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The way that this would be the perfect top 3


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Rocket Punch still having all their three songs in i know that's right

Not anymore...





(10) @soratami, @codecat, @ohdenny, @Attis, @thommyh, @Hurricane Drunk, @Music Is Life & Death, @Oleander, @leedlelee... (9.5) @PopZeitgeist, @Ana Raquel, @Conan, @savilizabeths (9.25) @TéléDex (9) @enjoy, @Remorque, @chrisjche, @ryjm, @Newbie Four, @ultraviolet, @GimmeWork, @Trinu 3.0
LOW: (5) @Lately, @Serg., @Sanctuary, @askew (6) @clowezra, @lovechoerrymotion, @bbynewyear

10 voters: 30
20 voters: 30
30 voters: 30
40 voters: 36
50 voters: 39
60 voters: 40
62 voters: 40
Tonight, Rocket Punch loses one of their three rate entries. Say goodbye to Flash, unnies! Flash is the title track of Rocket Punch's second single album. It was written and composed by Beatie, Corbin (NEWTYPE) and 1Take. Sadly, Flash did not enter the Circle Digital Chart but it did appear at number 13 on the component Download Chart.

2022 was a very busy day for the ladies of Rocket Punch. They released two Korean singles (Chiquita and Flash) and two Japanese ones (Fiore and DokiDoki Love). That's quite the upgrade from 2021 where they only released two singles; one Korean (Ring Ring) and one Japanese (Bubble Up!). Flash was Rocket Punch's second Korean single last year, released just six months after Chiquita. And listening to it now, I definitely think I underscored this FFFFFFFFFF! This is a 9 (maybe even 9.5), not an 8! What was I thinking?

Oh I kinda remember my reason for giving this a "low" score now. I think it's because I felt like the chorus didn't quite match the rest of the song. It is a good chorus but maybe I was just expecting it to be more explosive. That's the only reason I can think of right now because I'm listening to the song nonstop for 30 minutes now and I'm kinda gagged, ngl. Oh well, at least I didn't give it a 5 or something, kii!

But anyway, I really do like this, all things considered. Rocket Punch has really found their lane huh. The one-two of punch of Chiquita and this song is testament that we need more Rocket Punch comebacks in our lives. Come to think of it, they haven't made a comeback yet this year. Why are you hiding them again, @Woollim Entertainment? Why is this company so incompetent, I'm losing my mind!

I'm also losing my mind thanks to these negative comments. clowezra slams Flash's supposed generic quality: "It’s cute, just feels like we’ve heard the same song from a fair few other groups I’ve the years?" eatyourself needs more conviction from Flash: "I wish this went harder but it's nice!" Joli Chat has had enough with Woollim's favouritism for certain RCPC members: "it’s like they rotate between the same 3 members, like, there’s 6 of them woolim, wake up!"

Wills still gave Flash a 7.5 but he is not happy with it: "I hate to say it, but I was pretty disappointed by this – if it weren't for all the goodwill these girls have earned the past few years, I probably wouldn't have given it a second thought. "Ready for action" is about right: it's all windup and no punch." vague gave the song an even higher score of 8.5 but he also found the song... not quite flawless: "i think i love this when i think about it but then i listen to it and it's not as good as it is in my head for some reason." And bbynewyear takes issue with the chorus: "The chorus switches between grating and energising very quickly. Back and forth."

On the flip side, here's aux stanning the chorus: "The chorus is phenomenal." boom bazooka joe deems this as: "Another bop from Rocket Punch!" I'm gonna need the Woollim stans to include Inland Empire in their group chat!: "Points deducted on account of the fact that literally no one bothered to tell me this was coming out at the time." She still gave Flash an 8 so all is well! Maybe we need to remind ohnostalgia of Rocket Punch's upcoming comebacks too: "I forgot how good this was. No longer!"

Also very into the chorus is chrisjche who screams: "I'M READY!! This chorus is a little chaotic but amazing." Also screaming and making all sorts of noise is Attis: "Va goth let me hear you make some noise!" And soratami invites the wrath of Twice stans: "This is such a smash. Would 100% make the top 10 if it’d been released by like TWICE (it’s also better than anything TWICE released in 2022 oop)." Be careful, bestie!

Let's end this post with codecat who is stanning and shaming Woollim in equal measure!: "Woolim might be a floptastic agency but boy do their artists and A&R know how to serve everytime...the part in the verses where the melody goes so well with the swinging synths in the background is peak early 2000s dance music and yes. It made me gag."

Sorry to not comment on my song. What was there to say? Well, this I could say.

I'll say Pity Party is the perfect song to accompany me through my first year of AmDram, since I started in July last year, which has been getting better since I first performed as part of an ensemble in September and October, and my depression has been less and less, since then. The reason I say this: It's just one of those songs in pop music which you can belt like a showtune, and it could make it to being a future cabaret performance of mine, where I needed a new song, to modulate into my range, and friends and audiences could say, where on Earth did you get this random song from? Oh, a K-pop ex-JYP artist called Jamie!!! And probably complete with the pretty autistic explanation of JYP has TWICE. Why? Because K-pop is a special interest of mine. I wonder how they would react if I covered FANCY?!? Anyway, it's just perfect. Perfect to listen to and hopefully perfect to cover. It's a terrible shame it's not Top 40, after I was 'thriving off the drama' of having the song called out before everybody gave up on naming it on their kill lists, but much better to be in 11th place with my Superdonger this year.
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Ready to say goodbye to another act?





(10) @Ana Raquel, @ryjm, @Attis, @clowezra, @RUNAWAY, @thommyh, @Music Is Life & Death, @Oleander, @Trinu 3.0, @leedlelee... (9.75) @Conan, @askew (9.5) @He, @TéléDex, @Vixen (9) @ysev, @boom bazooka joe, @Crisp X, @chrisjche, @bbynewyear
LOW: (5) @Lately (5.5) @Hurricane Drunk (6) @eatyourself, @drod93, @KimLippington, @lovechoerrymotion, @Serg.

10 voters: 61
20 voters: 40
30 voters: 37
40 voters: 56
50 voters: 49
60 voters: 36
62 voters: 39
And another act takes their final bow. This is BoA's last remaining rate entry, The Greatest. The Greatest is the title track of BoA's fourth Japanese compilation album. It was written by Junji Ishiwatari and composed by chAN's, Kwon Ae-jin and Yeori.

2022 was a monumental year for BoA as she celebrated her 20th debut anniversary in Japan. Kween of longevity to be honest! To celebrate the momentous event, she released The Greatest, an album composed of 10 re-recorded songs and one new song. Of course, that new song is The Greatest. And while I don't agree that the song is the greatest (hehe), I still think it's pretty good. It's definitely better than Forgive Me for sure and I'm so glad the rate results agree with me, kii!

I think we can all agree that the chorus is the best part of the song. The verses are cute but when she gets to that pre-chorus, you just know you have to brace yourself for the monstrous chorus. And the chorus delivered! Truly some explosive shit. I'm not exactly a fan of the post-chorus where she spells out the word greatest... I feel like it takes me out of the song. But to me, the greatest (hehe) crime of the song is that, it's just not that memorable. It's a good song for sure, but I feel like BoA has perfected this sound already and the song has nothing new to offer. I get that it's not really a big comeback single for her since it's only for a compilation album. But this is still a rate where we aim to find the greatest (hehe) K-Pop song of 2022. And I'm afraid The Greatest is just not that girl.

BoA started the year 2023 with a comeback with the supergroup GOT the beat. And while I enjoyed her terrorizing Little aespadrilles for supposedly stealing lines from their faves, I'm more interested in her making a solo Korean comeback. I hope it happens before the year ends and that she brings us something more exciting than The Greatest. I know she still has it in her! Let's go, kween!

In fairness to this song, it didn't really get any lashings. Slay! ohnostalgia's comment is probably the least positive: "I’m sorry but BoA’s spot on impression of Key just came to mind, probably because they both released songs related to The Greatest of all Time. Anyways, this is fun but not as much of a smash as Forgive Me." But she still gave the song an 8 so we'll let her live. Also giving The Greatest an 8 is aux who says: "Cunt was being served at the all you can eat buffet." soratami summons another legend: "Cat Power’s been really quiet ever since BoA dropped this." And maybe BoA is singing about vague when she released The Greatest?: "oh, this came out on my birthday. i didn't know that. cute!" Wig!

Joli Chat messily asks: "why would she make a song about Jessica?" FFFFF bye! codecat gives BoA her flowers: "Now this is the kind of thing I love to see BoA do!" bbynewyear beams: "Oh she's taking it..." boom bazooka joe is here to defend BoA from the haters: "Mother BoA has been betting a lot of flack lately on the internet and I need the children to remember who the ACTUAL Greatest is!" PERIOD! Vixen offers an interesting perspective: "I still stand by the fact that it reminds me a little of the type of J-Pop SNSD used to make on their first ever Japanese album and that they never really dabbled back into again after that unfortunately. Anyway, it's a bawp. BoA has been delivering bops this year."

We'll end this post with this declaration from clowezra: "BoA just understands bangers, what a rush. The best k-pop soloist of all time!" Amen.


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39. The Greatest - 8.12097
46. Forgive Me - 8.01210

1. @leedlelee... - 10.00000
1. @Music Is Life & Death - 10.00000
1. @Oleander - 10.00000
1. @RUNAWAY - 10.00000
1. @Trinu 3.0 - 10.00000
6. @askew - 9.87500
7. @thommyh - 9.75000
7. @Vixen - 9.75000
9. @Ana Raquel - 9.50000
9. @clowezra - 9.50000

11. @boom bazooka joe - 9.25000
11. @ohdenny - 9.25000
11. @TéléDex - 9.25000
14. @ryjm - 9.00000
14. @tj-x - 9.00000
16. @eliminathan - 8.75000
16. @He - 8.75000
16. @Newbie Four - 8.75000
19. @BEST FICTION - 8.50000
19. @chrisjche - 8.50000
19. @Crisp X - 8.50000
19. @enjoy - 8.50000
19. @GeiPanda - 8.50000
19. @GimmeWork - 8.50000
19. @ry123 - 8.50000
19. @vague - 8.50000

27. @ohnostalgia - 8.37500
28. @Attis - 8.25000
28. @evilsin - 8.25000
30. @PopZeitgeist - 8.12500

31. @Gintoki - 8.00000
31. @Remorque - 8.00000
31. @Shockbox - 8.00000
31. @Slice of Life - 8.00000
31. @soratami - 8.00000
36. @Conan - 7.87500
36. @Macsun - 7.87500
38. @codecat - 7.62500
38. @Wills - 7.62500
40. @eccentricsimply - 7.50000
40. @FunkyButChic - 7.50000
40. @roblognick - 7.50000
40. @Salami - 7.50000
40. @Sanctuary - 7.50000
40. @savilizabeths - 7.50000
40. @Serg. - 7.50000

47. @Glitterizer - 7.25000
47. @Inland Empire - 7.25000
49. @junglefish - 7.12500
50. @aux - 7.00000
50. @bbynewyear - 7.00000
50. @Crafty - 7.00000
50. @Joli Chat - 7.00000
50. @KimLippington - 7.00000
50. @ultraviolet - 7.00000

56. @YRSHKD - 6.62500
57. @Lately - 6.50000
57. @ysev - 6.50000
59. @Hurricane Drunk - 6.25000
60. @eatyourself - 6.00000

61. @lovechoerrymotion - 5.50000
62. @drod93 - 4.25000
Okay, these can go...

Heart Burn - Sunmi
Last Sequence - WJSN
Sparkling - Chungha
In My World - Rocket Punch
Not in Public - Summer Cake
Space Mulan - Bébe Yana

None of these are even bad they just didn't make the same impression on me as pretty much everything else left. It's a REALLY strong top 40.

Also, leave Yena alone.