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KPB♂2021 | K-Pop Boys Rate 2021 | Final Stats

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Glitterizer, Feb 14, 2022.


Which team did/will you choose?

  1. Team Fairy

    16 vote(s)
  2. Team Hero

    7 vote(s)
  3. Team Monster

    10 vote(s)
  1. Let's go!
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  2. Let’s go girls.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Team Fairy | #2 Song of November


    Highest Scores:
    11 @Vixen

    10 @soratami @TéléDex @chrisjche @junglefish
    @Untouchable Ace @drod93 @nikkysan @ysev @Wills @leedlelee...
    9.5 @Music Is Death | 9.25 @RUNAWAY

    Lowest Scores:
    5 @bbynewyear | 6.5 @Lately @Sanctuary
    7 @Attis @eatyourself | 7.75 @Remorque

    Glitterizer's score: 8.5

    Leaderboard Evolution:
    10 Voters: #7
    20 Voters: #5
    30 Voters: #4
    Final Position: #7

    Oh wow! Congratulations to ONEUS for almost making it into our Top 5, an excellent performance for a group that isn't really that popular here... or elsewhere?

    This song is saaauur pretty... a perfect example of a Team Fairy representative! I often really love when K-Pop groups incorporate some traditional cultural elements in their music, performances and videos, it brings a refreshing organic aspect to the table. Here the influence in embedded in the whole thing, the traditional instruments make a nice contrast with the icy, synthy production, the music video sets, the outfits, and even the dance moves with the fans. The rap is a little bit distracting but nothing that takes too many points from it. @boombazookajoe (9) agrees: “The second verse switch up doesn't do it for me, put it's only a small mark on an otherwise incredible song.”

    Overall a great single that knew what it wanted to do, and did with precision and not too many distracting frills. I gotta say I also really liked one of their other 2021 singles, Black Mirror, and I think it would have performed well here too, maybe even Top 20. It's a cool disco number, check it out below if you haven't! Perhaps commenting on their mixed bag of singles, @Inland Empire (8,5) says: “ONEUS’s trajectory has been…a bumpy ride to put it one way, but it’s songs like this that remind me there’s SO much potential here.”

    @drod93 (10) confesses “This was on the running for my 11 at some point” but what does our actual 11-giver have to say? A lot! Here's @Vixen's commentary: “Honestly, the second I discovered this song last year, I was just instantly enthralled with the song... I understand that traditional influences in K-Pop has since then lost a bit (lot) of its novelty, but there's just something so captivating to me between the mix, and somehow...I always feel like it brings a lot out of these idols whenever they tackle this kind of sound? Maybe out of respect? I don't know...I'm just rambling here. But back to the song, honestly... It's just...fantastic. So meticulously crafted. Whoever came up with that hook needs...well!! Perhaps I could help them in a room in which there are no others?? Or, you guys can watch, I don't care…”


  4. 2 songs from each team remain!

    BAD LOVE | Key

    | SHINee
    Tear Drop | SF9

    The Realist | ONF

    Who's not crossing the gates of the Top 5, leaving their team with a big disadvantage?
    We will find out #soon, but let me know what you think!



    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    OOP! It's true though.

    Another thing.....I thought that their name was pronounced as ONEWS for longer than I care to admit. One of my IRL friends literally had to point out that ONE-WE and ONE-US were groups that were related FFFFFFF.
  6. Luna’s a great song and the video (and choreo) are absolutely stunning.

    (Pleek Drunk-Dazed go next.)
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  7. Yes, and they have a pair of twin brothers one in each group! ONEUS's Xion & ONEWE's Dongmyeong.
  8. Drunk-Dazed is laughably out of place here… come on now.

    Loser=Lover as well but to a lesser extent.
  9. Atlantis needs to sink.
  10. Okay, I've finally caught up (I think) nn and... Bad Love and Atlantis need to gaur. I don't know what it is y'all see in them

  11. [​IMG]


    Team Hero | #1 Song of August


    Highest Scores:
    10 @Sanctuary @Salami @ohnostalgia @boombazookajoe
    @Deja-Boo @RUNAWAY @Music Is Death @soratami @chrisjche
    @junglefish @Untouchable Ace @ysev @Vixen | 9.75 @TéléDex
    9.5 @FunkyButChic @Glitterizer | 9.25 @thommyh

    Lowest Scores:
    4 @Attis
    6.5 @askew @ohdenny @KimLippington
    6.75 @drod93 | 7.5 @Ana Raquel

    Glitterizer's score: 9.5

    Leaderboard Evolution:
    10 Voters: #4
    20 Voters: #18
    30 Voters: #8
    Final Position: #6

    Well, almost exactly one year after its release, it's time to eliminate TXT's second and last song in this rate. They sure do like ranking #6 in PopJustice, huh? That's the position they keep getting on the monthly charts, and the same position Blue Hour got last year (but of course, we still had Ghosting).

    This is a huge earworm, and definitely feels "easier" than 0X1 while still expanding their exploration of this rockier sound, fitting for a repackage title track. It's a bit brighter and packed with more hooks (that chorus immediately felt like something familiar and comforting the first time I heard it), but I always thought it lacked the emotional impact of the former...

    The pre-chorus is a highlight for me, I love the vocal effect and the build up it provides. It was the first time the boys used swear words in a song, which left me a bit shook! This was also the first time a member of the group contributed to the creation of a title track, with Yeonjun writing and composing his rap verse for the bridge.

    On the visual side, the two music videos are directly connected, but in reverse order: LO♡ER takes place first, showing the group of friend's shenanigans before riding off a cliff into the sunset, while 0X1 shows the aftermath where only Yeonjun survived and imagines his friends are still with him.

    @drod93 (6,75) feels some type of way about TXT's year of rocking œut: “prefer it to their other title, but I need TXT to get over this emo phase. It's a bit outside their range” I mean, emo / pop-rock is far from my favorite genre and I'm ready for them to do a colorful title track again, but it's funny you would say that considering it's pretty much a consensus that this was a sound and image that felt very natural and a good fit for the group! But rest easy, I don't think they will stay doing this forever: dabbling in multiple different genres and aesthetics is pretty much their gimmick, something that is still often mentioned in interviews and press material for the group. As @bbynewyear (8) says, they are: “Quirky"

    @boombazookajoe (10) comments: “While LOVESONG was the more popular TXT track last year..." (Well, I thought the same, but look at the results fff) "...Loser=Lover is the better one. 2nd verse rap aside, this song transports me back to my 7th grade emo era listening to Dashboard Confessional, Simple Plan, and Good Charlotte and the boys kind of nail it. The lyrics are DUMB dumb but that has never stopped any of us from liking a K-Pop song before.”

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  12. THE REALIST TOP 5 YES!!!!!!!!!

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  13. I really didn't think SF9 would make the top 5, we love an underdog success story.
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  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Can’t even properly celebrate my last remaining 10 being in the top 5 because it’s a song by fucking ENHYPEN,,,,,,
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  15. For the previously eliminated songs that competed in both KPB and KSOTY...

    KSOTY Ranking

    1. Beautiful Beautiful | ONF
    2. LMLY | Jackson Wang
    3. Cinema | CIX

    4. Goosebumps | ONF

    6. Lose | Wonho
    7. 0X1=LOVESONG | TXT

    8. Don't Fight the Feeling | EXO
    9. Favorite (Vampire) | NCT 127

    10. libidO | OnlyOneOf
    11. Red Lights | Stray Kids

    KPB Ranking:

    1. Goosebumps | ONF (+3)
    2. Beautiful Beautiful | ONF (-1)
    3. Cinema | CIX
    4. LMLY | Jackson Wang (-2)
    5. 0X1=LOVESONG | TXT (+2)

    6. INSIDE OUT | NU'EST (-1)
    7. Favorite (Vampire) | NCT 127 (+2)

    8. Lose | Wonho (-2)
    9. Don't Fight the Feeling | EXO (-1)

    10. libidO | OnlyOneOf
    11. Red Lights | Stray Kids

    All songs in the Top 5 have already competed in KSOTY.
    Go look up how they ranked if you want, hehe.

    All I can spoil is: the order will not be the same x


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  16. Drunk Dazed:

    The other four are slays though I’m kind of rooting for The Realist at this point just because.
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  17. Hoping Tear Drop could win this to ease the pain of Beautiful Beautiful's elimination.
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  18. I’m… not surprised at all that Tear Drop has done this well? It ticks all the boxes that KPJ want in their boy group songs:
    • House track
    • Sexy vocals and choreography
    As long as Enhypen doesn’t win, I’m good.
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