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KPSC XVIII - B-Bring the boys out! - ballots due September 24th

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Joli Chat, Sep 5, 2021.

  1. Can we send our ballots? Isn't it still missing a song @Joli Chat ?
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  2. Sorry unnies I had a health scare these past few weeks and only solved it yesterday, all good but this stupid summer really wasn't the hot girl summer I was hoping for, or is it fall already? I have no idea, my country only has two seasons dddd, anyway, here's the full list of songs, Jus2's Focus on me was replaced with Just2's Senses, and EXO's Love me right was replaced with Winner's Really Really.

    ASTRO – Crazy Sexy Cool
    Baekhyun - Get You Alone
    BDC – moonlight
    CIX – Cinema
    DAY6 – Emergency
    Duke – Starian
    Enhypen – Given-Taken
    Golden Child – Spell
    GOT7 – If You Do
    Jackson – LMLY
    Jus2 – Senses
    Kai – Ride or Die
    Key – Chemicals
    NCT 127 – Highway to Heaven
    NCT U – Baby Don’t Stop
    Nu’est – Inside Out
    ONEUS – to be or not to be
    ONF – Beautiful x2
    SEVENTEEN – Don’t wanna cry
    SF9 – Teardrop
    SHINee – Atlantis
    Stray Kids – Back Door
    Taemin – Criminal
    TXT – Loser Lover
    Verivery – Trigger
    WannaOne – Energetic
    Winner – Really Really

    I'll proceed to update the playlist right now, @Glitterizer please update the apple and spotify ones <3
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  3. Updated!

    Is the deadline still the same? How many hours do we have, sis?
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  4. Well, taking into account I was gone for a few days let's extend the deadline

    NEW DEADLINE: September 24
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  5. I think this is the strongest bunch of songs yet.
  6. Letting all Unniekind know that you have about 8 hrs left to vote for the 29 entries in this contest... from which I've gotten 12 ballots only

    Some entries aren't doing that good so if I have to deduct 15 points from them we're going to be seeing negatives scores! pls vote!
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  7. You said the deadline was the 24th so it might be a good idea to give a bit of extra time nn, in 7 hours it's either still the 23rd or very early morning of the 24th for most people.
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  8. sounds good!
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  9. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Yeah I’m definitely gonna need a bit of extra time. I assumed I had all of the 24th to vote too.
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  10. Here’s hoping all of y’all don’t vote and get negative points so my submission doesn’t automatically get last place.
  11. Ballot senT

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  12. Yeah I’ll need a teensy bit of an extension as well. I’ve had a disaster of a week at work and Friday isn’t going to be any different.
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  13. I'm behind on like 900 things I'll need that extension too please bestie !!
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  14. Submitted.

    I'm ready to stomp my way back to the Top 10 after underpreforming last time.

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  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  16. I did vote. But it's always nice to see @Slice of Life mentioned me. Somewhere.
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  18. Wait, so when is the new deadline? dd
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  19. I assumed it was just until the end of the 24th.
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  20. If it’s easier, I’ll send you my list and you can copy/paste.
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