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KPSC #9 - Album Tracks | Well it's over

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by SloMover, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. Final Results

    #33 @FunkyButChic : APink - Drummer Boy 2
    #32 @RUNAWAY : Sistar - Lead Me 10
    #31 @OspreyQueen : Monsta X - Calm Down 13
    #30 @Wills : Fromis_9 - Coloring 17
    #29 @Deja-Boo : Crayon Pop - 다가와 (Get It Here) 18
    #28 @ohnostalgia : (G)-Idle - $$$ 21
    #27 @thommyh : EVERGLOW - Moon 24
    #26 @soratami : Twice - Turtle 26

    #25 @askew : Taemin - Crazy 4 U 27
    #24 @Island : Mamamoo - Sleep in The Car 29
    #23 @vague : Son Dambi - Super Duper 30
    #22 @evilsin : BoA - Outgrow ~Ready Butterfly~ 31
    #21 @Ana Raquel : Stellar - Insomnia 34
    #21 @Serg. : 2NE1 - If I Were You 34
    #19 @Empty Shoebox : T-ara - One & One 43
    #18 @savilizabeths : Blackpink - SEE U LATER 53

    #17 @Slice of Life : Miss A - Lips 55
    #16 @junglefish : DIA - Pick Up The Phone 56
    #15 @Coming Century : After School - Love Beat 57
    #14 @He : Weki Meki - Metronome 58
    #13 @Sanctuary : EXO - The Eve 62
    #12 @codecat : GFRIEND - You Are Not Alone 63
    #11 @Kuhleezi : Dreamcatcher - Diamond 68

    #10 @Cotton Park : CLC - I Need U 72

    #9 @Salami : Oh My Girl - Twilight 73
    #8 @Twinkle : Brown Eyed Girls - Wave 74

    #7 @Vixen : LOONA OEC - Uncover 87

    #6 @ThighHighs : WJSN - Baby Face 99

    #5 @eccentricsimply : Sunmi - Black Pearl 102

    #4 @eliminathan : Red Velvet - Look 113

    #3 @Dangerous Maknae : SNSD - KARMA BUTTERFLY 117

    #2 @Oleander : f(x) - Airplane 135


    #1 @BEST FICTION : Wonder Girls - One Black Night 211

    Congrats to unnie @BEST FICTION who absolutely dog walked this (to be fair, One Black Night is a fucking amazing song) but the REAL winner is Sunmi - two songs in the Top 5... When will your unsuccessful faves???​
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  2. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    @Sanctuary WHYYYYYYYY

    Oh well, third from the bottom isn’t bad. Big thank you to all of my wonderful non-voters!! Commiserations @BEST FICTION, and thank you for hosting @SloMover xx
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  4. Despite Look "underperforming", a great result (the acts that make up Top 1011, the flavor!). Thanks for the votes, thanks for the submissions, thanks to @SloMover for delivering across the board! And congrats @BEST FICTION! I can't... wait for the bg theme round. Yay.
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  5. Thank you to everyone who voted for One Black Night, which is genuinely one of my favourite songs of all time, from one of my favourite albums of all time. This is a win for talent, and it is only amplified by the fact that it is so far the highest scoring song in KPSC history.


    I guess I gotta come up with a round to host, right? Great job, @SloMover. Thank you for being a fellow Aussie so that I could enter this contest when I was awake for once.
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  6. Thanks to EVERYONE for participating in this, I really appreciate you guys waiting around for my slow ass. Hope you all had fun and maybe discovered a new song or two to add to the playlist. Saranghae xxx

    Me back in March:
    And thanks to everyone, I got both. The SCREAM I let out when everyone started dragging each other over the song selections <3
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  7. I could listen to that top 10 every day on my way to work for months. Years. Great songs.

    Thanks, @SloMover !
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  8. Wow so happy to be in the top 10!
    I really haven't seen this coming, I didn't think I had a chance considering all the popular acts in the list!

    Thanks to everyone for acknowledging talent and @SloMover for organizing this.

    I am super ready for next round!
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  9. A visual representation of Drummer Boy falling to the bottom of the charts:


    Congratulations @BEST FICTION!! And of course thank you @SloMover for hosting this lovely round, you did a wonderful job.
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  10. That means you win the... (drumroll... cymbal) BOUQUET OF BREAD!


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  11. Great theme, great host and great thread title - @SloMover you knocked it out of the park with this round, thank you so much for hosting...even your PMs were funny! Also thanks to everyone who voted for my entry, and congrats @BEST FICTION!
    dddd this makes me so sad unnie...Drummer Boy is basically Apink's take on the f(x) sound so I thought it wouldn't completely flop? The girls making it obvious they didn't even listen to it.................a disgrace
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  12. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

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  13. My other choice was KoK KoK (another Apink doing f(x) moment!) but that probably would have fared similarly ddd

    I'm not too mad though (okay maybe a little because Monsta X beating me with that song? Really? C'mon...)

    Thank you for being one of my sole votes, by the way!
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  14. I would have had to vote for KoK KoK.

    (I'm so juvenile.)
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  15. Causing all that conversation and still nabbing a nearly top 25 placement, TWICE did that. Thanks for the points everyone. Great hosting @SloMover and congrats @BEST FICTION! Totally deserved win and reminds me I need to listen to Reboot.
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  16. He


    Sunmi owns this forum. Deservedly so.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Wow. I really thought Lead Me would get SOME points. Thanks @Slice of Life I guess. I guess I’ve always loved that song because of the iconic misheard lyric that STARTS THE SONG. Oh well.
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  18. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Thanks @SloMover for voting and I'm not gonna thank people who voted for my song because really voting for Sunmi should be a requirement to be in this sub-forum.
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  19. [​IMG]

    Thanks @SloMover for hosting. Thanks @eliminathan @Deja-Boo @Coming Century @eccentricsimply @Island for your points. Looks like Crazy 4 U will continue to be that underrated bop (I acknowledge that there are more obvious and palatable Taemin picks, but I love this song okay let me have this). @evilsin I was gagged when I saw OUTGROW〜Ready butterfly〜 had been submitted. That was a classic, that was a classic.
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  20. Me still finishing third even though half of these binches didn't vote for my entry

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