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KPB♂2021 | K-Pop Boys Rate 2021 | Final Stats

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Glitterizer, Feb 14, 2022.


Which team did/will you choose?

  1. Team Fairy

    16 vote(s)
  2. Team Hero

    7 vote(s)
  3. Team Monster

    10 vote(s)
  1. My Freudian slip

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  2. Thank you @Vixen.
    It should have stayed much longer.
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  3. Another day, another flop submission from me, myself and I...

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  4. Another Boy Boost elimination? It's more likely than you think.


    Reach Out Your Hands | DRIPPIN
    Team Fairy | Submitted by @Wills


    Highest Scores:
    10 @Salami @Wills @Attis @Vixen @ysev
    9.5 @RUNAWAY @drod93 @Slice of Life @Untouchable Ace
    9 @askew @lalaclairi_ @KimLippington @thommyh

    Lowest Scores:
    5 @soratami | 5.5 @boombazookajoe @eccentricsimply | 5.75 @ohdenny
    6 @bbynewyear @Lately @eatyourself @Sanctuary

    Glitterizer's score: 8.5
    10 Voters: #49
    20 Voters: #39
    30 Voters: #36
    Final Position: #37

    Aw. DRIPPIN loses their second and last song, and this one is a wee bop. It didn't stand out to me initially when I was listening to the album, but the good sis @Attis pointed my ears to it and I'm glad it was submitted... despite being done very dirty by some of you.

    It is a biT disjointed in a way that doesn't feel intentional enough to justify it, but the verses are actually quite engaging and the chorus is just way too good. One thing I took notice of is that their vocal performance is very charismatic and full of intent here, it doesn't sound like going through the motions, and that sells the song, again especially in the chorus.

    Our two pieces of commentary are on opposite ends of the spectrum: @boombazookajoe (5,5) struggles “I can't tell you the number of times I listened to this playlist and this song didn't sink in even once. It's totally harmless, but does nothing for me.” but @Slice of Life (9,5) stans “Could be DRIPPIN’s best song so far. How this didn’t become the single is another one of Woollim’s many tragedies”

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  5. I should have asked for more commentary.
  6. Well that’s the best song I hadn’t heard before this rate. So thanks @Wills because it’s still getting regular plays.
  7. Hmm, so... how do I put this delicately? Reach Out Your Hands is a wonderful song, so this:
    makes a lot of sense to me. Yup!

    I actually love how disjointed it is: when the electro stomp of the verses gives way to the chorus, it feels like the clouds part and the whole thing takes flight. And the banjo! Woollim were crazy for that, and not in the way they usually are.

    I'm so pressed it didn't get any live stages, sweet Changuk looked so good this era and I would've loved to see him slay the chorus.


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  8. I hope that this doesn't negatively affect your hosting relationship with @soratami.
    PJXtra #15 still open for submissions now. (For non-English songs.)
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  9. Oh I love how you turned this into a promo opportunity dd. But yes, PJXtra 15, the latest round of the PopJustice song contest focused on non-English songs, is currently accepting entries, so feel free to give it a shot! I think you can tell by my dear co-host's death threats above that it'll be a fun round

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  10. Don't worry, the hunt will begin AFTER the round end


    But seriously thanks for the promo nn. Come join us and click the link in my signature, you can submit any of your fave flop K-pop song there. Especially you two @Glitterizer @boombazookajoe "<3"
  11. I shouldn’t have blown my load with YOUNG LUV in the regular song contest dammit.
  12. This leaving now makes absolutely no sense. What the hell ddd.
  13. Lemme see what I can do! I love flops.

    Sorry @Wills, unnie. But your song still did much better than mine so I’m not too sorry.
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  14. The nugu-phobia has to stop.
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  15. I am flabbergasted that this is so low. It's a lovely song, DRIPPIN deserves more though
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  16. The Boy Boost cull continues.


    Team Monster | Submitted by @Lately


    Highest Scores:
    10 @bbynewyear @Lately @ohnostalgia @Deja-Boo
    @thommyh @RUNAWAY @Slice of Life @Salami @ysev
    9.5 @drod93 | 9 @Music Is Death

    Lowest Scores:
    2 @Attis | 4.25 @askew
    6 @boombazookajoe @Ana Raquel @Wills
    6.75 @FunkyButChic

    Glitterizer's score: 8
    10 Voters: #32
    20 Voters: #52
    30 Voters: #37
    Final Position: #36

    Oh, this is the first HYBE Labels elimination. Interesting!

    Fever was the "second single" from BORDER : CARNIVAL, basically a b-side that is promoted on music shows and receives a music video, something that both TXT and ENHYPEN have been doing since they debuted. I wish other companies would take note and makes this standard, there are so many amazing albums that are just abandoned once the title track promotion is done.

    FEVER goes for a hazy, languid atmosphere that works for the most part. It's very catchy, and the choreography is appealing, but it wasn't really a highlight for me when the album came out (I much preferred Not For Sale), so I was a bit surprised by its success: this song is their biggest hit yet, with more than 100M streams on Spotify, and as of December 2021 they were the only male group besides BTS to achieve this number. FEVER was also very popular on K-Pop TikTok, being used on a bunch of non-ENHYPEN videos.

    @boombazookajoe (6) states: “Enhypen isn't really doing it for me, sissies.” and lowest scorer @Attis (2) explains: “Never get the hype of this. It's trying to be sexy I guess, but end up being boring and boring is bigger sin than being bad”. OK but what's up some of y'all's rating scales? How is "boring" a 2/10?? Geez.

    A nerdy detail about the lyrics: in the chorus, the members first say “I want to hold you,” but in the second half, it becomes “I want to know you / suffer from you.” In Korean “to suffer” and “to know” (alda, 알다) are homophones. This is a cool way of expressing the songs feeling of longing and ache, pleasure and pain. Speaking of, some people felt this whole concept was maybe a bit too sexy for the young group, but honestly it's all so vague with the flame metaphors, they are always very covered up and the choreography doesn't really go to a hip-thrusting place.

    @Slice of Life's (10) anti days are long behind us “COME ON VOCAL KINGS FFFFFFFF!!!!!! They really sound so good in the chorus tho” and @bbynewyear (10) keeps on stanning: “Such a stylish little track, they were smart to release a music video for this!“

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  17. Is this a joke now? Two of the best songs leaving back to back so soon?

    Fever could’ve been the single. It might be better than Drunk-Dazed.
  18. This one's actually grown on me a teensy bit, maybe into the 7-7.5 range. Not enough that I'm bummed to see it go (especially after my Boy Boost!!!), but those murky backings are kinda super nice.

    Although each day they stick around KSOTY saps a little more of my goodwill, so maybe there is good in goodbye after all!
  19. That was easily their worst song in the rate (not to say it's bad, a solid 7 for me), so I can accept this elimination, but the rest of the Enhypen songs all better make the top 20 10.
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