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1. Onew ♡ SHINee​

31 points / 7 votes


14 points / 4 votes

Perhaps the most obvious result across all categories, but not undeservedly so! SHINee's Onew has everything you want in a vocalist: unique, instantly recognizable tone, charismatic and versatile, never off-key. He shines both doing the expected ballads, but also knows how to have fun with more uptempo songs. A gem!

Also not unexpectedly, our other high scorer is DK from SEVENTEEN. I think all of @enjoy's commentary for their songs mentioned something about him standing out, and it's true! The group has no shortage of strong singers in their vocal line, but DK's expressive voice color always rises to the occasion on most killing parts and choruses.

Other idols to get two max point votes were Suho and... Jackson Wang ffff


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Onew SHINee
Lee Jinki · 이진기

33 years old
5'10" (177 cm)
from South Korea

pts (@Macsun) [P]
15 pts (@Christopher) [P]
7 pts (@boom bazooka joe) [p]

Not only does he have a golden voice, SHINee's leader Onew is also a cutie. I feel like he's kinda underrated on that front because he never really played up the sexiness (despite seemingly having the body for it) and is always very covered up, but he has a very guy-next-door / husband type of charm, a little akward and dorky. You just wanna hold his hand and go grab some ice cream!


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Lee Seokmin · 이석민

26 years old
5'11" (179 cm)
from South Korea

pts (@Slice of Life)
23 pts (@chrisjche) [K]
13 pts (@nikkysan) [K]
12 pts (@boom bazooka joe) [K]
7 pts (@ohdenny) [P]

I didn't have room in my ballot for him, but I looove DK. In a group filled with 13 hot men, he's in the top 3 for sure. That nose is a work of art. The smile. The big arms. The cute puppy personality, I don't think I've ever seen that man not smiling and goofing around in any of their video content! Now they just need to start giving him stage outfits similar to Mingyu's.


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They name the albums after the group members? I would resign.

Well, it's not quite that. KINGDOM have a History concept and each member is named after a historical figure (like Dann, Arthur, Mujin, Louis, etc), and each album is based on one of those figures, so while the albums and members share names, it's not like the albums are actually named after the members.

Anyway, I'm super pleased Illusion made the top 20, I certainly expected it to do a lot worse, not because it isn't a great song, but because it's one I imagine the vast majority of the voters weren't familiar with. I really wasn't sure what to pick as my boy boost, so I figured I'd just go with my most played male K-Pop song of the year, it seemed a bit of a risky choice but it definitely paid off. I know it's not exactly the most original song in the world, but who cares when they pull that sound off so flawlessly.
Oh and I also voted for Jackson Wang. He may not have the biggest vocal range or whatever, but I love his tone and how he uses his voice. It has personality and really adds to the songs' atmosphere, and it's a big part of why MAGIC MAN is one of my favourite K-Pop albums in a while.

We are back!


"Nonstop, my heart is still
Nonstop, I'll keep an eye on you, my promise
Nonstop staring, I don't know how to be me
Remember the miracle that we were

Nonstop ♡ RoaD-B
Team Sweet · From KPJ Charts


Highest Scores:
(@KimLippington, @Wills, @RUNAWAY, @nikkysan, @Attis, @askew)
9.5 (@Untouchable Ace) / 9.25 (@junglefish) / 9 (@Glitterizer, @Ana Raquel)

Lowest Scores:
(@ysev, @ohdenny) / 5.5 (@boom bazooka joe)
5 (@enjoy, @Sanctuary) / 4 (@eccentricsimply)

My Score: 9

Leaderboard Evolution:

31 ⬀ 25 ⬀ 17 ⬀ 17

Aww, that little song that could! Not only did RoaD-B’s (previously known as BXK) Nonstop manage to get in the rate without being Boy Boosted, it also did considerably well and landed in the Top 20, outlasting many other more established groups. Such is the power of legendary producer duo Sweetune! Yup, this was produced by them, but I have absolutely no idea how that came to pass. Where did they even find these boys? How did the company pull it off, considering the complete and utter lack of budget or any presence for this group? Anyway, @Attis (10) speaks for a vocal section of this subforum’s users: “Sweetune comeback, we cheered!”

@Slice of Life (8) stans but not that much: “not as good as Icarus, please be honest with yourselves girlies!! it’s not bad though!!” Well, I guess they were since Icarus is still in! Let’s celebrate that. I think Nonstop is a better song but Icarus actually sounds like it was sent to be mixed fffff This was a common complaint from other voters: @chrisjche (7.5) also mentions it “This is super catchy and has some fun production, but the way it's mixed makes it a bit muddled.”, and so does @enjoy (5): “This feels a bit muted like it is a demo. I can see the potential but alas it leaves a lot to be desired.” Some of you mentioned the likely-financial reasons for the dubious mixing: @Untouchable Ace (9.5) says “this song deserves a better budget to fulfill the tune.” and @KimLippington (10) estimates the amount: “$5 and a dream never sounded so good” It really is such a well crafted song, every bit of melody contributes and builds to something, it all feels very purposeful and satisfying.

@boom bazooka joe (5.5) says: “It sounds like very generic gay club music. Like it's giving background music at Babylon.” Girl… Every now and then you have such weird opinions in these rates. I’m cracking up cause what kind of gay club plays anything that sounds like this? @Ana Raquel (9) on the other hand is always ready to embrace a retro-bop: “Nice discovery! I don't think I've heard it before.” @askew (10) is probably disappointed but not surprised: “This should win.”

@Wills (10) hits the nail on the head: “Nothing about this song or group makes any sense whatsoever in the '20s Kpop landscape. Thank fuck!” Well, yes, I’m glad someone is still doing this sound against all odds, it’s one I really enjoy, but I can’t help but feel kinda sad because let’s be honest… this group is destined to disband sooner rather than later. These songs are 100% not trendy, and they don’t have the money to force feed it to the public, and it doesn’t sound like the kind of stuff that could catch on with TikTok either. Maybe a sped up version? dddd I don’t want to end this on too negative a note, so let me just say I was quite pleased to hear their 100% live vocals on the one (1) stage I could find!



KPB22 Readers' Poll



1. Mark Lee ♡ NCT​

28 points / 6 votes

2. Minho ♡ SHINee​

10 points / 2 votes

Everyone, act shocked! I... don't think KPJ particularly enjoys rap in K-Pop, it seems more like something we begrudgingly accept as a quirk of the genre, but Mark Lee is ridiculously popular, and he is a rapper in his group so... well, there you have it! Still, at least Mark actually writes his lyrics and has very crisp diction.

As for Minho... sure, I guess he could be considered a rapper ddd
That Atlantis verse does go awff!

Other idols to get more than one vote were NCT's Taeyong and YangYang and GOT7's BamBam.


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I did have to seek out and re-listen to a couple of these top 25 tracks to make sure I remembered them, but I think I’m ready to make an early top 10 prediction:
Confident guesses:
Another Life - Key (I’m becoming more convinced every day that this is the winner)
Blow - Jackson Wang
Devil - Max Changmin
Dice - Onew
Less confident:
Candy Sugar Pop - ASTRO
DU DU DU - TAN (one I over-looked, but upon reflection looks increasingly likely)
Eye On You - Wonho
Hurdle - Suho (something tells me people will incorrectly think it doesn’t bop hard enough for the top 10)
Thursday’s Child - TXT (I am worried that this will be dragged down by a lot of 7-8 scores and it’ll miss the top 10, I hope not though)
Shot in the dark:
Replay - Golden Child (I don’t remember any mentions, but it does pop off)

Notable exclusions:
10sec - Lucy (I think this elimination has been called for, so I’m expecting a couple of low scores)
Maniac - Stray Kids (I imagine that this was score-bombed because some of you don’t like “noise music”)
Stranded - Wonpil (This probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, even though it should be)

I suspect that the RoaD-B and Drippin tracks will suffer from a lack of familiarity bias, despite their entires being pretty strong.

I can’t wait to quote myself in a few weeks to see how wrong I was.
Well, these predictions continue to age horribly.

I’m becoming increasingly hopeful (perhaps naively) that Maniac will make the top 10 and Another Life is still looking like *the one* methinks.

Me coming back to this thread after frolicking around Hyrule for the past weeks



"I want it more and more, my throat is burning
I want you, my thirst only deepens
Running endlessly, the distance shortens
Running faster, go faster, I'll be the one

Team Flame · From KPJ Charts


Highest Scores:
(@Ana Raquel)
10 (@Wills, @nikkysan, @Attis, @TéléDex, @drod93, @leedlelee..., @Sanctuary)
9.5 (@Untouchable Ace, @Slice of Life) / 9 (@RUNAWAY, @Macsun, @ysev)

Lowest Scores:
(@KimLippington, @ohnostalgia)
4 (@Salami, @ohdenny, @boom bazooka joe)

My Score: 7.5

Leaderboard Evolution:
38 ⬀ 29 ⬀ 16 ⇨ 16

Finally losing another of their three songs since ZERO was unceremoniously kicked out at the end of the Bottom 10, we have the DRIPPIN boys last 2022 title track, The One. And out of them, this really was the one! I could probably have given it it an extra 0.5, listening to it again as I write this post got me feeling more favorable to the track. It’s so high energy and actually full of nice melodies, and you know I stan a double chorus. It's a perfect evolution coming from ZERO, a power-pop track that doesn’t feel too tryhard or edgy, it feels like futuristic action sequence music. If you get it you get it!

@enjoy (8.5) certainly does get it: “I do love a good racket from time to time, yes i do. Love the bridge.” It didn’t take much to get @Macsun (9) on board either: “With the first guitar rift I was putting down an 8. When the chorus kicked in an immediate plus 1!” @Untouchable Ace (9.5) tries to pinpoint the exact influences: “there is probably a specific song i'm reminded of here. but what i can say now is this is Prodigy and Linkin Park meets drum'n'bass but make it happy.”

@boom bazooka joe (4) still has no time for these twinks, it seems: “DRIPPIN does not make me drip. I'm so sorry to their stan.” You are actually SO shady if that singular wasn’t a typo. @Salami (4) has some criticisms as well: “Something's really off about this. The voices don't go with the sound which doesn't go with the look, it's a bit all over the place. 2022 seems like it was the year for the heavy guitars but this one doesn’t really work.” You know what, fair enough. The MV is a bit messy despite the high budget, but I do think the mixing of electronic elements makes the song itself stand out. It’s a very “electrifying” production. Or, as @Attis (10) described it, a “90s racing arcade music slay”.

@chrisjche (7) makes a similar remark: “A really interesting take on the rock sound - very dynamic structure. The vocal processing is a little much on parts.” Really? I think they sound pretty good, especially those ad libs near the end! @nikkysan (10) comments: “We really need more drum ‘n’ bass songs in k-pop.” Yesss! I actually think the NewJeans sound is kinda conductive to that becoming trendy, fingers crossed. @Ana Raquel stans the eclecticism so much she gave this her (11): “Woah this is basically 5 genres I like in one or something? How didn't I know about it?????” You should visit the Underrated K-Pop Boys thread more often, bestie!


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