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I really liked the side rate sis @Glitterizer! But you know I can’t comment something like “I want Mingyu to **** ** *** ** **** **** ** ** *********!!” without getting banned……….

WHY was I about to say the same thing ffffffff

And our lovely second alternate is...


"Relax everyone, stop pretending to be normal
All of your smiles look weird
When the lock is released, we're all the same
Your eyes can't fool me"


MANIAC ♡ Stray Kids
Team Tears · From KPJ Charts


Highest Scores:
11 (@eccentricsimply, @Macsun, @MmmDani)
(@Ana Raquel, @Salami, @leedlelee..., @RUNAWAY, @boom bazooka joe) / 9.5 (@KimLippington)
9 (@Untouchable Ace, @enjoy, @Christopher, @soratami, @drod93)

Lowest Scores:
.5 (@nikkysan) / 6 (@chrisjche) / 5 (@junglefish, @Slice of Life) / 1 (@Attis)

My Score: 8.5

Leaderboard Evolution:
2 ⬂ 11 ⇨ 11 ⬀ 3

Gag of the century! Stray Kids beats forum faves such as TXT, Wonho and ONF for a bronze medal with MANIAC. Congrats! I think this is my second favorite song of theirs after Back Door. I’m not a huge Stay, but considering their status as a self-produced group, I’m always interested in hearing what 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin and Han) came up with, and this comeback didn't disappoint!

Let’s start our commentary with @FunkyButChic (8): “For a song called Maniac, this really could have been a lot worse.” Work! @Wills (8.25) is also not fully sold, but bopping regardless: “Great chorus, even if I physically cannot force myself to pay attention to the rest while it's on.” I can definitely see people who aren’t a fan of rapping or SKZ in general gritting their teeth through the verses just to get to the centerpiece.... Case in point, @Untouchable Ace (9): “A portion is uh-mazing. The rest is the reason people don't like male k-pop” Oof!

@Christopher (9) gives a detailed review of the whole thing: “The intro doesn't seem like it will segue into the swing of the verses, but it certainly does...and that unexpectedness is quite appreciated. Usually I detest a drop chorus, but it works here...probably due to that fat, juicy, sexy bass (line and voice).” I think “fat, juicy, sexy bass” pretty much sums up the entire appeal of the song, at least for me! It’s such a satisfying and instantly iconic sound. It captured @enjoy (9) attention: “You know what? I'm here for whatever shenanigans Stray Kids get themselves into. The chorus kinda hit me right on the jaw.” My one complaint is that I wish there was a little more build-up for a more explosive final chorus, the song kinda pulls out all its tricks a bit too early.

@boom bazooka joe surprises with a (10): “I'm as shocked as any that I'm giving a 10 to a Stray Kids song in a rate considering my history with them in year's past. This song and video are incredible. Felix in the first chorus was the turning point for me.” Also having a change of heart we have @Salami (10): “This is a Stray Kids song that I didn't really like when it came out (I prob didn't score it high in the SK rate). But by the end of 2022 I had their music on constantly and this is now one of my favourites of theirs.”

@MmmDani comes through with the first of MANIAC’s three (11)s: “This song is absolutely electric from start to finish. Flawless transitions between verses and consistently interesting production? There’s nothing that could elevate this song further.” Speaking of transitions, the MV is kind of genius… that drill bit with the scenery turning upside down is so cool! Another (11) giver, @Macsun declares: “Production on this is Flawless! Anyone who scores this lower than an 8 needs their ears cleaned out” Well, @Attis (1) did write this: “Bing bing instant earbleed” Can someone get the good sis to a hospital? And maybe check up on @chrisjche (6) while we’re at it: “Seeing this performed live was amazing but...that PINGPING nasal-y scream in the chorus ruins it.” Not the Changbin antis. You will catch @RUNAWAY's hands!

@eccentricsimply (11) probably also had to be admitted to a hospital when they realized Stray Kids would be getting a Top 3 placement in KPB. Is it mean to say I don’t think it will ever happen again? fffffffff Anyway, here’s their commentary: “I think this is a different type of fun from Case 143 and not necessarily one I enjoy more, but I just think Maniac is a little bit more put together than Case 143, hence the 11 going to this one. My unpopular opinion is that I like Hyunjin's chorus better than Felix's... ops. Also Han's sung verse... let's go main vocal.” You know what, I agree on Hyunjin’s chorus. I’m not on the Felix deep voice hype train, sorry y’all!


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This (like many others judging by the commentary) was the first Stray Kids song I fell in love with, I’m glad most of you hear it too! I was bracing for an early death since the Case 143 elimination because I didn’t think this was a million miles better (#39 is lunacy).

I can’t believe this got a 1 fffff. Still, top 3, let’s celebrate that!
Because you girls need justification for every low scores, let me explain

SKZ music is never really my cup of tea and Maniac is just the worst take of their sound. The production is your typical boy crush fluff with that annoyingly overused KSHMR synth (y'know, that "arabic" flute) which should've been left completely from the year of 2022.

The verses are flat without any hint of memorable melody, standard rap part that leads to nothing as the chorus collapse into this low-energy sing-talking shit, sung with the most cringy manner as if you're watching these middle schooler TikTok boys tries to thirst trap and talking in the lowest tone as possible, thinking they're the most masculine soul in the world.

And on top of that they come again with that "bing bing" shit. It feels you've been hauled by bunch of your annoying neighbor's dogs and that neighbor come here just to f*cking laugh.

Garbage. I quickly checked out from this rate after I see this song in the Top 10 list.

Realizing I was too kind to Stray Kids this year…………..

Good thing my fellow SEA girlie @Attis came to the rescue….


Sisters "<3". Too bad I can't be a full-on hater this year because I can't deny they ate with that S-Class pre-chorus ff (as for the rest of the song, we will see if it gets better by the end of the year)

You f-words are SO unserious.

KPB22 Readers' Poll




17 points / 7 votes

2. GOT7 ♡​

15 points / 3 votes

3. NCT 127​

3. TXT​

13 points / 5 votes

Wow, I'm sure those groups must have done we-

#31. HOT / SEVENTEEN (7.5)
#37. DREAM / SEVENTEEN (7.3)
#38. _WORLD / SEVENTEEN (7.3)

#40. Good Boy Gone Bad / TXT (7.2)

#44. NANANA / GOT7 (6.8)
#50. 2 Baddies / NCT 127 (6.0)


...OK. So the only group out of these two have a song in the upper half of the rate was TXT with Thursday's Child at #6. Make it make sense! I don't understand you guys' SEVENTEENphobia and I'm still mad at _WORLD being eliminated so early.


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