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K♂POP BOYS Rate 2020 | #11 - Top 10 revealed!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Glitterizer, Mar 22, 2021.

  1. Don’t feel bad about it by the way, we’re all just having a kii <3 It’s not serious at all.
  2. All I wanted to do was share 'Moon Rider' with everyone when prompted with a cute random butt.
    (We're all moon riders at heart anyway.)

    By the way did anyone try the moon rider yet? It's wonderful.

  3. [​IMG] [​IMG]  

    "All of me is headed to you, I’m filled up
    I don’t care if I’m blinded by your light"


    Average: 8,2 (8,1563)

    KSOTY Avg: 7,4
    (MisandryJustice Tax: 0,8 point)

    10 (@Slice of Life @nikkysan @junglefish @Luck @chrisjche
    @Remorque @OspreyQueen @boombazookajoe @Monkey0)
    9,50 (@Music Is Death @ysev @ohdenny @Sanctuary)
    9 (@aux @M24 @ohnostalgia)


    6,75 (@Joli Chat)
    6,25 (@Glitterizer)

    6 (@bbynewyear)
    5 (@askew @eatyourself)
    3 (@Yeziirl)

    Glitterizer’s Score:

    6 voters: #43
    12 voters: #33
    18 voters: #25
    24 voters: #23
    30 voters: #25

    Another one of the songs that also competed in KSOTY falls, and this time it's VERIVERY's turn. This group debuted in January 2019 under Jellyfish Entertainment, also home to gugudan (fun fact, the agency's name means a fish-shaped jelly, as in a candy, not the medusae). Can you tell I'm trying to fill space up because I'm mega sleepy + don't have much to say about this song but don't want to break my daily elimination streak? Their name comes from the Latin word 'veri' meaning 'truth' and the English word 'very', which is kinda cute! They were their agency's first boy group in six years since VIXX.

    Lay Back was the title track of the Face Me mini-album, the first part of the "FACE it" trilogy, and it was produced by PUFF and Kyler Niko, who also worked on a bunch of HYBE songs last year, such as MAGO, Given-Taken, Ghosting and Blue Hour. The lyrics were written by Wkly and Jo Yoon-kyung (NCT Dream's Hot Sauce, Red Velvet's Russian Roulette, EXO's Love Shot).

    As Slicey already covered on his write-up for this song, VERIVERY was initially known for their new jack swing sound. For those unfamiliar with what that means, listen here to a little sampler of K-Pop songs that fit that label. But, as bright boygroups often do, they ended up ~maturing~ into something moodier, which is fine for me as long as it's not a one-way ticket. Why does it often feel like only girl groups are allowed to switch up between concepts but for boy groups it is often seen as a regression? There's this misconception that "dark" concepts show more skill or something and it couldn't be further from the truth. Luckily groups like Golden Child and TXT have been able to pull off this back and forth with great success recently, so I hope others are more encouraged to do the same.

    Lay Back still retains some amount of funk, but I feel like it never really goes anywhere and almost veers into generic territory. I really like the pre-chorus which builds a lot of momentum, and the chorus is catchy enough, but I always struggle to remember much else about the song, such as the verses. It feels like a song that doesn't know what it's trying to do. @boombazookajoe (10) loves it: “THANK GOD this got included. Don't bomb this, unnies!” Well... is #23 out of 82 bombing? @bbynewyear (6) appreciates the initial messiness of planning this rate: “This late addition was VALID.” @Wills (7) begs for them to Turn Back Time: “Verivery please, I'm begging you, bring back new jack swing in 2021, it's not even a sound I like very much but at least it's less generic than this.”

    The music video is interesting and quite enjoyable, if headache-inducing for me trying to figure out how they filmed all those clone scenes with mirrors and shit.


    RUNAWAY Staff Member

  5. I like the Verivery song. It's better than a few songs left, however 23 feels like a good place for it to end up.
  6. Actual footage of me trying to come up with and typing out the stupidest thing possible every time

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  7. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Not to bring it back to Minho, but I hope a few others voted for him in the idol rate.
  8. Speaking of, so far only 10 people voted...
    I want the remaining 29 ballots (+1 from @BeingNormal), ladies!
    Feed me data to compute.
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2021
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  9. #23 and an 8.2 average is respectable. But I never expected this
    from you bestie.
  10. Some of you really aren’t subtle with your bias towards a certain company dd
  11. I would probably rate it a bit higher now but not enough to make a difference in the average ddd I just don’t care for it.

    I played the entire playlist multiple times over the course of the more than a month, and by the last few listens there were just a small handful of songs left that I either still hated or could never remember much of note about. This is one of them!

    *eyes emoji* Now what exactly do you mean by this bestie?
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  12. [​IMG] [​IMG]  

    "Behind the flowing curtain you faintly shine
    A trap set up that stops me with just a shadow"


    Average: 8,2 (8,1625)

    11 (@nikkysan)

    10 (@Music Is Death @aux @eliminathan @RUNAWAY @Joli Chat)
    9,50 (@Macsun)
    9 (@Remorque @OspreyQueen @Monkey0 @ysev@BEST FICTION
    @An Insider @TéléDex @superloves @KimLippington)


    6,75 (@junglefish @M24 @Glitterizer)
    6,50 (@chrisjche @eccentricsimply @Wills)

    6 (@soratami @Yeziirl)
    5,50 (@Sanctuary)

    Glitterizer’s Score:

    6 voters: #38
    12 voters: #46
    18 voters: #42
    24 voters: #29
    30 voters: #24

    Today we are saying goodbye to the second GOT7 song, Love You Better. It was co-written by member Jinyoung and produced by BLSSD aka Rphabet, who's most notable for their work with Infinite, and also produced Golden Child's ONE (Lucid Dream), which is still in this rate.

    This is a soft and sweet traditional love song. I relistened while making this post and I think it definitely deserved one extra full point from me, so I ask fans for some forgiveness dd The melody is very pretty and the production is just perfect for it, has the right mix of synthyness and jazzy / R&B touches. I feel like if I was in a relationship or in love I would maybe cry to this ffffff It also kinda sounds like a more lowkey version of ASTRO's Knock. Does anyone else hear this?

    @boombazookajoe (8) simply calls it “A sweet B-Side.” while @eatyourself (7,5) gets shady: “Great instrumental, beautiful instrumental.” @bbynewyear (8) comments: “That bit before the chorus? That's very heavenly to me !” @Wills (6,5) preemptively apologizes to PJ's resident Agahse representative “Sorry @nikkysan I don't get this one :(" Here's what @nikkysan had to say about his (11): “This was my most played song last year and a great source of comfort during the lockdown. This song never fails to put a smile on my face. The blend of synths and smooth R&B is perfect, I think it’s my favourite thing GOT7 have ever done.”

    Last edited: Jun 10, 2021
  13. This is fine!!!!


  14. We are one elimination away from the Top 20... who will not survive to see it?
    As of now ENHYPEN (2), Kai (2) and TXT (4) are the only acts with multiple songs that remain untouched.​

    Top 30

    Baekhyun | Candy
    DAY6 | Zombie
    ENHYPEN | 10 Months
    ENHYPEN | Given-Taken

    EXO-SC | 1 Billion Views
    GOT7 | Last Piece
    GOT7 | Love You Better
    GOT7 | Not by the Moon
    Golden Child | One (Lucid Dream)
    Ha Sung Woon | Forbidden Island
    Kai | Amnesia
    Kai | Nothing On Me
    ONF | Sukhumvit Swimming
    Ong Seong Wu | Gravity
    SF9 | Good Guy
    SF9 | Summer Breeze

    Stray Kids | Back Door
    SuperM | One (Monster & Infinity)
    Taemin | Criminal

    THE BOYZ | Reveal
    THE BOYZ | The Stealer
    THE BOYZ | Whiplash
    TXT | Blue Hour
    TXT | Can't You See Me?
    TXT | Fairy of Shampoo
    TXT | Ghosting

    VERIVERY | Lay Back
    WayV | Nectar
    WayV | Turn Back Time

    Wonho | Open Mind

    Those who have been paying attention will be able to narrow down who could be leaving tomorrow x

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  15. I’m surprised Zombie has lasted this long, and I say that as someone who likes it.
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  16. Wait so I just looked at my scores and I don't have anything here lower than an 8. So get rid of The Stealer.
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  17. I can't help but feel I'm partially responsible for this, I could see it getting a 0 in KSOTY making some people bump their score a bit here just in case nn
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  18. Or maybe cause it is a 10 and it's able to soar here unencumbered by the MisandryJustice tax.

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  19. Hey, if your travesty of a score in the KSOTY rate made anybody bump their score up a little bit here, then ultimately, you've done the Lord's work, bestie. <3 <3 <3
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  20. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Suffering is the only constant
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