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KPB♂2021 | K-Pop Boys Rate 2021 | Final Stats

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Glitterizer, Feb 14, 2022.


Which team did/will you choose?

  1. Team Fairy

    16 vote(s)
  2. Team Hero

    7 vote(s)
  3. Team Monster

    10 vote(s)
  1. Hello Future isn’t going anywhere you beasts.
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  2. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    It’s the one NCT song I thought had a chance at approaching the upper half of the rate, so people better stop calling for it!
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  3. I woke up this morning and was hoping I dreamt Kai getting eliminated last night. Funny how my nightmares come true.
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  4. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Me 2 u
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  5. Catching up – lowkey the sexiest thing about Wonho is how much of a hoot he seems to be having. Man’s just along for the ride, and I think that’s really sweet!

    I’ve been rinsing both Kai albums since December, really didn’t expect him to become such a vital soloist but it’s been a pleasant treat to watch unfold. Peaches is decent – I wouldn’t put it in the top half of the album – but that’s an unjustly high bar to clear when you have stuff like this laying around:


  6. [​IMG]


    WAVE | CIX
    Team Hero | #4 Song of August


    Highest Scores:
    10 @KimLippington @boombazookajoe @RUNAWAY | 9.5 @Untouchable Ace
    9 @Serg. @leedlelee... @ysev @Slice of Life @Music Is Death

    Lowest Scores:
    4 @Attis | 5 @Lately
    6 @Salami @bbynewyear @soratami
    6.5 @Ana Raquel @ohdenny | 6.75 @askew

    Glitterizer's score: 7.5
    10 Voters: #33
    20 Voters: #37
    30 Voters: #34
    Final Position: #39

    Listen, I'm still so bitter about how poorly Revival did last year. I wonder if maybe people would have paid more attention to it in a post-Cinema world. Speaking of: @boombazookajoe (10) “The fact that they almost captured the same lightning in a bottle perfection from Cinema and released two perfect comebacks in 1 year?! Difficult to get, not every flop boy group has that.” Hmm I don't think this comes close to Cinema BUT it's definitely in the same brand and sonic palette. It's a very cute song that probably deserve a half point more from me, I started liking it more after I read the lyrics. Not that they are super deep or anything, they just made me feel the song in a way I hadn't. Yas let's overcome adversities x

    I was pretty surprised by @eatyourself (8,5) liking this so much: “CIX has such pretty-sounding music!!” I... actually don't think this sounds as pretty as it could and should? The production always feels a bit heavy-handed and leaden for a song that is begging to soar, especially that chorus. Still, it's not a skip at all!

    All the boys from this group sound good, even the rapper, BX, has a very pleasing tone, but Bae Jinyoung steals the show for me every time, I just love this voice so much. He was always very good looking too, but they really went all out during this era with the sleeveless tops nn @Slice of Life (9) endorses a bunch of B-Sides: “Great but this album has so much more deserving songs from that album like Bad Dream, Off My Mind, Lost, Genie in a Bottle…… like, I could go on! Stream the best boy group album of 2021!” Couldn't decide which one to embed below cause I didn't listen to this album, so have a Band Live instead ♡


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  7. Coming next:

    We will eliminate 4 Boy Boost songs before the Top 30.
    But which ones?

    Boy Boosts
    TOP 10

    Body Rhythm | SHINee
    Chaser | WOODZ

    Go Big or Go Home | ENHYPEN
    Helium | Key

    Love on the Floor | NCT 127
    Moon Rider | BDC
    Moonlight | BDC
    Reach Out Your Hands | DRIPPIN

    The Realist | ONF

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  8. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    And you’re proud to announce that to the world???

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  9. No I used a size 1 font

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  10. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    If TXT flops on the KPJ Charts because the 3 CIX stans refuse to vote for them, I will be blaming you, bestie!!!!!!
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  11. [​IMG]

    Hmmmmmmm maybe I shouldn't have dropped this info right after main CIX stan @boombazookajoe came to me for guidance to get more into TXT for this upcoming comeback.
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  12. So were the 'Peaches' and 'Wave' eliminations missing the boy tax? Or does that not apply to these?
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  13. This string of results…maybe this rate was a mistake.
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  14. The MisandryJustice tax is the difference between a song’s score here and their score in the KSOTY rate, it only applies to songs that competed in both~

    Basically the bigger the MJ Tax, the more a song was affected simply by being performed by a male group. A lower MJ Tax indicates that the song was equally liked/disliked by both demographics.
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  15. The way we were already at 8+ averages in KSOTY by Top 57 and we haven’t even broken an 8 average by Top 39. Maybe some of you should … like boy songs in the boys rate.
  16. Babes, I came down with something and even sitting in front of the computer is too much for me, so no eliminations for a day or two! Please keep fighting <3 nn
  17. Well since you asked!

    I am currently having imaginary fights with @Attis and @bbynewyear for tanking 5 of my 10s, @eatyourself for tanking 6 of my 10s, and @Salami and @Lately who have already tanked 7 of my 10s. I don't know what I did to deserve this but

    Special shoutout to the @Slice of Life who hasn't appeared in the Lowest Scores of any of my 10s even though I don't think you are going to appear in the Lowest Scores of any elimination except maybe Dimples ddd.
  18. I've put up with the hate silently for too long, but there's something I have to get off my chest: Body Rhythm is the best SHINee song in the rate


  19. Hello, my children. I won't go into unnecessary detail but right as I was getting better from my sickness from Monday I ended up coming down with another, opposite affliction, and then I had to leave town for my brother's graduation party in a different city while still feeling awful.

    I am now back in my office and feeling better, so let's get things back on track.


    Team Hero | Submitted by @Vixen


    Highest Scores:
    10 @Attis @thommyh @Vixen @ysev @Slice of Life @Untouchable Ace
    9.5 @Deja-Boo @nikkysan @TéléDex @KimLippington

    Lowest Scores:
    4 @bbynewyear | 5 @askew | 5.5 @Serg.
    6 @Lately | 6.5 @eatyourself @boombazookajoe

    Glitterizer's score: 7
    10 Voters: #48
    20 Voters: #33
    30 Voters: #35
    Final Position: #38

    Boys Da Capo make their debut on our little rate! These guys were introduced to the world in Produce 101, but none of the members made the X1 lineup. As a trio, this is the smallest boy group I know of, I don't even think I know any 4-member groups (SHINee aside, of course).​

    @boombazookajoe (6,5) finally catches a break: “With another 'moon' song by the same group in this rate, this one seems a bit redundant. It's cute, but a bit faceless.” @Slice of Life (10) makes a comparison: “Ended AB6IX with ease” Oh there's a name I haven't heard of in a while! All these small late 3rd Gen / 4th gen boy groups have kind of a similar sound, don't they? DRIPPIN, Golden Child, AB6IX, BDC... That funky bass + hard hitting production + a very pop chorus. I like some of it, but overall I'm not as big of a fan of this style as some members here. In fact, I'm kinda tired of it fffff I just often don't know what these songs want me to feel, like, they are kinda devoid of vibes to my ears. @bbynewyear (4) says: “Both this and their other entry, Moonlight, blended together a little too much for me on the playlist, neither had a lot really going for them.“

    @Untouchable Ace (10) reveals his back-up plans: “My second option for 11 in this rate, and the song I initially submitted to personally boost the boys myself. This is more in line with my 11 last year in 'Bad Guy' an underdog boyband boy boost song with a KILLER chorus.”

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