#KS࿊TY2021: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2021 Rate

It's time for forum faves to lose their first songs

Goodbye to Lucid Dream, Goosebumps & Weekend.

While i do love Ring x Ring and how different it is, i have to admit that flipping a coin should have been the title cause it just rocks while being a lot more instant

@Salami, You are forgiven this year but if you do dirty rating their 22 stuff, we are gonna have to fight with gifs.

Slice of Life

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Honestly, the unpredictability of results has made this the funnest KSOTY yet: apart from the first batch, I’ve had no clue what’s going to happen next. It’s meant I can’t even be too mad when something I love gets axed, while the eliminations I agree with feel even more like little triumphs.

I think it also points to some exciting growth in our community: there’s never been so much variety in the opinions and tastes on display, and while some trends are still firmly intact (i.e. blanket misandry), it feels like more of us are giving everything a fair shot, so every act is genuinely getting a look in.


And yes I will be taking all of this back when Goosebumps fails to survive the next ten cuts.





FIRST CLASS: (10) @eatyourself, @boombazookajoe, @drod93, @RUNAWAY, @Cotton Park, @Glitterizer, @enjoy, @Monkey0, @Wills, @KimLippington, @leedlelee..., @Sanctuary, @Music Is Death, @Overdose (9.75) @thommyh, @askew (9.5) @ryjm, @Ana Raquel (9) @Crisp X, @junglefish, @roblognick, @bbynewyear, @Slice of Life
ECONOMY CLASS: (3) @aux (3.5) @BEST FICTION (4) @ultraviolet, @Shockbox (5) @soratami, @eliminathan


10 voters: 52
20 voters: 49
30 voters: 63
40 voters: 57
50 voters: 61
60 voters: 65
65 voters: 59

From one ~experimental~ track to another... tonight, we eliminate the K-Popjustice Charts number 1 song for December 2021, ONF's Goosebumps. It was the lead single of ONF's seventh mini album, Goosebumps. It was written by Hwang Hyun (MonoTree) and GDLO (MonoTree) and composed by Hwang Hyun (MonoTree), NOPARI (MonoTree), Yoon Jong Sung (MonoTree) and member MK. It peaked at number 108 of the Gaon Digital Chart, becoming ONF's fifth straight single to enter the top 200 of the Gaon Digital Chart. How badass!

2021 was a busy year for ONF as they released four singles (five if we count the pre-release single My Name Is), two mini albums, one full album and one repackage album. They really went all out before five of the group's six members enlisted in the military shortly after the release of Goosebumps. Hardworking kings! And they released such varied singles too. Of those singles, I think we can easily call Goosebumps as the most un-commercial. Seriously, on my first listen, I didn't think it would be a big hit here on the subforum, let alone hit number 1 on our perennially (and rightfully xoxo) female-dominated charts. To me, it sounded just a little too out-there. Like, this one's for the alternative gays only. But ONF's popularity in this subforum has reached its peak in 2021 so maybe that influenced the way we responded to Goosebumps too. Or maybe we're all alternative gays here, idk.

Goosebumps' song structure doesn't really make sense... which makes the song all the more attractive to me FFFFF. I think there are two versions of the chorus, although I'm not really sure, but I like both of them. There's a third one, the last one, but it included a section that doesn't really sound like its part of the chorus? Like I said, this song's structure is a maze and I'm dumb. All I can do is get lost in it and enjoy the show. I will say, the second verse (Wyatt's) is my favourite part of the song. Like, the way that it hit right after that first chorus is so, so good. It's honestly the reason why I'm giving the song a score this high. The bridge too is such a nice insane addition to an already insane song. The way it just dissolves and then the final chorus (?) hits... people died! I guess I'm just missing the signature Hyojin vocals. I feel like he didn't get to showcase his titanic vocals which honestly is a shame because I've always felt like his vocals are the heart of the best ONF songs.

As mentioned above, all but one of the ONF members have enlisted in the military last December. That means we won't be getting an ONF comeback until at least June 2023, their expected discharge date from the military. It's such a shame because ONF we're only just beginning to enjoy the success they have worked so hard for in the last five years. But I also think they made the right decision to enlist together so they'll be able to come back earlier as a complete group. And I trust that they'll come back with more awesome music for us. They're just getting started so buckle up!

Man hater ultraviolet declares: "I didn’t feel goosebumps at all." I know Attis had a change of heart already but let's still include his negative comment about Goosebumps here kekeke: "Too much style over substance for me." aux decides to attack... Stray Kids instead?: "Ma’am… this is a Stray Kids song (derogatory)." Meanwhile, BEST FICTION summons NCT: "Not sure why ONF decided to go down this route, when we've always known them to make more melodic Shinee-esque tracks, I can hear some of that but then the noisy NCT-ness really holds it back. And that bridge... mama." Nawt Stray Kids and NCT getting hit by these stray bullets FFFFFF. Can we go back to dragging OnlyOneOf instead pleek?

Here's Vixen declaring her hate (?) for small men FFFFF: "Watching the MV and...crazy how some of these men are like… so small. The song is cute! Not the kind of song that I can put on repeat because it can be quite tiring, I feel like? But a solid effort, for sure." I CAN'T BREATHE BIH!!!!!! boombazookajoe finally gets ONF's magic: "ONF has truly had an incredible year, even if I personally haven't fallen quite down the stan rabbit hole for them quite yet. But this song, ladies, she might've changed everything for me. A perfect song that continues to build until it reaches near epic heights. This song is mental as fuck." Crisp X simply calls it: "Zany K-Pop at its finest."

Did KimLippington just give us a preview of ha score for Beautiful Beautiful?: "This (to me) deserved the fanfare that Beautiful Beautiful got because they somehow took their three (very good) 2021 title tracks and Frankenstein’d them into something even better." savilizabeths may be late to the ONF train but she's still welcome!: "Despite loving Beautiful Beautiful the way I did, I didn’t really make time to check up any of ONF’s following songs last year. Clearly I made a mistake because, while this doesn’t reach the highs of Beautiful Beautiful for me, it’s a really good song! I like that they are able to pull off a lot of different things in their music while all of it being solid as hell. I could see myself loving this more down the line!" Now is the perfect time to get more into their music, unnie!

OG ONF stan, Cotton Park, is feeling so proud of his boys: "What a wild song! So audacious and rangy. I love ONF. Always have." eatyourself found his new: "Alternative kings!" PERIOD! And bbynewyear and I's tastes (on men) aligns yet again: "Stellar chorus, and Wyatt's verse after the first chorus is perfection. So slick." You get me, I get you!

Of course, there's no other person to end this post but the most militant ONF stan in the whole Milky Way, my dear Wills: "Generous of them to go serve in the war and let some lesser groups take Hwang Hyun’s pen for a spin, MIRAE could probably use the help." FFFFF can Hwang Hyun-ssi also write songs for my flop faves like DKZ (fka Dongkiz) pleek???

Hmm. Probably could’ve gone further. I’m surprised Goosebump’s is a Monotree track! Not really a sound or level of theatrics that I associate with them.

So far Goosebumps is the only ONF track that has really stuck with me. While I enjoy the group’s success in general I find myself a little at arms length with their brighter tracks. Kudos to them for providing variety.

And yeah I could imagine Stray Kids performing this.
Is Goosebumps sounding like something Stray Kids could perform really that crazy??

It feels more like you all consider ‘Stray Kids’ to be a loaded word and just don’t want the association (to be fair, their name was brought up to be insulting ddd).

idk goosebumps is very good but it’s not doing anything other boy groups haven’t tried already. Stray Kids’ ‘Maniac’ makes me feel like this comparison is totally fair… I think the NCT comparisons are less convincing.
Is Goosebumps sounding like something Stray Kids could perform really that crazy??


It feels more like you all consider ‘Stray Kids’ to be a loaded word and just don’t want the association (to be fair, their name was brought up to be insulting ddd).

Nah, I don't have anything against Stray Kids and they have a good handful of songs that I really love. It's not an insulting comparison to me, it just makes zero sense.