 votes

Not the SEVENTEEN sweep. Makes up for their early eliminations, I guess! I feel like SVT’s songs are often focused on the Vocal Team, so it's nice that this comeback really focused on the Performance and Hip-Hop guys, and they all kill it. It’s especially fun to see The8 and Jun get a lot of time in the spotlight (and some of the most juicy juicy looks). The fact that they have this many members (13, not 17!) and still manage to stay very synchronized in all these formations and rearrangements never fails to impress me. You can't really see it in the frantic MV or in stages due to the camerawork, but looking at the dance practice really puts things in perspective!

Showing his skills, we also have Key and his song Gasoline. This one is really fitting for the name, it's pure bombast and energy. I honestly didn't know Key was this great of a dancer, I'm really impressed! He commands the screen even with all those dancers around him as well... king!

NCT 127 snatches the bronze medal for their 2 Baddies choreography, but I don't really know what to say about this one other than that it's pretty great and also fun in a more "wild" and carefree-looking way than most K-Pop choreos.

The only other song to get more than one vote as Glitch Mode, by NCT DREAM!


This rate is going a little tew well for me… Anyway, next 10 songs to go should be (bolded are my only sub-5 scores remaining):

Ballroom Extravaganza
Brand New
Same Scent
Thursday’s Child Has Far to Go

Which would leave us with a pretty good Top 20.