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KPSC #13 — Sweet Sexy KPSC ✧ THE END

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by codecat, May 24, 2020.

  1. No one's claimed TWICE or Red Velvet yet?

    Guess I know what my 12 pointer will be!
  2. I mean... the theme kinda begs for someone to submit this
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  3. JUS2 making an entrance before You Calling My Name. I was not expecting that.

    We need more people to take one for the team and pick the sweetest songs from artists who release sexy bops so they're out of the running. I'm looking for a win here ddd.
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  4. You when someone claims GOT7 but they choose Just Right

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  5. Not me coming through last second with a winner.

    I don't think y'all are ready for this Sweet + Sexy, joint serve

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  6. A little update!

    2PM have been claimed

    fromis_9 have been claimed

    Lee Hyori has been claimed​

    REMINDER: Voting closes on May 31 at 5PM GMT. Get those picks ready if you haven't voted yet, there's still lots of options!​
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  7. [​IMG]

    You wanna know the songs that you'll have to vote for, huh? Well, here they are! You'll have to rate these from 1 to 12 points:

    After School - First Love
    T-ara - Like the First Time
    KNK - Sunset
    Shannon - Why Why
    IU - Jam Jam
    WJSN - Save Me, Save You
    SNSD - Oh!
    Jus2 - Focus on Me
    Park Jiyoon - Coming-of-Age Ceremony
    Seohyun - Bad Love
    2PM - A.D.T.O.Y.
    DIA - On the road
    SISTAR - Touch My Body
    C-REAL - No No No No No
    miss A - Hush
    Girl's Day - Ring My Bell
    Gain - Paradise Lost
    Lovelyz - When We Were Us
    Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra
    Gangkiz - MAMA
    EXID - DDD
    Stellar - Marionette
    Lee Hyori - U-Go-Girl
    fromis_9 - DKDK
    Fiestar - Mirror
    HELLOVENUS - Sticky Sticky
    9muses - Glue
    Honey Popcorn - De-aeseohsta
    Oh My Girl - The Fifth Season
    LOONA/Kim Lip - Eclipse

    Most of them are! @junglefish our prostitution didn't work as well as we'd thought but we will carry on with our work and we will preservere for the sake of the sweet concept!!!! As you can see, this list is full of amazing choices, and it's not gonna be easy making a ballot right away! We're all gonna have to make some painful cuts...also I'd like to remind you to give a chance to the songs you've never heard before — you might just discover something great, and that's one of the fun parts of KPSC!

    Apple Music hunties sorry I don't have an account ddd you'll find a way to listen to the songs, I'm sure! Also: these two sadly aren't on Spotify so I'll post the YouTube links — go and listen to them!

    Shannon - Why Why
    Gangkiz - MAMA
    Lee Hyori - U-Go-Girl

    Please, submit your scores in a ballot following this format:

    12 points:
    10 points:
    8 points:
    7 points:
    6 points:
    5 points:
    4 points:
    3 points:
    2 points:
    1 point:

    Ballots are due before June 6 at 10PM GMT. Also, let's go through some voting rules:

    1. Only the members who submitted a song are allowed to vote in this KPSC edition

    2. If you submitted a song but failed to vote, your pick will be penalised with -15 points, so don't forget to vote if you don't want to go through this disgrace!!!

    3. I know we all love to gossip in our PMs (as I could already intercept with some of you not even bothering to disguise that when sending in your pick ddd) but please, do try to not reveal your pick. You can fill the thread with conspiracy theories about who chose what song though — I highly welcome that you do that!

    4. You cannot vote for your own entry.

    Whew that was a lot! Let's all get to voting!!!!

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  8. I thought I saw my 12 pointer and then I saw another one, and then another one...this is going to be tough to predict.
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  9. aux


    Frankly, I'm not too familiar with most of these, so I'm super excited to dive in and make some new discoveries. The ones I do know... whew, masterpieces if you ask me. Anything could win.
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  10. Whew, what a round song-wise!
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  11. I was anxiously waiting to see who would remember to submit this absolute sexy CLASSIC but as it turns out, nobody did! WHY DIDN'T ANYONE REMEMBER THIS EXISTED.........FFFF

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  12. Yep, I wished I chose this not long after I submitted mine.
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  13. well, spotted my 12 right away.
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  14. No-one actually submitting Sweet Sexy Fei is disappointing.
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  15. I can't either! It literally inspired the thread title! You know what I also can't believe? THAT I HAVEN'T RECEIVED A SINGLE BALLOT IN MY INBOX!!!! It's almost Tuesday!!! But do not fear — I'm gonna do a dazzling tagging spree, so everyone please look forward to it!

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  16. The way they didn't even submit bibidi babidi boo, getting the girls dragged.
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  17. Ok you guys this is really hard.........I had to cut 8 songs from my ballot nñ

  18. We're currently at 7 votes so I'm coming at you with some...

    (not fucking @junglefish changing his icon after I made this gif ffff)

    — 3 songs are currently on a brave battle for the top spot, but the twist is: are they all sexy or sweet songs? A mix of both? You'll just have to wait and see :)

    — 7 songs still have 0 points, but the results are still very early so there's hope for...some of you!

    — The songs at #3 and #2 are tied — and really close to the song that's currently at #1!

    — A legendary song loved by most of us is close to getting slapped in the face by an underrated classic: can you guess what these two can be?

    That's all for now! I wanna see more ballots in my inbox: remember that the deadline is on
    June 6 at 10PM GMT! Happy voting x​
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  19. fff I changed it again just for you, I'm such an great friend whew.
    omg not No No No No No coming for Eclipse's top spot.
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  20. Lovelyz beating 9Muses?
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