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I’m just never going to like OnlyOneOf, but the reason my average is so low is because of Skinz. I gave the solo song like a 6 or 7, it wasn’t all that horrible. Not that I feel too guilty considering @boom bazooka joe has been calling for my honorary eleven since almost the beginning of the rate.
We are usually very aligned but between Suho and Hyo I’ve really been coming for your faves in this year’s rates, huh?



"I hate you
I don’t need you
I’ll forget you
I don't need you, I'm good"


I hate you ♡ WOODZ
Team Tears · From KPJ Charts


Highest Scores:
(@RUNAWAY, @Glitterizer, @Slice of Life, @ysev)
9.5 (@drod93) / 9 (@leedlelee..., @junglefish, @Ana Raquel)

Lowest Scores:
(@eccentricsimply, @Christopher, @Salami) / 5 (@MmmDani)
4.5 (@KimLippington) / 4 (@ohdenny) / 2 (@soratami)

My Score: 10

KSOTY Score:
MisandryJustice Tax:

Leaderboard Evolution:
34 ⬂ 37 ⬀ 34 ⬀ 26

I knew you guys wouldn’t let I hate you survive for too long, but at least WOODZ made it halfway! This kind of production is normally not my particular cup of tea, unless the song itself is melodically bulletproof and very catchy, and for me this meets the criteria. WOODZ is such a charismatic performer when it comes to recording vocals and conveying different sentiments, and this track shows a lot of versatility, going from fragile to angry to cheerful and back!

@drod93 (9.5) make a comparison: “I think this is what Vernon was going for with Black Eye” Well, the similarities are there for sure, but to me both of them are great x @MmmDani (5.0) compares it to something else: “A little too Camp Rock methinks.” Never heard one bit of anything from that so I wouldn’t know x @Attis (6.5) calls it “Redpill-core” and I’m not sure if they mean the production or the lyrics?

@chrisjche (7.0) is a bit whelmed: “I think he has better than this one - I do like the chorus though.” So is @enjoy (7.5): “Fruity, fun and different. Could have been better though.” Speaking of fruity, I don’t know if I love or hate the MV for this… it’s a bit on-the-nose aesthetically, but it’s fun.

@boom bazooka joe (8.5) comments: “I think the pre-chorus is what always throws me off with this song. It would have been more successful if it just stayed strictly pop-punk in it's production. Otherwise, sing KING! I love the melody of the chorus.” Noo, I love that little bait and switch in the pre-chorus before going full blast.

@Ana Raquel (9.0) exposes her power level: “This screams opening of a shounen (and most likely isekai) anime. Not an insult, despite the word isekai, I swear!!” I never watched an isekai so I don’t know about their openings, but shonen, yes most definitely. Like a first season before everything gets too angsty. Or a filler season with beach episodes.

Also, not me forgetting to enforce my own rules and ask @soratami for commentary.



And while we are on the subject...

KPB22 Readers' Poll




17 points / 5 votes

2. Key ♡ SHINee​

15 points / 5 votes

3. Seungkwan ♡ SEVENTEEN​

13 points / 3 votes

A bit of a left field result, considering WOODZ isn't as, hmm... outwardly ~sassy~ and funny in that stereotypically fruity way that we clock in idols like Key and Seungkwan, but if you start watching his contents you will quickly become acquainted with his soft-spoken, wifey energy. He is extremely babygirl-coded, as the kids on Twitter say.

Other idols to receive max points from a voter were: SHINee's Taemin (of course), ENHYPEN's Ni-Ki (I rest my case), TXT's HueningKai (can only communicate in aegyo) and... Wonho? I guess I see it sometimes!




Another Life | Key
Blow | Jackson Wang
Crazy | Wonho
Eye On You | Wonho
Illusion | KINGDOM
Replay | Golden Child
SURRENDER | Lee Changsub

10sec | LUCY
Brand New | Xiumin
Candy Sugar Pop | ASTRO
Dice | Onew
Hurdle | Suho
Icarus | RoaD-B
Nonstop | RoaD-B
Runaway | ONF

Ballroom Extravaganza | DPR Ian
Devil | Max Changmin
Maniac | Stray Kids
Phantom | WayV
Silence | DRIPPIN
Stranded | Wonpil
Thursday's Child Has Far to Go | TXT
Yeowoobi | Onew


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I was going to call for I Hate You’s elimination pre-top 25 but I thought it had already been executed. This top 25 isn’t too bad is it? Nothing offensive survives, there are a few clear-cuts for me before the top 20 though:
Ballroom Extravaganza - DPR Ian (this has been called for so frequently that I’m shocked it’s still here)
Crazy - Wonho
Phantom - WayV

I just don’t think they’re as strong as the other surviving tracks here.
Am I annoyed that they made it here instead of Case 143, _World and 2 Baddies? Sure. But they’re definitely lesser-evils from that initial song list.

I did have to seek out and re-listen to a couple of these top 25 tracks to make sure I remembered them, but I think I’m ready to make an early top 10 prediction (not my own top, just a prediction, mine looks very different):
Confident guesses:
Another Life - Key (I’m becoming more convinced every day that this is the winner)
Blow - Jackson Wang
Devil - Max Changmin
Dice - Onew
Less confident:
Candy Sugar Pop - ASTRO
DU DU DU - TAN (one I over-looked, but upon reflection looks increasingly likely)
Eye On You - Wonho
Hurdle - Suho (something tells me people will incorrectly think it doesn’t bop hard enough for the top 10)
Thursday’s Child - TXT (I am worried that this will be dragged down by a lot of 7-8 scores and it’ll miss the top 10, I hope not though)
Shot in the dark:
Replay - Golden Child (I don’t remember any mentions, but it does pop off)

Notable exclusions:
10sec - Lucy (I think this elimination has been called for, so I’m expecting a couple of low scores)
Maniac - Stray Kids (I imagine that this was score-bombed because some of you don’t like “noise music”)
Stranded - Wonpil (This probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, even though it should be)

I suspect that the RoaD-B and Drippin tracks will suffer from a lack of familiarity bias, despite their entires being pretty strong.

I can’t wait to quote myself in a few weeks to see how wrong I was.

Edit: Wow, I just checked my scores and I only gave out three 10s. I was trying to be ruthless but I didn’t realise I went that far! Two of my 10s are gone already, so I’ve only got one 10 and my 11 left to pray for.
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"So just let it rain
Rain down on me
It’s making me teary-eyed
Rain down on me"


Devil ♡ Max Changmin
Team Tears · From KPJ Charts


Highest Scores:
11 (@leedlelee...)
(@RUNAWAY, @ysev, @boom bazooka joe, @TéléDex, @ohnostalgia, @enjoy, @Salami)
8.75 (@Untouchable Ace)

Lowest Scores:
(@Sanctuary, @Ana Raquel, @nikkysan)
4 (@Glitterizer, @KimLippington) / 3 (@Attis)

My Score: 4

Leaderboard Evolution:

15 ⬂ 19 ⬂ 24 ⬂ 25

Oop, I’m in a bit of a rate villain era. Don’t worry, the low scores will stop soon…ish ddd My newest victim is Devil by Max Changmin, a member of TVXQ!

Let’s give credit where credit’s due, this definitely isn’t a generic K-Pop song… I really appreciate the build-up and the soul inspiration. It is also not the kind of song that any random rookie would be able to autotune their way through, fitting for an industry veteran and powerhouse vocalist! With all that said… it’s not really my cup of tea nñn I just found myself always skipping it. Sorry! I kinda screamed looking at the lyrics and seeing KWANGYA there, though ffff RIP LSM!

@Untouchable Ace (8.75) says: “unremarkable until the full purpose of the song kicks in. that being the 1990s soul throwback.” Yes, but after that interesting start and first chorus, it doesn’t really go anywhere for me? @Christopher (7.5) had the same opinion: “Starts off really sexy, but...ultimately never takes off for me. The chorus drop remains too stodgy.”

Lowest scorer @Attis (3) says: “Ok Ryan Tedder.” @chrisjche (8) comments: “A great example of a song where I love watching the video and performances, but probably wouldn't listen to it otherwise. His voice is just insane though” There are definitely some cool visuals in the MV. Also praising Changmin’s dulcet tones we have @MmmDani (8.5): “The chorus hits just right. The final chorus delivers some excellent vocals.”

@Wills (8.5) preferred the pre-release single: “Maniac >>> but this is pretty good too” Bestie @boom bazooka joe (10) might be confused: “I know it's a cover but I feel like this song is the perfect statement for who Max Changmin is as an artist. A visionary and unmatched talent.” Wait what ffff It’s not a cover! Is it? @enjoy (10) fully stans: “YES BINCH WORK! Love everything about this one. Oh i feel like seen and i feel like i'm living.The album is pretty amazing as well? The taste, the talent and the drama.” @Salami (10) calls it “Epic and dramatic and one of the best songs from last year.”