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KPSC #9 - Album Tracks | Well it's over

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by SloMover, Apr 22, 2019.


    At least what to enter that won’t immediately lose.
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  2. Now that almost everyone submitted, I'm surprised most of the solo artists weren't picked. Sunmi, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Taemin and Luna all have pretty good B-Sides that I thought will be picked but I didn't choose a solo artist myself so I can't complain.

    Edit : Wait Sunmi is in.
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  3. Sunmi and Taemin have been entered. Because SNSD has been entered, that ruled out Taeyeon and Tiffany due to the main group still being active and the 1x song per act clause (unless you want to enter Tiffany’s English material but lol ew)

    But honestly there’s still a handful of popular groups/acts that are guaranteed points that haven’t been entered yet and I’m a bit surprised.

    EDIT: also because I said the last time zone to cross over to Thursday is the deadline, anyone else who wants to enter, you still have heaps of time because it’s only Tuesday 9.30pm for the good unnies in Baker Island
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    I’m not waiting on anyone else so I think I can say - ENTRIES CLOSED. List of songs coming shortly!​
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  6. [​IMG]

    Here are the 33 entries for KPSC IX!
    Son Dambi - Super Duper
    Wonder Girls - One Black Night
    APink - Drummer Boy
    Red Velvet - Look
    f(x) - Airplane
    T-ara - One & One
    Oh My Girl - Twilight
    Dreamcatcher - Diamond
    Miss A - Lips
    Taemin - Crazy 4 U
    GFRIEND - You Are Not Alone
    Crayon Pop - 다가와 (Get It Here)
    After School - Love Beat
    Twice - Turtle
    Monsta X - Calm Down
    WJSN - Baby Face
    Sunmi - Black Pearl
    LOONA OEC - Uncover
    2NE1 - If I Were You
    CLC - I Need U
    DIA - Pick Up The Phone
    EVERGLOW - Moon
    Weki Meki - Metronome
    Stellar - Insomnia
    Mamamoo - Sleep in The Car
    BoA - Outgrow ~Ready Butterfly~
    (G)-Idle - $$$
    EXO - The Eve
    Sistar - Lead Me
    Brown Eyed Girls - Wave
    Blackpink - SEE U LATER
    Fromis_9 - Coloring

    • You need to choose 10 of your favourites from the above and rank them from 1-10. Your #1 choice will be awared 12 points, #2 will be awared 10 points, #3 will be awarded 8 points and #4-10 will be awarded 7-1 points.
    • Send me your ballots in a PM (ideally in #1 to #10 format)
    • You cannot vote for your own entry
    • - If you have entered and you don't vote, your entry will lose half of its total points
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  7. I love this song, but whoever sent this in...

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  8. I'm screaming at some of these choices. It feels like people picked a track from a group they hate ddd.
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  9. I like a lot of these but some of the choices are really surprising tbh. Taemin, CLC and GFRIEND especially, but they have entire albums full of killer material so any entry is guaranteed to bop.

    EDIT: BLACKPINK and Dreamcatcher as well ddd
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Me seeing you all drag each other's tastes:

    The subtitle clause really fucked Blackpink because it left them with like three songs able to be entered ddd
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  12. And sent my scores.

    That wasn't too hard actually, there's a very clear winner there.
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  13. Their other options were Really, Kick It and a ballad so I would cut the good sis who chose See You Later some slack.
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  14. Oh that’s tea actually, I forgot about the sub title track part ddd. Good choice out of what you had to choose from in that case unnie.
  15. I’m surprised whoever picked GFRIEND chose that song, but I’m glad they did because it’s amazing. Too bad it’s probably gonna flop.
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  16. Well I was right
  17. Oh my god who chose Crazy 4 U out of Taemin’s entire catalogue? This is EXO in the SOTY rate all over again.
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  18. wait, the girls don't like Crazy 4 U?

    It's literally one of his best songs, tf.
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  19. Sent xx

    Whoever sabotaged TWICE
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  20. No one entering EXID...

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