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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Glitterizer, Mar 22, 2021.

  1. Baekhyun wishes he could make an album as strong as his, sorry drags!
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  2. [​IMG] [​IMG]  

    "No games, watch me deliver every time
    Catch me in the latest, driving spaceships"


    Average: 8,3 (8,2563)

    10 (@Serg. @ohdenny @askew @aux @boombazookajoe
    @eliminathan @Crisp X @leedlelee... @soratami)
    9,75 (@BEST FICTION @junglefish)
    9,50 (@nikkysan @eccentricsimply @OspreyQueen)
    9,25 (@TéléDex)
    9 (@Luck @Music Is Death @Slice of Life
    @Untouchable Ace @Wills)


    6,75 (@Glitterizer)
    6,50 (@superloves
    6 (@Sanctuary @Joli Chat)
    5 (@ysev @eatyourself)
    3 (@bbynewyear)

    Glitterizer’s Score:

    6 voters: #3
    12 voters: #10
    18 voters: #15
    24 voters: #33
    30 voters: #21

    Today it's SuperM's turn to lose their last song... and this means that Golden Child wins the battle of Ones.
    Who could have seen this coming?

    Where to even begin with this one fffff This is One (Monster & Infinity), the title track of SuperM's first studio album, Super One. The song is described officially as a "hybrid remix", basically a mash-up of two existing songs from the album. This is, in fact, not the first time SM took this approach: Sherlock (Clue + Note), the title track of SHINee's 2012 mini album, was exactly the same thing, a mashup of the tracks Clue and Note.

    SM requested producer duo Jonathan and Ludvig (real names of MOONSHINE) to make a song that felt sci-fi and cinematic, and the two stated that they watched movies scored by Hanz Zimmer, such as Interstellar and Inception, as well as other classics like Star Wars, to get an idea on how to approach it. This resulted in two tracks: Monster and Infinity, and SM wanted both as title tracks, requesting them to fuse both into one song.

    @Untouchable Ace (9) seems to be unaware of all this (?): “The bridge and chorus deserved so much more than verses that were not even in the same genre or remarkable. The pre-chorus to chorus section was on the way to euphoria and infinity. However if this song was handled with more restraint, and fewer minds involved, every section could have shone.” Honestly, I can't even be surprised at someone not noticing that this is two songs glued together, considering so many K-Pop songs kinda sound like that already ddddddd This is no shade to the concept, though, I don't mind it! I think it's a fun idea.

    I definitely think Infinity is a much better song, but I completely understand why they went with the mashup: while I hate the Monster verses and find them lame and cheesy (sorry Lucas but I just can't), the Infinity verses are kind of entirely forgettable, even though they have interesting production, and the Monster pre-chorus is also sorely missed.

    @boombazookajoe (10) appreciates the combination: “Monster & Infinity on their own are great, but this hybrid single version takes the best of both songs and turns it into one mammoth, epic, banger. Never in my LIFE have I stanned a boy group like this.” @Wills (9) also apressiates “SuperM inexplicably works better in their subtler moments, but this is a brilliant bit of bombast.” along with @Slice of Life (9): “The chorus is so dramatique, I love it so much” I have to say that the producers really succeeded in giving this song an epic super-hero sound, making SuperM feel even more like "The Avengers of K-Pop". The big brass + synths blend is very effective!

    @eatyourself (5) probably would also have liked Infinity on its own much better: “This sounds like the classic boygroup "hard concept" trite, I hate it so much! Nice voices though.” @Monkey0 (7) makes a comparison I do not comprehend: “Cute homage to TVXQ” @Joli Chat (6) spills: “maybe there’s a reason One rapper by group was a thing back in the day” Lowest scorer @bbynewyear (3) makes a comparison that I've seen often: “The chorus reminds me of a lesser Limitness, but there's not much else to enjoy here. Takes a little too long to get to an interesting place too. It's nice hearing a more energised Taemin here though.”

    The music video is kind of a mixed bad for me: the guys look amazing (Kai's arms holy shit) and the special effects are great, but the dance scene set-ups feel a bit cheap and basic.

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  3. Eliminated Artist Stats:

    SM Entertainment


    Artist Average: 7,6
    4 Songs

    63. Drip | 7,3

    60. Tiger Inside | 7,4

    50. 100 | 7,6

    17. One (Monster & Infinity)
    | 8,3

    Voter Averages:

    Biggest Spermies

    1. @ohdenny (9,81)

    2. @nikkysan (9,56)
    3. @aux (9,50)
    4. @junglefish (9,31)
    5. @boombazookajoe (9,13)

    6. @eccentricsimply (8,75)
    7. @Music Is Death @An Insider (8,63)

    8. @M24 @eliminathan (8,56)

    Biggest Antis

    1. @bbynewyear (4,25)

    2. @KimLippington (5,13)
    3. @Yeziirl (5,63)
    4. @Joli Chat (5,75)
    5. @superloves (5,88)

    6. @FunkyButChic @Monkey0 (6)
    7. @Cotton Park (6,50)

    8. @drod93 (6,56)
    9. @Sanctuary (6,63)

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  4. Ugh. Throw the whole rate away. What is this ugliness?
  5. The rate getting thrown away

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  6. From
    To appearing in every single Biggest Antis list
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  7. This finally left. SuperM are better in their individual groups, in my opinion
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  8. It's true, it's true.
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  9. [​IMG] [​IMG]  

    "Don’t make any promise
    If it’s not gonna be an eternal last kiss"


    Average: 8,3 (8,3375)

    11 (@Joli Chat)

    10 (@Serg. @ohdenny @eliminathan @soratami @nikkysan
    @An Insider @RUNAWAY @Cotton Park @Sanctuary)
    9,50 (@boombazookajoe @Luck @Macsun)
    9,25 (@BEST FICTION)
    9 (@aux @TéléDex @Remorque @Monkey0)


    6,75 (@Glitterizer)
    6,50 (@Slice of Life
    6,25 (@askew @M24)
    4,50 (@eatyourself)
    4 (@bbynewyear)

    Glitterizer’s Score:

    6 voters: #6
    12 voters: #15
    18 voters: #10
    24 voters: #17
    30 voters: #6

    It's time to say goodbye to another GOT7 song, this time it's the title track from their Dye mini album, NOT BY THE MOON. The song was produced and composed by JYP himself, Isaac Han (Alexa's Villain and Decoherence), OKIRO and Aaron Kim, with aditional composition by Jay & Rudy. This placed inside the Top 10 a couple times during the voting period, including right up until the last 10 voters.

    This is one that I feel is really let down by its production, because the actual song underneath is quite solid, especially the chorus, which has a palpable sense of desperation and grandeur, aided by the excellent vocals. But the palette of sounds and instruments is so mundane compared to those ambitions and the aesthetic presented in the music video. I think this melody deserved a lot more... magic. I do like that they had Jackson singing the pre-chorus, an unusual choice for the group.

    Initially I was trying to make sense of the title (as English is not my first language) and then I remembered that sometimes old-timey English has this inversion where it puts the negation after the verb, so really it means "Don't Swear by the Moon". It's in reference to a quote from Romeo & Juliet, where Romeo swears by the moon that he loves her, that his love is as real as the moon, etc, and she replies by telling him not to do that, because the Moon is inconsistent and changes within a month. While the Shakespearean tragedy ends with both protagonists dying for love, GOT7 puts a spin on “die” by using the word “dye”, describing someone who had added color to (dyed) their life. The concept follows the concepts of last two album concepts, with their song Eclipse representing the phases of the moon, while their last comeback, You Calling My Name, references Juliet calling for Romeo on the balcony.

    Video reviewer @boombazookajoe (9,5) pops up again after some time away “This song grew on me a ton over the course of my listens. 0.5 added to the score for Jackson on a throne surrounded by shirtless men.” I was actually eyeing that little bottle they put in the temple pedestal, it's so pretty ddd @Slice of Life (6,5) uses an accurate adjective: “Hmmmm there’s something about this song that is so laboured, not really one of GOT7 fave songs” @Cotton Park (10) simply says “I love GOT7.” (11)-giver @Joli Chat praises the song's climax: “When the MuuUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN part comes in during the bridge… whew!”

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  10. Y'all really about to let Enhypen enter the Top 10 with both of their songs huh...

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  11. I'll be honest, I found most of GOT7's songs to be just alright. However, I preferred this one to Last Piece, so I wish that one had left before.
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  12. @Slice of Life, a 6.5 bestie?! Did you even give a single 7 or lower in the entirety of the KSOTY rate djfhskhrks?!
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  13. Not by the Moon ended up growing on me a lot more than I expected, but I agree: it’s really let down by muddy production. The bones are strong, but it flatlines where it should soar. “Laboured” is a great word for it, too.

  14. I did it for Jinyoung, and I don't regret it
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  15. Golden Child making the top 15…
    It’s what they deserve…
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  16. This. Honestly, there are plenty of K-Pop songs with way more disparate parts that are, in fact, all actually part of the same song (I'm looking at you, Queen Next Levul), when Monster & Infinity don't really sound that different. I had no idea when I listened to the track at first, and it wasn't until I downloaded the album and was playing it in the background and realized I had been listening to the same song for 15 minutes when I investigated ddddd.
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  17. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]  

    "Countless stars, countless moons
    I was wandering through the woods of doubt"


    Average: 8,3 (8,3438)

    11 (@Crisp X)

    10 (@RUNAWAY @aux @Remorque
    @Untouchable Ace @ysev)
    9,75 (@Glitterizer)
    9,50 (@boombazookajoe @Monkey0 @Wills @M24)
    9,25 (@ohdenny)
    9 (@Joli Chat @eliminathan @BEST FICTION
    @KimLippington @Slice of Life)


    6,50 (@Sanctuary)
    6,25 (@nikkysan)
    4,75 (@drod93 @askew)

    Glitterizer’s Score:

    6 voters: #44
    12 voters: #34
    18 voters: #17
    24 voters: #13
    30 voters: #12

    In an unexpected turn of events, didn't-even-make-bubbling-under-in-KPJC flops ENHYPEN manage to get two songs in the Top 15. We love an underdog success story! This is a group that was formed in 2020 through a survival competition show, I-Land, created by Belift Lab, a partnership between CJ ENM and HYBE Labels. Six of the members were chosen by a global fan vote during the finale, while Sunoo was the judge's pick. This is also HYBE's most international group yet, with a Japanese member (Ni-Ki) one Australians (Jake) and one American (Jay).

    The group name means comes from the hyphen symbol, used to connect words together and create new-meanings (though I also suspected it references the word hype). KPJ users also jokingly call them an epinephrine autoinjector, aka Epipen, which is what some of y'all might need when you hear one hint of vocal processing in a Big Hit Music song. Kii. Speaking of Big Hit, despite not officially being under them, the group's musical and visual direction come from the company, and three of the members (Heeseung, Sunghoon and Jay) had been Big Hit trainees for years before participating in I-Land, effectively making ENHYPEN a half-brother group to TXT and BTS.

    Given-Taken was the title track of their debut mini-album, Border: Day One, and it was written by infamous songwriter duo Melanie Fontana & Michael Schulz (TWICE's I Can't Stop Me and Trick It, BTS' Boy with Luv, TXT's CROWN and Run Away) and others, with production by Wonderkid (TXT's Can't We Just Leave the Monster Alive?) and Hitman Bang. Honestly, I'm very into the style of their in-house producers and writers, so it's no surprise that I love this. The production with the harps and subtle bleep bloops is like crack to my ears, giving the track a sense of mysticism which, combined with the poppy, catchy and processed chorus, earned the group many a comparison with TXT, but we've talked enough about this in this thread and elsewhere dddd.

    The title and lyrics of the song questions whether their debut was "given" to them (due to the nature of how the group was formed) or if it was "taken" through their own efforts and talents, and the two words are connected through a hyphen, circling back to the group's name. The music video sets up the group's lore (of course they would have lore) that seems to be inspired by the manga/anime The Promised Neverland, which Hitman Bang has praised before, about a fake orphanage where they sell the children to be eaten by demons, although in ENHYPEN's case... well, watch the MV if you haven't, it's pretty cool.

    @boombazookajoe (9,5) calls it “A moment most pleasing to me.” while @eatyourself (7,75) surprised me by not being very into this: “It's not a bad song, just a bit undercooked." @Slice of Life (9) saw the light and showed growth “ok, I know I might have dragged this before but I’m a changed person now. This is actually pretty good so props to them” @bbynewyear (8) is also a fan: “Their strongest release so far” This was written before Drunk-Dazed kind of blew this out of the water though ddd

    @Crisp X (11) is a new ENGENE thanks to the rate: “Okay, so before I had started rating, @ysev suddenly name dropped them and told me their music would be up my alley. Little did they know how not only on point that claim would end up being, but also how obsessed I would be upon hearing their mini. Out of all the songs, this is the one that felt like an instant classic. There’s some fairy-ness to the production here, helped by the harp arpeggio in the background, and the guys’ voices on top of it all are like perfection to my ears. Honestly, I came into this rate expecting to give my 11 to a song I was familiar with, but instead came back with many new faves and for that, I’m grateful to be part of this. Thank you!”

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  18. This ... was the better of their two songs in this rate. Even when y'all get it right you still get it wrong. Happy this made it so high, though!
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  19. Just a correction Jay is American! I was gonna quote that bit but I couldn’t be bothered to delete the rest of it ddd.
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  20. Oh, corrected, thanks! I'm so used to idols being from Australia / NZ that I just assumed, since I don't hear him speaking English as often as I hear Jake.
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