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KPSC #9 - Album Tracks | Well it's over

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by SloMover, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. I adore Turtle but who has it out for TWICE? Those poor girls are going to struggle to get points with this.
  2. Sunset, Be as One, Love Line, Rollin', 24/7, FFW, Look At Me... Robbed.
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  3. Or 4Minute/Hyuna... I was gooped.
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  4. The longer I look at the song list the more shook I get. The fact that an OEC akgae got LOONA before an OT12 stan. The fact that LOVE LETTER wasn’t entered. The MONSTA X song that I have never heard of when Oh My! was right there ddd. Y’all are going to jail.

    Be as One has a video so thankfully that can’t be entered or else I’d be FYUMIN.
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  5. At least whoever submitted for WJSN chose the exact song I was going to pick. A small victory there.
  6. Wonder Girls & f(x) making bigger gap on top with each voter

  7. And the fact that they chose the least popular OEC song. I cackled.
  8. No KARA?

    Also, whoever picked 'One Black Night' over 'Stop!' missed out on guaranteed twelves from Slicé and I.
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  9. If anyone picked ‘Stop’ over ‘One Black Night’ they would miss out on the guaranteed win ddd.
  10. I'm cackling at Monsta X getting sabotaged ddd their music gets a bad enough reputation on here as it is so this choice... I have to laugh.
  11. It's a good song because everything Taemin releases is good but he has at least an entire album of songs that are better than Crazy 4 U, including Japanese releases.
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  12. Well, these are the songs that I submitted in the last 8 rounds :

    Gaon #1 Singles : Mr Mr
    Duos and Trios : TTS - Adrenaline
    K-Ontroversial K-Pop : AOA - Miniskirt
    Retro : Wonder Girls - Candle
    K-Indie : Heize - Don't Know You
    Soloists : Seohyun - Magic
    Brave Brothers : 9M - Sleepless Night
    First Comeback : Taeyeon - Why

    So I'm not really sure why you doubted my taste when I've been serving taste consistently in this game for years.
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  13. He


    Ddd I can't even remember what I entered for the last contest, let alone the first one.
  14. Can we have a Spotify playlist?
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  15. SNSD and Miss A are missing.

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  16. Now everyone can experience the hell I've been in for YEARS with my favorite SNSD song not being on spotify.
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  17. Suddenly I don't feel like killing off the unnie who stole Apink from me - Drummer Boy is great and I hope the girls throw some points to it! A L R I G H T is better tho xx

    Kok Kok too

    and I Like That Kiss as well

    kii #PandaPromo
  18. lots of complaints and none on my entry whew

    i miss 4minute and kara
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  19. Omg sleep in the car
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