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KPB♂2021 | K-Pop Boys Rate 2021 | #6 - Well, it's over

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Glitterizer, Feb 14, 2022.


Which team did/will you choose?

  1. Team Fairy

    16 vote(s)
  2. Team Hero

    7 vote(s)
  3. Team Monster

    10 vote(s)
  1. Could it be Rock With You?

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  2. I mean, @nikkysan has wanted Rock With You Gone for a while I think? but I — can’t see that song being compared to B*eber.

    Then again, we just got an Inside Out/Maroon 5 comparison so we’re clearly just saying things these days.

    Rock With You should be Top 5.
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  3. [​IMG]

  4. The Team Hero cull continues with another HYBE cut...

    Congrats, @nikkysan!


    Go Big or Go Home | ENHYPEN
    Team Hero | Submitted by @Salami


    Highest Scores:
    11 @Salami

    10 @soratami @thommyh @junglefish @eatyourself
    9.5 @RUNAWAY @Deja-Boo @Slice of Life @ohdenny @Music Is Death
    9.25 @Untouchable Ace @Macsun
    9 @Inland Empire @Ana Raquel @Glitterizer @leedlelee...

    Lowest Scores:
    0.75 @askew
    5 @boombazookajoe
    6 @bbynewyear
    6.5 @eccentricsimply @Sanctuary @Vixen

    Glitterizer's score: 9
    10 Voters: #18
    20 Voters: #23
    30 Voters: #19
    Final Position: #21

    I obviously stan both groups, but I remember being kinda annoyed that ENHYPEN got a dance/house song before TXT. I know they would slay this even harder, the hyphen boys are too str8. But it's OK, they can still get one eventually, maybe even as a title track~

    This sound itself is quite generic, the umpteenth riff of Robin S’s 90’s classic Show Me Love, but it's not a hat that K-Pop boy groups wear too often, and it's obviously something that PopJustice girlies will naturally gravitate to... Perhaps lowest scorer @askew (0,75) sensed this: “The beat is bait and the topline is a hate crime. Where is the groove, where is the vibe?” I think the real hate crime was me accepting this score and this specific criticism from someone that gave Sticker an 11 dddd @eatyourself (10) confirms the bait part: “Me? Giving an instant 10 at the slightest prospect of a house-beat?”

    Speaking of (11)s, @Salami says “I enjoyed everything Enhypen released last year and this was the highlight. It’s nothing new or original, the beat has been used in a million house songs but I loved it since I heard it. It’s loud and uplifting which is all I ask for from Kpop. Stick this on when you’re on the treadmill, you can go for miles.” The entire album is really good for the gym, now that I think about it. @Slice of Life (10) makes a daring comparison: “Their little SHINee - View serve!!!!!!!!! I know that’s right!” I wouldn't go that far, but yeah, more groups should be aiming for that kind of comeback. Summer is right around the corner, come on boys.

    @bbynewyear (6) isn't feeling feeling feeling allriiiight: “Feels a little uncool for these guys, compared to their previous sound. But I see what they were going for.” He may be a potential Epipen stan in the making, but @boombazookajoe (5) is not gagging for this one: “This phrase is stupid to me and it just makes this song very generic and boring to me.” The phrase makes the song generic and boring? You native English speakers are so funny ddddd

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  5. Oh thank God.
    Dddd yes. I share similar feelings about songs like “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger.” I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule, but those type of empty platitude/generic motivational phrases in songs just feel so shallow and it takes a really good song to combat that. (Which this isn’t.) I know it’s a weird pet peeve but-
    Thankfully the rest of their songs are much better!
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  6. [​IMG]

  7. THE TOP 20

    Atlantis | SHINee
    BAD LOVE | Key
    Beautiful Beautiful | ONF
    Chaser | WOODZ
    Cinema | CIX
    DIVE | Jinyoung
    Drunk-Dazed | ENHYPEN
    Fanfare | Golden Child
    Goosebumps | ONF
    I Really Want You | SHINee
    LMLY | Jackson Wang

    Love on the Floor | NCT 127
    Moonlight | BDC
    Rock With You | SEVENTEEN
    Tamed-Dashed | ENHYPEN
    Tear Drop | SF9
    The Realist | ONF

    At this point, what's YOUR ideal Top 10?

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  8. With what’s left:

    (Tear Drop, Bad Love, Moonlight, Love Song you are sexy top 10 Alternates should the below not be able to complete the ranks)

    10. Atlantis
    9. The Realist
    8. Luna
    7. Chaser
    6. Lo$er=Lo<3er
    5. LMLY
    4. Goosebumps
    3. I Really Want You
    2. Rock With You
    1. Cinema

    (No bad songs left in this top 20 though and only 1 I’m Meh on, so Jessica Wild, Dreams of a Golden Shild, you can depart next pleek!)
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  9. BAD LOVE | Key
    DIVE | Jinyoung
    Drunk-Dazed | ENHYPEN
    Fanfare | Golden Child

    Love on the Floor | NCT 127
    Tamed-Dashed | ENHYPEN
    Tear Drop | SF9
    The Realist | ONF

    All 9s and 10s (except Love on the Floor, but I do need a tenth song to make a top 10, and that's the highest out of my other Monster scores dd)
  10. Figures you would have most of my lowest scores left in your top 5

  11. I think you should act a little more thankful because Wonho definitely lives by the motto "go big or go home". Some consideration please!
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  12. 0X1=LOVESONG | TXT
    Atlantis | SHINee
    BAD LOVE | Key
    Beautiful Beautiful | ONF
    Cinema | CIX
    DIVE | Jinyoung
    Goosebumps | ONF
    LMLY | Jackson Wang
    Tear Drop | SF9
    The Realist | ONF

    If this is the Top 11 (since I couldn’t narrow it down to a 10) then I will be willing to overlook some of the atrocities that have happened in this rate.​
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  13. You wouldn’t guess that with his vocals!
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  14. Go Big Or Go Home and Inside Out leaving back to back is a travesty. The fact that these two acts put out some of best gay house music in KPOP of all places and it’s been dismissed as nothing…
  15. I did not have two GOT7 solos making in to my personal top 10 on my bingo card but see when you escape the clutches of JYP and do excellency! Chaser and The Realist to scrap for highest ranked Boy Boost and a Key or CIX win would be most pleasing to me and my homegirls.

  16. Playing this back to back with Charli XCX Used To Know Me and the original Robin S - Show Me Love.

  17. I recently went in for a suit fitting, and the man helping me pitched "go big or go home" as a potential monogram idea, which was very... hmmm........

    But then he also spent the whole time going on about how many girls I'd get in my new suit so the entire thing was very

  18. I’m happy to see Golden Child and ONEUS are still in…
    Love on the Floor being the last remaining NCT track will forever be so random to me, but good for her…
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  19. There is still a 11 in here and I can say there's a lot of 10s in here, but there are few duds towards the bottom I want to see go.

    Bad Love - Key
    LMLY - Jackson Wang
    Drunk-Dazed - Enhypen
    The Realist - ONF
    Tamed-Dashed - ENHYPEN
    Atlantis - Shinee
    Moonlight - BDC
    Chaser - Woodz

    DIVE - Jinyoung
    Rock with You - Seventeen
    Beautiful Beautiful - ONF
    Love on the Floor - NCT 127
    0x1=Lovesong - TXT
    Fanfare - Golden Child
    I Really Want You - Shinee
    Teardrop - SF9
    Goosebumps - ONF
    Cinema - CIX
  20. After seeing what songs you put on the bottom of this list I’m very grateful that you generally attend the @Slice of Life school of voting and a “dud” is still like an 8.25 dddd.
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