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KPSC #9 - Album Tracks | Well it's over

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by SloMover, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. Well, I just won one of the main forum song contests so maybe it's a sign that I will win this one, too. But will I?

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  2. Some stats now that I've received 11 set of ranks out of the 33 participants...
    • All but two entries have received points so far (it's not hard to guess which two songs ddd)
    • The song at #1 is there by quite a margin but not so much that it can't be unplaced
    • 1 point separates #2 and #3 - interestingly, #3 was ranked first for most of the week until #2 emerged and current #1 pulled ahead
    @everyone who haven't sent in their scores:
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  3. it's 1:30 am here and i have to wake up 7:30 am but at least i've just voted
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  4. I hadn't heard most of these songs before, and... yeah, mine might be a little out of its depth.
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  5. I don't even like a few of the songs I voted for affhj.
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  6. I should really start this, shouldn't I?
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  7. [​IMG]

    Before I start tagging people as reminder, how about some more #CONTENT?

    While watching the entries roll in, there were a few acts that I was shocked were not submitted - not even as back-ups. Below is a short list of legends and cult acts we love but weren't submitted (along with what I would've entered for them):

    4Minute - Tickle Tickle Tickle
    Hyuna - DART
    Lee Hyori - Oars
    EXID - Too Good To Me

    But if I was playing smart, I would've probably entered How Why as I know how much you whores love it but it's a bit too Chainsmokers for my liking
    Brave Girls - Memory
    Chungha - Cherry Kisses
    LADIES' CODE - Jane Doe
    9MUSES - WHO R U

    KARA - Rider
    Rainbow - Black and White

    Did I get it right or are my choices as whack as what was actually entered? Who else were you shocked not to see entered?

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  8. He


    I wanted to enter EXID since they have an incredibly consistent discography, but I don't think they have a sub-forum wide loved b-side.

    I would have gone for Boy or Don't want a drive, or Are You Hungry for the kiis.
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  9. The last three songs all linking to Chung Ha, get that free promo sis.
    I literally went and got the song link for No by Lee Hyori to say "it should have been this instead" but apparently Oars is the same song dddd. When was it called Oars I always knew it as No.

    As for the others I would have liked to have seen at all but the artist did not get entered:
    Here are some songs that I would have liked to see, even if their current choices might also be great:

    SNSD - One Last Time
    Red Velvet - Body Talk
    GFRIEND - Rainbow
    GFRIEND - La Pam Pam
    CLC - Meow Meow
    EXO - Gravity
    MONSTA X - Oh My!
    Y'all don't want me to get started on the TAEMIN and LOONA songs I prefer so I'll leave it at this ddd.
  10. Ddd the Byulharang jumped out! Lemme go fix that

    Funny, I always knew the Hyori song to be called Oars... upon investigation, the hangul title “노” translate to oars
  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Ok but these are iconic:

  12. Thank you to whoever submitted Baby Face.

    Now I am obsessed.
  13. Just to make sure, how does the rating goes?

    12 Points:
    10 Points:
    8 Points:
    7 Points:
    6 Points:
    5 Points:
    4 Points:
    3 Points:
    2 Points:
    1 Point:

    Like that?
  14. Exactly.
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  15. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Votes are in! I really like that this contest shows me towards artists and songs that came out before I got into K-Pop, which would have totally passed me by otherwise.
  16. Me submitting and flipping through this questionable choices.

  17. Finally done. I must say that you all made this very difficult as there were too many amazing songs. Not gonna lie, I was contemplating on whether or not I should have made some strategic choices but then I just ended up voting for my faves anyway dddd.
  18. Just waiting on one more set of scores.

    @Island, we’re waiting
  19. I just realized I forgot to vote for one song I absolutely love. Hoping it does well without my few points (it would have been on the near-end anyway).
  20. [​IMG]
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