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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Glitterizer, Mar 22, 2021.

  1. I just watched you going through it in real time from my notifications, sis.

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  2. Ah I was hoping Love You Better would last until the top 20. I can understand it leaving first out of the GOT7 songs. It’s one of the rare mid tempo/ballads you can BOP to. The production is stellar and Jinyoung always delivers with the lyrics. Now for some gratuitous melancholy pics…


  3. We actually also kicked Breath out already, oop.
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  4. Oh…right!
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  5. Time to take it easy on the shampoo and candy, I'm starting to sense dry scalps & rotted teeth

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  6. I wouldn't say shampoo and candy are the main reasons for dry scalps and rotted teeth here

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  7. Do you ever feel like a zombie?


    ...Or are you more of a fairy?


    [​IMG] [​IMG]  

    "You approach me gently through the square screen
    The one who planted in my heart a silver fantasy"


    Average: 8,2 (8,1688)

    City Pop Rate Avg: 7,6
    (MisandryJustice Tax: 0,6 point)

    10 (@ohnostalgia @Glitterizer @eccentricsimply @RUNAWAY
    @drod93 @An Insider @junglefish @Remorque @superloves
    @nikkysan @Crisp X @eatyourself @soratami)
    9,50 (@Music Is Death @Slice of Life @Macsun)
    9 (@KimLippington @boombazookajoe @OspreyQueen)


    6,25 (@ohdenny)
    6 (@bbynewyear @Sanctuary)
    5,50 (@Wills)
    5 (@Luck @Serg.)
    4,50 (@aux)
    3,50 (@Yeziirl)
    2 (@FunkyButChic)

    Glitterizer’s Score:

    6 voters: #4
    12 voters: #3
    18 voters: #8
    24 voters: #7
    30 voters: #22

    No, this is not the year that they get to the Top 20 with four songs... but the fact that they almost managed to do it is certainly impressive. Also, peep that leaderboard evolution!

    As everyone here probably knows already, TOMORROW X TOGETHER (the X is read as "by"), or TXT for short, is my ultimate favorite K-Pop group. They debuted under Big Hit Music in early 2019, their first new group since BTS debuted in 2013. From the jump it was obvious that this would not be the same type of group as their seniors: while BTS started with a ~hard~ image, with a huge focus on rap and also being "self-producing", TXT were more or less the total opposite. They debuted with a bubbly synthpop song, CROWN, were total soft pretty-boys, and didn't really have any creative involvement in their debut EP whatsoever (although that quickly started to change, with the members progressively getting more credits in each subsequent album). I think it's fair to say that they have the most PJ-friendly sound out of all current active boy groups, consistently putting out catchy, melodic pop songs with colorful imagery and concepts, and pretty much not a trace of ~edgy~ posturing or "noise" music. For those reasons, they are sometimes compared to SHINee, although TXT are obviously lacking in the vocal department compared to them.

    Fairy of Shampoo was a b-side from their second mini album, The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY, and it actually got more votes to be included in this rate than the title track. It is a remake of the classic 90's hit of the same name, originally composed and released by the band Light & Salt. This song seems to be kind of staple when it comes to covers, being reinterpreted by many singers, such as Hwasa's laidback tropical version and dosii's lo-fi take. TXT's remake opts to keep the original's jazzy tones, but infuses it with a dreamlike hazy synth atmosphere... and a considerable amount of vocal processing. But honestly I never really noticed this aspect of some of their music before it was pointed out here ffff Their version also includes an original rap verse written by member Yeonjun. The song didn't receive a music video, but it has choreography and was performed a handful of times by the group.

    @Yeziirl (3,5) exposes his homophobia and poor scalp health all at once: “just the title alone makes me die of cringe. TXT I love you boys, but this…” OK but this title was actually what made me discover them ddd I saw some people on Army Twitter talking about it and I was like "Omg I love that song name" and was curious what it would sound like... and it sounded exactly as what I expected and wanted! @boombazookajoe (9) also comments on the name: I can't get over the title, but this song is amazing. WHAT IS A FAIRY OF SHAMPOO?!” Well, let's talk about the the lyrics! You know when you're a gay kid and you can't help but stare at the male models in underwear packaging or in clothing catalogues? This is basically the adult het/lesbian version of that fffff It's... a song about falling in love with the woman from a shampoo commercial, and it's actually a bit depressing / dark. @FunkyButChic (2) apologizes: “I’m sorry to once again tank this song but it just doesn’t do it for me. I’ve really tried my best to “get” it but all it does is leave me empty. </3”

    @Monkey0 (8,75)
    comments: “Amazing track, not ten cause it's cover. Keeping production close to original really let's it shine through” @Slice of Life (9,5) spills “It’s crazy how rich and diverse TXT’s discography is considering they’re still a fairly new group. A lot of groups - both older and newer - should take a page from them” @bbynewyear (6) is unimpressed: “I thought this was quite a bold take from the group when I first heard it. But it doesn't have much staying power in my mind.” while @Wills (5,5) is trying to get his MOA card revoked: “An overcorrection from my gripes with Can't You See Me, this one drifts away without a trace.”

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  8. After bombing at the bottom on the city pop rate I didn't expect it to come this far. Still think it deserves top 10 xo
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  9. Aww this is probably my favorite TXT song in this rate. I think it’s quite a pretty song and it’s one of the few times the Big Hit Vocals actually help the song. I wished it had outstayed at least Blue Hour and Given Taken, but it came far enough
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  10. Golden Child still in the running, my manifestation is working.


    Also @Glitterizer I hate you for making me stare at your avatar everytime I see your comments
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  11. That'll do! Iconic top 20, I've been placated enough that I won't even complain about cavities for the next 3 or 4 eliminations.
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  12. Speaking of... some love for Soobin, TXT's charismatic leader and current Music Bank MC (they just had their very first win there today and he got to hand them the trophy! I may have gotten emotional!)

    His dimples and adorable smile are so disarming, but he's also 6ft /185cm tall, has huge hands and started working out at those HYBE gyms so look forward to more thirst content in the future ffff


    His Dolphin fancam was also starting to go viral around the time I was discovering TXT. It's so cute ♡

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  13. Oh right, I forgot to post the Top 20. This is it:

    10 Months | ENHYPEN
    Amnesia | Kai
    Blue Hour | TXT
    Can't You See Me? | TXT
    Candy | Baekhyun
    Criminal | Taemin
    Forbidden Island | Ha Sung Woon
    Ghosting | TXT
    Given-Taken | ENHYPEN
    Good Guy | SF9
    Gravity | Ong Seong Wu
    Last Piece | GOT7
    Not by the Moon | GOT7
    Nothing On Me | Kai
    ONE (Lucid Dream) | Golden Child
    One (Monster & Infinity) | SuperM
    Sukhumvit Swimming | ONF
    Summer Breeze | SF9
    The Stealer | THE BOYZ
    Zombie | DAY6

    As usual, make your wishes and predictions for the Top 10 if you'd please.
    The only acts remaining untouched are Kai and ENHYPEN with two songs each!

    There are also twenty three 11s left, but six of them will be eliminated before the Top 10.

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  14. Fairy of Shampoo 100% deserved Top 10. One of the songs I took away from this rate.
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  15. This would make a very solid Top 10.
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  16. TOP 20 STATS

    Title Tracks: 17
    B-Sides: 3

    SM Entertainment: 5
    HYBE Labels: 5
    JYP Entertainment: 2
    Others: 8

    Total Acts: 14
    Group Songs: 14
    Soloist Songs: 6

    11s: 23

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  17. Wow voters 25-30 BOMBED this. Truly bringing hateration and lack of tasteration to the raterie.
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  18. Why did I give this a 10 fffff
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  19. We're almost at a new page~


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  20. Alrightly -- I'll be that ho.

    With what's left -- here is what I'm hoping.

    1. Criminal | Taemin
    2. Zombie | DAY6
    3. Amnesia | Kai
    4. Blue Hour | TXT
    5. One (Monster & Infinity) | SuperM
    6. Nothing On Me | Kai
    7. Forbidden Island | Ha Sung Woon
    8. Not by the Moon | GOT7
    9. 10 Months | ENHYPEN
    10. Candy | Baekhyun
    11. Ghosting | TXT
    12. Can't You See Me? | TXT
    13. Last Piece | GOT7
    14. Given-Taken | ENHYPEN
    15. Sukhumvit Swimming
    | ONF

    16-20 in any order
    Gravity | Ong Seong Wu
    ONE (Lucid Dream) | Golden Child
    Good Guy | SF9
    Summer Breeze | SF9
    The Stealer | THE BOYZ
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