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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Kuhleezi, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. Deja-Bae @Deja-Boo in the house!

  2. And give it up one last time for @RUNAWAY!

    This means our definitive chart is:
  3. And the winner of the Korean Popjustice Song Contest - 8th edition is...

    And congratulations to all the rest of you and thank you all once again. Hope you had great fun, now I'm going to enjoy my 15 minutes of relevancy in KPJ in my sleep. Before that, here's the link with all the spreadsheets and stuff if you're into that kind of stuff x
  4. Then why was I barely 7th...

  5. Eeeeek!!! But anyway, thank you @He @vague @ThighHighs @Dangerous Maknae @eccentricsimply @junglefish @Slice of Life @savilizabeths @Empty Shoebox @Cotton Park @SloMover @ohnostalgia @Oleander @Serg. @Deja-Boo @RUNAWAY so much for your votes! And @Kuhleezi you are a wonderful, talented host and I really enjoyed being a part of this! You did great x

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  7. Congrats @SloMover and thanks for the great hosting @Kuhleezi! And thank you to everyone who gave S.E.S. points.

    Looking forward to the next round!
  8. First win...

    Kamsahamnida everyone for your support. I will work even harder to improve myself so I can show an even better side of me.

    So what messy theme can I go with for the next round?
  9. Wow I knew this was gonna be rough for me but never did I think SISTAR would be bottom 5.....and Oh My Girl winning?! Sometimes I ask myself why I'm even on this forum anymore if THAT is what you guys are stanning....
  10. It's not really Oh My Girl that's being stanned, it's "Closer." It's just.... on another plane. Can't explain it.
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  11. Sis...

    Cute next to gorgeous. Gorgeous is going to devour cute. Closer has scored too high for Shady Girl to catch up.
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  12. Thank you everyone who voted for Me Gustas Tu ya'll have shown absolutely amazing taste tonight!

  13. Well, I got to force everyone to listen to an NCT song, so in a way I’m still a winner here <3

    Thank you for hosting @Kuhleezi, and congrats @SloMover!!
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  15. Let's make this clear, my thread is not to shade my fairy mothers Oh My God

  16. Ooh, I missed the rest of the result as I was sleeping. Thank you @codecat, @Dangerous Maknae, @eccentricsimply, @Salami, @Ana Raquel, @savilizabeths, @Island and especially @Empty Shoebox, @Cotton Park, @SloMover and @soratami ♥, who voted for Gee, a.k.a the 10-year-old song that won't ever leave me alone.

    And thank you, @Kuhleezi, for hosting, you've done an amazing job!
    Ей, поосторожнее, я влюбчивый. Залезай ко мне в личку.
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  17. Also fucking kii at me being the only celeb at that red carpet @Kuhleezi was speaking of. Just a wall of sponsors' logos and no carpet at all.
  18. SO I’ve been thinking of themes for the next round... I was contemplating being messy and going with something like Best Japanese Version or Worst Title ddd

    But then I was thinking maybe doing a round that would spark conversation like Best Album Track or maybe jack @Empty Shoebox ‘s idea and do a producer themed round (I was thinking Sweetune after doing my ballot for the 9Muses rate)
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