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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Glitterizer, Mar 22, 2021.

  1. I kind of want to explain my low score. I don't necessarily find Given-Taken to be bad, it was just disappointing. I had been looking forward to their debut and was very excited, however the song left me feeling very cold for two main reasons. The first is that it feels very derivative from Big Hit. As I mentioned before, it sounds like it could've been a TXT b-side. At that point this was disappointing for me, since I already liked TXT and didn't really NEED a TXT part 2.

    The second part is that the music video was just so beige. It was very disappointing since I felt it showed absolutely no personality and it could've belonged to anyone. (I know the music video isn't what I'm supposed to be judging, but I can't help remembering it anytime I listen to the song nowadays). I guess, I was just expecting something overall more exciting (which I kind of thought their first comeback showed, Big Hit vocal processing notwithstanding)
  2. This actually grew on me a lot over time. I wasn’t necessarily disappointed with it at first I just thought it was okay. But since then I really appreciated the instrumentation more. The haunting harps at the beginning and how it continues throughout really sold it for me. The music video is just there I do agree. It doesn’t really sell the members much, the Drunk-Dazed music video definitely trumps it, though I think this is the superior song. Overall I think it’s a pretty solid debut. Nothing groundbreaking but mostly enjoyable.
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  3. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Eaux, I thought this was a top 10 shoo-in

    But it’s okay. Drunk-Dazed will be in the top 10 next year, I speak that into existence
  4. Stan my bias Sunghoon!!

    Soobin likes him, and y'all like Soobin. Make good decisions.

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  5. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Well, I was biased against Epipen for a couple of reasons, one of which has to do with BigHit (don't @ me, @Glitterizer, we've been over this), and the other two being me being a big TXT fan and being annoyed that their younger brothers were debuting so soon, but also I didn't watch I-Land but a friend who watched start to finish and whose taste I trust wholeheartedly hates the line up to the point where she refuses to listen to their music, so you know. I was influenced by external things.

    Now, I would've maybe given Given-Taken a solid 9, because clearly the pool of demos where BigHit is taking all the Epipen and TXT songs from is overall great and not even all their collective struggle vocals can ruin that. Epipen is easily in my top 3 2020 rookies with aespa and Weeekly, so the more you know!

    Anyway, stan Niki. It's not everyday we get a homos- a special child to babysit in kpop xx


  6. The CriançaViadaPrint! Let me post these here as well

    AND he's been blessed by the one and only Kei. Kid's going places!

  7. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    He really manages to give off Ren, JoKwon and Key energy in the same tiny body and it's.... It's impressive.
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  8. Wait we’ve got a ghey in our midst!?
  9. Kei stopping by Niki's closet to bless him


  10. [​IMG] [​IMG]  

    "I became a zombie, I walk on drifting aimlessly
    Tomorrow will be the same, I live waiting ’til I close my eyes"


    Average: 8,4 (8,3625)

    KSOTY Avg: 7,6
    (MisandryJustice Tax: 0,8 point)

    11 (@Cotton Park)

    My Days:
    10 (@Glitterizer @boombazookajoe @Monkey0
    @KimLippington @Slice of Life @Serg.
    @ohnostalgia @Luck @TéléDex @bbynewyear
    @eccentricsimply @Music Is Death)
    9,50 (@RUNAWAY @drod93)
    9 (@chrisjche @An Insider @OspreyQueen
    @junglefish @FunkyButChic @Yeziirl)


    6,50 (@ysev @Sanctuary)
    6,25 (@M24)
    6 (@Joli Chat @BEST FICTION)
    3 (@leedlelee...)
    1 (@soratami)

    Glitterizer’s Score:

    6 voters: #22
    12 voters: #11
    18 voters: #13
    24 voters: #5
    30 voters: #9

    Nah, I'm not doing this. If you get it you get, if you don't you don't!
    Go read Slicey's excellent write-up if you'd like to, and my short commentary.

    @bbynewyear (10) “..aww :^)”
    @boombazookajoe (10) “Something clicked between the KSOTY rate and now because I love this now. If I didn't have such loyalty to Taemin this would be my 11 now…”
    @leedlelee... (3) “Zombie is the perfect title for this song, as it plods along without any sense of direction and just doesn’t really go anywhere…”
    @soratami (1) “Still very much not here for this The Script nonsense.”

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  11. Eliminated Artist Stats:

    DAY6 + (Even of Day)
    JYP Entertainment


    Artist Average: 7,5
    2 Songs

    78. Where the Sea Sleeps | DAY6 (Even of Day) (6,6)

    34. Zombie
    | DAY6 (8,4)
    ★ (@Cotton Park)

    Voter Averages:

    Biggest My Days

    1. @Slice of Life (10)

    2. @TéléDex (9,88)
    3. @RUNAWAY @Music Is Death (9,75)
    4. @Glitterizer (9,63)
    5. @Monkey0 (9,50)

    6. @eccentricsimply @nikkysan (9,25)
    7. @Cotton Park @An Insider @boombazookajoe (9)

    Biggest Antis

    1. @soratami (1)

    2. @leedlelee... (2)
    3. @Yeziirl @BEST FICTION (5,50)
    4. @ysev @Wills (5,75)
    5. @M24 (5,88)

    6. @ohdenny (6)
    7. @Joli Chat (6,13)

    8. @eatyourself (6,63)

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  12. I am kind of sad that this song is leaving. This past year was an extremely hard one, due to the pandemic, finishing my master's degree, living in a foreign country and feeling, honestly, very very alone since most of my friends here had a significant other. I know it's cheesy to say, but honestly, Zombie was a song that I felt I could really relate to. Throughout the year, I finally gave in and became a fan of K-Pop as a whole. Before, I used to only really follow a very select group of groups and didn't really care for the industry as a whole. However, this year I really felt like I needed something fun.

    Zombie was a weird moment for me, since I rarely ever really care about what K-Pop songs are actually trying to say. However, I truly connected to the idea of living through life as a Zombie since that was very close to how I was feeling.

    I only deducted 0.5 points because my biggest pet peeve is when songs make obvious rhymes with the same word. I don't mind the part where they rhyme life with life, however when they rhyme cry with cry in the bridge.... I have feelings
  13. 99F59A07-4F3E-4FD8-8CB8-D89F44094AAD.jpeg

    You thought you were real cute by “not giving it a 0 this time” didn’t you?
  14. Yes

  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    Please support DAY6 (Even of Day)'s upcoming comeback on July 5th! We are getting 7 new songs yathhhhhh!
  16. [​IMG]
  17. If we were to redo the rate, I wouldn’t give Zombie a 3…
    I honestly either liked or was indifferent to almost every track in the rate…
    I even came around to Where the Sea Sleeps (which I gave a 1)…
    But Zombie…
    I genuinely hate this one…
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  18. @leedlelee... and @soratami not giving one fuck about the emotional distress caused by their lack of taste

  19. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Well, that’s just rude. Should’ve added a @soratami tax too dddd. I’m curious how much that 1 pulled Zombie down.
  20. If Soratami had given it a 3 instead of 1, it would be #11.
    If both Soratami and leedlelee had given it a 4, the minimum no-commentary score, it would be #10.
    With both ballots entirely removed it would be #5.

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